OLTL Update Wednesday 1/17/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/17/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Vincent and his attorney are in Angel Square. Vincent tells him that Natalie doesn’t believe Cristian was responsible for the warehouse fire. The attorney informs Vincent he thinks he is being too naïve. The attorney has a press conference in which he points the finger at the police department for being corrupt. He states the police department is failing to pursue the real arsonist and points the finger at Cristian. He says Vincent would never set fire to his own warehouse. Natalie enters and is angry with Vincent for the press conference. Vincent tells her he is only trying to protect himself, but Natalie warns him that he is hurting Cristian’s reputation again. Natalie leaves just as the attorney names Cristian as the “alleged” arsonist. When the press conference ends, Bo approaches Vincent and informs him that the police department is not covering up anything. Bo leaves, and Vincent tells his attorney that Bo would not uphold any corruption. The attorney tells him that if he (Vincent) is found guilty, he will go to jail.

At Cristian’s studio, Evangeline wonders what Cristian is working on. He turns off his laptop and refuses to tell Evangeline. He states he is not ready to show anybody. Evangeline reads the newspaper and comments that there has been another fire. After noticing that it was another one of Vincent’s warehouses, she suggests they contact Bo. Cristian denies any involvement. Natalie abruptly enters and tells them to get to Angel Square. After Cristian goes upstairs, Evangeline recalls Cristian’s gloves that were covered in turpentine.

Spencer plays insane when Bo and Paige question him about why he shot himself. He tells them he wanted to be with Blair. He asks if she is still alive, but he doesn’t get an answer. Bo tells Spencer that he is in a lot of trouble and will be charged with several things. When everyone leaves, Spencer says Blair’s name. Marty is informed by Paige that Spencer will live.

John is at home alone after Natalie leaves to get some breakfast. John receives a phone call from Marty, and he invites her over. Marty shows up, and she and John discuss Spencer. She states he is unfit to stand trial, but John disagrees with her. John does try to comfort Marty when he sees how the situation has affected her. He tells her he thinks she has post-traumatic stress disorder. Marty cries and admits she was raped. John confesses that he didn’t know this. Natalie comes back and is not happy. She asks Marty why she is visiting John, but Marty tells her it is not really her business. She only needed to talk to John. After a few cross words, Marty leaves. Natalie then questions John about why Marty was there. He makes an excuse for Marty and comments about how he and Natalie argue most of the time. John wants to work on this problem, but Natalie gets in the final word by blaming Marty for Spencer’s latest escapade.

Blair’s family waits anxiously for continuing news about her prognosis outside her hospital room. Michael tells them she is not better, and she is not worse. She is stable for now. Todd pulls Michael to the side, and he asks him if there is any chance Blair will fully recover. Michael tells Todd that the sooner Blair wakes up, the better chance she has. Michael advises him to keep talking to Blair. Later, Blair’s family gathers around her bed. Todd brings Addie in to be with Blair. Addie begs her daughter not to die. Todd tells Blair again how much he loves her. He pleads with her to open her eyes. Her eyelids flutter, and she finally wakes up. Michael examines her and declares it is a miracle. The first words Blair says is, “Todd, you talk too much.”

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