OLTL Update Friday 1/19/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/19/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash has his head down and a towel over it as he enjoys the steam room, or tries to. Jessica has come in thinking that Antonio is sitting before her and she has dropped her towel, presenting herself. Nash realizes that there has been a terrible mistake, but he doesn't move, or look up. He just asks Jessica is he is really the person that she means to make hot. Jessica confirms that he is the person who she means to make sweat.

Talia heads Cris off when he tries to get in Bo's office. "If you're needed in there, someone will send for you. Otherwise, you're not setting foot in there a minute sooner." Cris doesn't want to listen to Talia and hears a threat somewhere in her warning him not to get into Bo's office, or try to. She confirms that he had better listen to her as he may end up in jail sooner for some other charge than arson.

"Now there has been and continues to be gross misconduct in the LPD. As they cover up the identity of the real perpetrator. Now, it's time that we held both them and the DAs office responsible and bring Cristian Vega in for questioning," Aaron tells the growing crowd in Angel Square. Bo is disturbed by what this man's managed to accomplish as he listens to Vincent's attorney's speech. "The fallout from Connelly's press conference was major -- jammed the switchboards at City Hall, overloaded 911. It slowed down our emergency response time by 15%. Of course, we were lucky because nobody died, but that was just an accident of timing. We can't let anything like this happen". Evangeline has a report on how things are going from her end. "Well, the DAs office is already working on damage control with public relations." Antonio tells that he and Talia are working overtime on the arson crime to get leads, but Bo doesn't want that anymore, and so he tells Antonio to drop it!

Rex tries to get into Spencer's room but the guard won't allow it. He has to do his job. "I need to do my job, too, and it's an assignment from Bo. So you let me in, you're doing a favor for the boss -- and you know how tight he and I are. I'm in, ask my questions, and I'm out. No harm, no foul -- promise."

"Just say you'll marry me, Blair. You know I love you more than anything else in the world," Blair says to his imaginary friend who 'he' sees in bed beside him. 'Imaginary Blair' tells Spencer that the problem they have is that Todd loves her too. "No, he doesn't. He uses you, he hurts you. It's not love. Just help me put a stop to it already. Tell me that you will be with me forever. Just say yes, say you'll marry me," Spencer begs. "Oh, I want to, but Todd has me now, Spencer. And he's never, ever going to let me go," 'Imaginary Blair' groans as she pouts. She sits in the bed with Spencer staring up into his eyes. She wears long, sexy, red lingerie with lots of cleavage. Spencer suddenly gets a frightened look on his face when he can't see his beloved anymore. He calls out for her but she is gone!

Todd has proposed with the ring that he gave Blair two years previous when they were together. It came of and Todd is sorry now that it ever did. Blair just knows sadly that it did. "Yeah, we're going to fix that now," Todd promises. "And we're going to get it right this time. Yeah, we both know what we need to do. Now, first you need to say 'yes'. You need to say you'll marry me."

"Thanks. I'm going to wait to eat, so I'll just order a sparkling water with lime right now," Paige tells her server…Lindsay hears Paige's voice and looks up from her paperwork at the woman from her table nearby. She sees that Paige too has gotten the bright idea of working during lunch to help get things done. "Yeah. I got to get through these charts. Seems like there's never enough hours in the day," Paige shares. "Yeah, tell me about it," Lindsay sympathizes. "You know, I actually used to enjoy working over a meal when RJ And I were partners in the gallery." Lindsay gives an update on she and RJ. "We've split up professionally and personally, so all that's left is signing these papers and --" splitting things financially. Lindsay apologizes when she sees that she is going on and on, and possibly ruining Paige's lunch. Paige doesn't mind listening at all. She leaves her table for a moment and sits with Lindsay now. "I'm just waiting for Bo. Besides, I'd much rather talk to you than relive my latest appendectomy. Hmm. I know how hard it is ending things officially, you know, even when it -- when it feels right. I'm so sorry." Lindsay doesn't want anyone to be sorry for her…she isn't feeling sorry for herself…

"Hey, I don't have a choice, Antonio. You were an interested party -- that means I have to remove you from this case," Bo explains as Evangeline and Antonio get the news that they are to cease and desist from working on the arson case due to their attachments to Cris. "You're playing right into Connelly's hands," Antonio points out. "You're making it look like I'm doing something wrong and you know he's got nothing on me -- you know that!" Bo doesn’t mean for Evangeline and Antonio to take this as an attack. "Yes, I do know that, but when that guy went on TV, he put the department's credibility at risk, and I can't let that happen. My people are out there. They've got it on the line every day. I am not going to compromise their safety for lack of public support." Evangeline feels that Cris needs their support though, since he is innocent. "We have to prove that. Now, come on. We all know that he did not light those fires, all right? But if we let him go and it has a hint of a courtesy because his brother is a detective, his girlfriend's a DA, It's going to make things worse," Bo explains. Evangeline is going to find it hard to step aside on this issue. Bo feels that if both Evangeline and Antonio want to protect their jobs, they will just move to the side and let the investigation go forward without their help.

"You know what? Maybe I should have a press conference of my own, alert the media that one cop already made up her mind that I'm guilty," Cris tells Talia while up in her face. "This is a police station and you're a guest here," Talia reminds Cris. "Being detective Vega's little brother doesn't give you an all-access pass." Cristian's not intimidated. "Let me let you in on a little secret. Threatening me with a couple of hours in your little jail cell -- not so scary for a guy out of maximum security." Talia doesn't care about Cristian's experience as a jailbird. "And getting in the face of a police officer? Not so smart for a guy who says he doesn't deserve to go back."

Jessica is a little puzzled by Antonio's lack of enthusiasm for her naked bod. He hasn't raised his head to even look at her yet from behind that towel. She suddenly gets concerned and calls out Antonio's name timidly now. Nash looks up from under the towel smiling. Jessica realizes her terrible mistake.

"Come on. Help a guy out. This isn't an up-to-no-good kind of thing. Nobody's getting in trouble because of it. And it's for the boss man," Rex pleads to the guard at Spencer's door. The officer gives in and decides that it will be okay for Rex to have a quick chat with Spencer. He throws Rex up against the wall now to make sure that he isn't bringing in anything he shouldn't. While up against the glass to Spencer's room…Rex sees Spencer in his bed chatting away and smiling as if chatting to someone who should be there…but isn't. "How long has Spencer been having conversations with himself?" Rex asks. The officer isn't sure when Spencer started acting really weird, he only knows that the man is.

Spencer is in a tizzy. He can't see his beloved Blair anywhere in the room. 'Imaginary Blair' suddenly appears to him and he immediately calms. He smiles at her, and she smiles back at him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I want to be by your side always, but -- just lie back-- I didn't have a choice," Blair says to Spencer as he settles back into his bed. 'Imaginary Blair' explains. "You know he's watching me and, oh, man, if he knew what I was up to right now, I mean -- oh, Spencer." Spencer promises that nothing will happen to her because of Todd. He would kill the man first. "Oh, look at you, oh, you're so strong and handsome. But what can you do, Spencer? You -- you are handcuffed to your hospital bed," 'Imaginary Blair' points out. "They are watching you day and night. I'll tell you what, you -- there's no way that you can break out. So if you're going to hurt Todd, you're going to have to come up with a different way."

Blair doesn't think that the engagement is a good idea. Todd thinks he understands. "Oh, yes. Ok, I get it, yes. You're right. Gee, that's what I'm thinking -- if you wear this, we'll be like we were two years ago -- as if nothing had happened. Yeah, that's stupid. We're on to something new now, something better. I mean, we had to fight to get here. And what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? No, this is a fresh start, a new chance. Yes, you deserve a new ring, something that doesn't remind you of all the pain you've been through. I need you with me now, Blair. Ahem. I'll get you a new ring, but for now, just put it on your finger, say yes right now. Come on, tell me you'll marry me." Blair is sorry but she just can't agree to marry Todd.

Nash not only reveals who he is by removing the towel from his head and looking up at the very naked Jessica, but he also stands up and removes the towel around his waist. Jessica scrambles for her robe which sits on the floor below. She thought that she was coming on to Antonio just now. Nash smiles as he stands before the blushing Jessica in all his glory. "You just told me to come over here so you could really make me sweat. Here I am. Oh, get over me. It's not like you haven't seen it before, or maybe that's the problem. Maybe you like what you see a little too much, huh?"

Bo already has the press release ready for Antonio and Evangeline to sign. It officially removes them from the case. "I'm only doing this because you asked, but I'll be damned if I give up on my brother," Antonio states. "I'm staying on this case off-duty." Bo can't tell the man what to do. "Antonio, you've got to do what you got to do. Don't break any laws, don't compromise our investigation."

Bo comes out of his office while Cris and Talia are having their spat. He needs to talk to Officer Sahid for a minute…Evangeline and Antonio tell Cris the bad news of their being taken off the case. "You know what -- forget it. I'm not about to let Vincent and his lawyer take cheap shots at me," Cris says as he starts walking out of the station. Evangeline sees the fire in his eyes and asks what he plans to do. He plans to do something that he should have done earlier he shares.

"It's too soon. All right, I get that. Jeez. You just woke up and here I am planning your life for you," Todd says trying to lighten up the mood in the room. Blair needs to explain herself here. Todd seems to be misunderstanding her. "No, I won't let you talk," Todd says to Blair. "Actually, I shouldn't even be talking to you. You should be resting. I'm going to go tell Starr what the deal is." Blair isn't pleased that Todd spoke to Starr about this before he discussed it with her. "Well, gosh, I can't take it back now. I'm just going to tell her the wedding's delayed and --" Todd is truly scrambling, trying to keep Blair from saying 'no' to his proposal, but it doesn't work. "No, Todd. There's not going to be a wedding -- not today, not tomorrow, not a year from now," Blair says seriously. She means it. It's over.

Spencer coos to 'Imaginary Blair' with his promises that he can control Todd. "I know you want to believe that, Spencer, but every minute that you're stuck in here, Todd -- he tightens his grip on me," 'Imaginary Blair' pouts. "If we don't break him, I'm never going to be free to be with you." Rex enters the room and hears Spencer talking to thin air. The man smiles and seems to have his arms around someone while laying on his bed…but no one's there. "Can you not see that we're in the middle of something, Mr. Balsom?" Spencer spits irritated when he finally realizes that Rex has interrupted his love chat. "Don't worry, baby. I'll get rid of him," Spencer says to 'Imaginary Blair'. Rex sees this is a bad time and starts leaving. 'Imaginary Blair' convinces Spencer that Rex is a nobody but can be useful to him. Spencer understands her point and so turns to Rex to see what the man wants. "Unbelievable. I can't believe it -- they're still talking about crazy old Margaret's baby?" Spencer guffaws when he realizes what Rex is there to discuss. Rex lets on that Todd is searching for his son. Spencer turns to 'Imaginary Blair' who advises him about what this situation really means. "Well, apparently, you did not convince Todd that the little demon seed was dead, Spencer." Rex shares that he knows that Todd will never give up. "Todd's pretty OCD. On this -- on everything, really, at least what's important to him. He doesn't give up till he gets what he wants. Look at Blair." Spencer turns to the space in his arm agreeing that they should look at Blair. He remarks that she looks great as he smiles…at nothing. Rex makes a face now. He just doesn't get what is going on here, but still he tries to have this discussion. Spencer ignores Rex while he discusses this with 'Imaginary Blair'. Rex is right about one thing. Searching for this child would never end. That would make Todd crazy! "This could really work. That baby is Todd's Achilles' heel. To hurt him, we'll use the baby." Rex agrees with what Spencer is saying and has a plan how they could both get what they want.

"Todd, don't you see that this is the way that it always is with us? We try to make this lifelong commitment coming off the heels of some awful pain that one of us has inflicted on the other person, and it always ends up the same -- we're back exactly the way we started, making each other miserable," Blair observes. Todd things are different now for he and Blair. "We know better now, don't we? And there's no one standing in our way this time." Blair wants them to be honest about this. "We don't need anybody to stand in our way, Todd. We mess up our lives by ourselves. We can't be happy together because we won't allow --" Todd cuts her off. "Wouldn't you rather be a little unhappy with me than totally miserable without me? Well, it is -- it's not like we have a choice. Like you said, we always end up together." She feels they should just grow up and make better decisions for themselves so they can be truly happy. Their getting back together all the time is just because that's easy. It's not the best decision for them. "I'm happy with you," Todd says honestly. "I have enough. I mean, I'm -- I'm about as happy as a depressed person can be." Blair won't settle for that. "It'll kill me to see you with somebody else, but you'll move on, and I know that I'm jealous. It's because I -- I want to be with you, she confesses baring her heart. Todd can't let her go. He just doesn't know how. "I still love you. And you love me, too. God, you just got through telling me I saved your life, that you came back for me. Would I have been able to do that for you if you didn't love me? Tell me you don't love me. I dare you to tell me you don't love me," Todd challenges.

Cris will not listen to reason and fully intends on going to fix things with Vincent. Evangeline can't stop Cris but Antonio intends on doing so. Evangeline wants to see how Cris thinks he can fix this thing at this point. "By threatening Vincent and his lawyer? What, are you going to do…fight somebody?" Evangeline asks. "Jones trashed my rep once and now he's doing it again and the press is all over it. It's like I'm tried and convicted already. I got to do something!" Evangeline has an idea. "No, no, no, no. I will get you a good defense attorney, ok? And in the meantime, I'm going to go over the footage from the press conference. I'm going to see if there's a case for slander." Antonio can still help in his own way as well. " I'm going to give up on trying to prove you didn't burn those buildings?" Talia comes over now and tells Cris that he is going to get his chance at proving himself innocent. They have a search warrant for his place. Evangeline remembers the gloves that smelled of accelerant that she found there in Cris's bag.

Jessica is furious. She didn't expect to be playing these games when she came in the steam room. She was really looking for her husband. "Well, I'm all you've got, unless, of course, those two old dudes on the squash court come in here, in which case this could get -- " Jessica cuts Nash off. She's ready to get out of there. She shouts at Nash that she hates him! She hates him! Nash won't let this go on. "Well, I want you to stop hating me, so you'll stay in here for as long as it takes…"

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