OLTL Update Wednesday 1/17/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/17/07


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline wants to see Cris's new artwork but he closes the laptop when she comes near. He doesn't show his work before its done.

Aaron tells Vincent that he has to tell his side of the story in regards to the fire. They are outside and the press has gathered. Aaron knows that getting the press on their side will make a huge difference to this case. Aaron goes to the podium now. Vincent hopes that he hasn't let the lion out of the cage with this guy. Roxy shows up at the park and wonders what is going on. "Who died?"

Natalie comes to John to see if he is doing okay. He is fine. She will not let up on taking care of him. She goes to get him some coffee and she promises not to add anything to it. After she is gone, John gets a call. "Yeah…I'm alone. Come over…"

Bo and Paige come to see Spencer in his hospital where he is chained to the bed. He reads their faces. "What is it? Is Blair dead? Is she dead?"

Todd and the family stand outside Blair's room pacing. Dorian tells Starr that no matter what happens she will be there. Her father is there…Jack is here…Clint…and even Viki. Michael comes to the family and they all gather around him. Not a word is said.

Starr asks the question about Blair's condition and Michael tells that Blair's conditioning is stabilizing when is shouldn't be doing that. That isn't necessarily good news though as Blair isn't getting any better. She is fighting though and the doctors are happy to be proven wrong so far. Todd and Michael walk to a corner and Todd asks if Blair is going to have a full recovery or be a vegetable or something. Michael tells Todd that the best prognosis will come with her coming out of this sleep she is in. He wants her Todd to talk to Blair and the family too…Viki goes to Dorian and touches her arms from behind. Dorian turns and is surprised to see who is comforting her. She turns to Viki as Clint watches.

Bo is there because he needs a statement from Spencer about his shooting himself and holding Marty hostage. All Blair talks about is Blair and he asks repeatedly whether she is dead or not. Paige brings the subject back to where it belongs and tells Spencer that he knew just where to shoot himself so that he would live. Bo would like to hear all about that now.

Marty arrives at John's place and he lets her in. He asks how she is holding up but she reminds him that she isn't the patient here. She has come to talk about Spencer…to tell John that Spencer isn't rational and can't stand trial. John knows that Spencer knew what he was doing the whole time. Marty knows that most sociopaths are good at hiding their insanity, but Spencer is rapidly compensating. It is important to Marty that John see this situation objectively. John doesn't want her defending her diagnosis to him anymore. He can't believe that she knows what she is saying. He has been watching her pace around his apartment and he knows that she is jittery because of the hostage taking. She admits it but she has to hold it together. She will do anything she can to keep that look of fear out of her son's eyes that she saw when all this was going down. John feels that she isn't holding it together at all. She looks, to him as if she is ready to fall apart.

Aaron tells the growing crowd how Mr. Jones is a businessman attempting to develop a business that was going to help the community. Roxy watches Shaun and Vincent from afar. Natalie arrives and Roxy fills her in on what is going on. Aaron tells how there is someone who has bad blood again Mr. Jones and that man is Antonio Vega…Natalie goes over to Vincent and asks him what he is up to . Vincent has to defend himself. Natalie feels that Vincent is trying to make Cris the fall guy. She wonders what will happen when Vincent discovers that he is wrong and is destroying Cris's life for the second time…Aaron now drops Cristian Vega's name as the man who seems most likely to have started the fire.

Cris tells that he has things in his head that he wants to produce but he can't get it onscreen. Things are really bad for him. He has no idea if he is stuck because he can't figure out the camera or if it is just him. He is trying to integrate the pictures that he took with some special software that he got. Evangeline knows that his art is going to be great. Evangeline gets the paper knowing that something is wrong somewhere in Llanview. She reads the article about the second fire. "Oh my god!"

John isn't saying that Marty is a lunatic, but he saw the look in her eye when she was on the news. Here hands were shaking. She gets really frustrated and slams her purse down. "I was frustrated!" John knows that she is experiencing post traumatic disorder and he has a feeling that she has had it before.

Jack and Starr go to see their mother and they plan to sing her a song. Todd has to leave for a bit but Dorian wants him to stay. Todd has a plan and he knows that they are going to see that he has a good idea when he returns. Viki asks Michael if Blair is really fighting…really holding on. He confirms what he says and he adds. "Have you ever known the woman to lose a fight?" The blinds to Blair's room are opened now and Clint, Viki and Dorian watch through the window as Starr and her brother sway at the foot of the bed to the song they are singing to their mother.

Evangeline wants to talk to Bo about this but Cris doesn't want to get involved. Someone's at the door. It is Natalie. "You guys have to come with me to Angel Square. You are not going to believe what is going on."

At the park, everyone listens to the speech that Aaron is making. Cris, Natalie and Evangeline arrive and Vincent turns to face them.

Marty knows that she is edgy but she doesn't think that she has PTSD. John tells her that she has a professional edge but that he can see that she has had this thing before and she probably needs his meds more than he does. "Okay! I was raped! I admit it!"

Spencer denies that he was playing a game when he injured himself with the gun. Bo finds it interesting as well that Spencer took Marty hostage, of all people. Bo has more charges now to add to Spencer's others. Bo knows now that Spencer is going to prison or the psyche ward. All that Spencer wants to know is how Blair is doing, but by the time that he asks, Bo and Paige are out the door.

"Shooting himself in the chest," Bo muses. "Now is that cagey? Or is that crazy?"

Spencer sits alone in his room thinking. "Blair…" he says quietly.

Todd returns with Addie. She tells Blair that she isn't to go to heaven yet. Mommas are supposed to go to heaven first. Blair takes good care of her and she wants to do the same for Blair. She begs Blair not to die and leave them all alone. Todd tells Addie that it isn't going to happen. They will not say goodbye to Blair…

Dorian fills Addie in on Blair's condition and Addie has a great idea. They should try singing to Blair. Starr tells that she and Jack already tried that. Todd tells Blair that he needs her and he can't do this without her. "I talked a big game. That's all it was. Can you come back? Open your eyes Blair. Just a little bit…That's all. Open your eyes. Let us know you are here…" Blair moans and her head moves a little bit. "Blair?" Todd calls out.

Aaron sees the ADA and Cris's ex-wife. Cris wants to start shouting at the lawyer but Evangeline tells him to be quiet. The lawyer infers that Vincent attacked his client the night before and Cris can stay quiet no longer. He and Evangeline go to the podium and talk to the lawyer about his allegations. The crows finds this fascinating…"This is all your fault you son of a bitch!" Natalie shouts at Vincent. She turns him around and slaps him hard in the face. Vincent tries to go after her but Shaun holds him back.

Marty is feeling better now and smiles as she and John talk about their strange new friendship. She figures that he helped her just now because he owed her one. He sees that she is referring to the night that she stopped him from killing Spencer. She laughs. The door opens behind them. Natalie comes into the room confused. "What are you doing here?"

Evangeline knows most of the reporters that are there and she tells then that today, they are totally wrong if they believe what Aaron is saying. Bo has arrived and he has to defend the lawyer's allegations that he has a corrupt department. Aaron says that Cris isn't being investigated because he is the brother of the person who should be suspect. Bo says that he can't investigate when there is nothing to investigate…Evangeline sees that Cris is being railroaded and they decide to leave. Cris walks by the man and Evangeline warns Vincent that pointing his finger at Cris doesn't make him innocent…Aaron comes to his client now smiling …Roxy arrives and warns Vincent that Natalie doesn't let people roll over the people that she loves.

Marty tells Natalie that she doesn't have to tell here what she is doing there. Natalie tells Marty that she needs to go misdiagnose some other people. John sees an argument is brewing and he reminds the ladies that there is a sick person in the room who is getting sicker. Marty turns then and walks out of there. Natalie slowly turns to John now. "What was that?"

Blair is slightly moving and trying to move her eyes. Todd tries to talk her out of her sleepy state. Michael comes running in the room and runs to Blair's side with his stethoscope. He examines her as the family stands by holding their breath.

Bo talks to the press and then heads to Vincent and Shaun who stand with their lawyer. Vincent didn't mean to cause trouble. Aaron is glad to see Bo there though. Bo rushes off. Vincent isn't a big fan of Antonio, but he likes the commissioner and finds that he is a good guy. Aaron tells Vincent that he has to learn that no one is to be let off the hook when your hide is at stake. "You can't take Shaun with you to prison." Vincent understands now.

Cristian and Evangeline have arrived back at Cristian's place and he goes to the other room. Evangeline remembers finding the gloves the day before and asking what they were for. They smelled of turpentine.

Natalie doesn't want Marty at the apartment. John reminds Natalie that this is his place. Natalie remembers that this woman lied to him. He really hates that all they do is fight lately. He knows that he makes Natalie crazy and he is sorry for that. She makes him crazy too. "How do we stop?" she wonders. John feels that they just need some time. He notices that she has forgotten to bring back the coffee. She tells that she bumped into Vincent and he is causing a big thing at the park. Natalie feels that Marty should have known that Spencer would take her hostage. John finds it funny she blaming the victim… She just feels that if Marty had made the right diagnosis, Spencer would be in the right place right now.

Paige sees Marty and reports to her that Spencer managed to shoot himself perfectly in the right place… Marty takes a deep breath as she looks into the window to a hospital room.

Todd and the family all wait for Blair to awaken. Finally, Blair's eye flutter open. Todd's face is the first face Blair sees. She manages to make a weak smile and everyone else grins back.

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