OLTL Update Thursday 1/18/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/18/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash and Antonio work out together and they talk about Nash's ideas for Capricorn… Antonio is really impressed with all that he has thought up. He thinks that .Nash working for the club will be good for the both of them. Nash spots Antonio as he works out…egging him on to finish his reps.

Natalie apologizes to Jessica for not being around much the past while. She admits to being totally consumed with taking care of John. Jessica understands it all and doesn't need an explanation. They are at the hospital now trying to get in to see Blair. The cardiologist said they couldn't see Blair but Michael will allow it and has pulled some strings.

Marcie has come to see Blair her family. Addie has gone now and so has Todd. He has gone to just clean up a little. Starr hugs her mother. She was so worried about her mother. Blair is just grateful to be doing better.

Rex is at the laptop and he hides what he is working on until Adriana asks him about it. He is making a death certificate…for Todd's baby.

Spencer lays in bed sleeping and when he wakes, he finds Todd is standing before him. "You are here to kill me aren't ya?"

Antonio tells Nash that Jessica isn't as upset with him as he thinks. Jessica's heart is in the right place, even though she gets irritated by Noah sometimes. Nash is quick to say that he hasn’t been trying to irritate Jess. He is all about not getting stuck alone with Jessica anymore.

Natalie tells Jessica about John and how he fights everything that is good for him. Natalie still loves the man in spite of everything. As for Jessica and Antonio…Jess says that the honeymoon is over.

Blair tells the kids that they have to start going back to school. They have missed so much already. The kids will leave to go to school but they will be back right after school. Blair frowns when Jack asks if he should go look for 'daddy'.

Rex makes the death certificate. He thinks that this is the best time to make the certificate. Blair is better and Todd isn't concerned about the baby right now. Adriana isn't sure that this is the way to go. Rex knows that this will not be easy for Todd, but he won't be alone. Adrian wonders if this will make Todd stop looking for the baby. Rex doesn't know but this is the only thing that he can think of doing right now. The best place for that baby is with Michael and Marcie. Rex is going to do it. He knows that if he doesn't provide this death certificate, Todd will just hire someone else to find the child. This way he stops looking. Adriana wonders how Rex is going to pull this off.

Todd would like nothing more than to kill Spencer, but there is an armed guard there who will shoot him if he tries. Todd congratulates Spencer on the job that he did shooting himself. It was almost surgical. Todd thinks that Spencer didn't want to die. Todd thinks that Spencer would have killed himself if he wanted to really get that job done. Todd is actually there to share some wonderful news that he has…then again, he isn't sure that Spencer will think that this news is all that wonderful after all.

Starr thanks Marcie for bringing she and Jack to school. She can't believe that her mother is going to be okay after all. Marcie is glad to see that Starr is doing so well. She leaves. Starr goes to her locker when Cole comes around the corner and sees her. Starr fakes dropping her books and Cole comes running to help her pick them up. "How is your mother?" he whispers as the other kids watch.

Jessica says that since she has returned from her honeymoon, things have gone back to the way they were…which is all good but…Natalie sees there is something more to learn here. Jessica tells that Nash is a pain in the ass. She also tells how Nash is now managing Capricorn. It is winter and the vineyard isn't doing well right now. He needs the cash and that was why Antonio has hired him. She feels that Nash has taken the job to get on her nerves. At least that is what Marty thinks. Natalie can't believe that her sister has been getting advice from that self-righteous bitch!

Nash sulks as he does his sit-ups. Antonio wants him to try to have a better attitude towards Jessica so they can all get along.

Rex tries to get his story straight. He will say that he tracked the baby down and it turns out that the baby died in a Cleveland hospital. Adriana doesn't think that Todd is going to believe this story. Rex will just say that he has hit a dead end if he is asked about the parents of the child. Adriana knows that won't work because of Spencer Truman…

Starr tells Cole that her mother had a huge breakthrough that morning. It was amazing…Marcie is nearby and she hides as she listens to Britney and her friend talk about Starr and how Starr will not be allowed to get her skanky little hands on Cole. Britney doesn't even want the boy. She just wants to get Cole from Starr so that she can dump him. Marcie's eyes grow large as she eavesdrops.

Nash would like to work out but Antonio keeps going on about Jessica and how Nash really needs to get along with her. Nash asks Antonio to stop talking about this so they can get back to the workout. Nash gets back to his crunches but Antonio persists and thinks that this problem has to do with Jessica looking like Tess and Nash not being able to deal with that. Nash is done. He decides that his workout is finished now and he walks off.

Jessica and Natalie talk about Spencer and how he shot himself. Natalie knows that Spencer really wanted to injure himself. It really makes Natalie mad that Marty is keeping Spencer from getting dealt with the way he should be. A nurse tells Natalie and Jessica that they can go and see Blair now, but only for a few minutes. Natalie and Jessica go into the room and they visit with Blair. Blair is glad to hear that John is doing well. "We all have a lot to live for…"

Todd tells Spencer that Blair is alert and awake, and in full recovery. Todd can see in the crazy bastard's eyes that he is still in love with Blair. Todd tells that he is going to propose that very day and he knows that Blair will say 'yes'. Spencer is speechless and Todd loves that. he is going to be starting a new life and Spencer's life will be ending. "Game over Spence…When they have you locked up in that padded cell…" Spencer starts breathing hard. "Oh don't cry," Todd coos. "Don't cry… When you are in the cell, you can think about us…having sex." Todd gets up from the side of the bed. Spencer can't even look at Todd cause the thought of what he has just described is so painful. Todd smiles and gets up, heading to the door. Spencer makes a futile attempt at standing and walking from the bed, but he is cuffed to it and can't go anywhere. "I want to speak to my lawyer!" Spencer shouts at the guard. "My lawyer!" The guard comes over to Spencer and settles him down. Spencer sits back on the bed and is quiet now.

Rex sees that Adriana has a good point about Truman knowing what really happened to the baby. That could be a problem. Spencer would be in a position of power at that point. Rex and Adriana don't even have a clue what Spencer might now. Rex feels that the death certificate is a good idea because they are lying anyway. If Spencer finds out what they are doing, he will probably toy with Michael and Marcie over it. They are already in this mess so backing out doesn't seem to be an option at this point. They have to keep protecting their secret. It is the best thing for them all. Adriana wishes him luck.

Spencer tells himself that it will never be over with Manning…The lawyer arrives and is glad to see that Spencer is alright. He likes how this shooting turned out as it will work in Spencer's favor. Spencer is sick of the man. He knows that the man only cares about money. Money he's got, money he's gonna get. The lawyer feels that drooling in an institution is much better for his client than having him in prison. Spencer tells the lawyer that he wants to draw up a document naming the lawyer as his Power of Attorney. Spencer has some things to tell the man and he doesn't want it all written down. "Just remember…"

Britney hugs Cole, faking to be concerned over the hostage thing. Starr watches as Britney hugs and soothes Cole. Britney turns to Starr and is sorry for what happened to her mother as well. Starr says that her mother is going to be just fine. Marcie comes over and reminds the kids that they have to get to class now. Everyone leaves, but when Starr tries to go, Marcie stops her. "You are not fooling anybody."

Todd comes to see Blair and they smile at each other. He is glad that she is alone. She needs her rest. Blair tries to thank Todd for all that he has done but he wants her to save her strength. "I am glad you are here," Blair says to him. He promises that he isn't going anywhere. "I am not leaving you ever!"

Nash and Antonio hit the steam room and Nash complains that he is hurting all over. Antonio warns that this hurts on the second day. Nash thanks Antonio for bringing him to workout. Nash did some activities but hasn't for a while. Antonio asks again that Nash try to get along with Jessica…for Bree's sake. Nash will do as he has been asked…for Bree's benefit.

Jessica and Natalie head out to the gym. Natalie doesn't want a massage but Jessica insists. The attendant arrives and Jessica tells that she has reservations. The attendant says that the ladies can go into the steam room to wait for their massages. The woman tells Jessica that her husband just went into the mens steam room. A twinkle comes to Jessica's eye… "You wouldn't," Natalie says. "Just try me," Jessica responds.

Layla comes to Adriana and tells her that they have to move on the deal with the new company. Adriana seems down and Layla thinks that it is about Blair. Adriana caves and says that Rex is working on a case and it is getting to her.

Rex arrives at the hospital and asks for where Todd is. A nurse points to Blair's room.

In Blair's room, she tells Todd that it was his voice that saved her. "You are the one that I came back for…"

Spencer sleeps and he dreams that Blair comes to him in his room…He is glad that she looks okay and he isn't cuffed to the bed. He goes to her and she tells him that she isn't going to leave him ever again…Spencer is awake now and he smiles at the idea of that actually coming true.

Natalie can see Tess sneaking in the mens room but not Jessica. Jessica knows that there will probably be no one in the steam room. She will undress in the ladies room and then sneak over to Antonio…

Adriana tells Layla that Rex is stuck. He wants to do the right thing but it isn't exactly right. Layla doesn't knows exactly what Adriana is talking about but she knows that Rex has a good head oh his shoulders…

Marcie tells Starr that her parents don't want her to see Cole and so she has to do the right thing. Marcie can't let this go on. She orders Starr to stop whatever is going on between she and Cole before something goes wrong. Marcie knows that Starr doesn't want that. Starr runs off. She has to get back to class.

Antonio is done. He leaves Nash alone in the steam room. Nash climbs up a couple of stairs and covers his head with his towel.

Jessica is outside the steam room and she undoes her robe. She goes into the steam room. All she sees is a man sitting with a towel over his head. "I know it is hot in here," Jessica says. "…but it is about to get hotter." She drops the towel and stands naked before the man before her.

Spencer's thoughts go to Blair again, only this time she tells him that she doesn't love Todd but him. That makes him smile…

Todd gets to Spencer's door and tries to get in, but he isn't allowed. Commissioner Buchanan's orders…

Todd sits on the bed beside Blair. He pulls out his velvet box and presents it o her. "Blair…Would you marry me? Again?"

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