OLTL Update Tuesday 1/16/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/16/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie and Vincent see each other at Rodie’s, and Vincent promises not to accuse Cristian of setting the warehouse fire. Instead, he asks Natalie to track down the arsonist forensically. A cop is sitting at the bar, and he receives a call on his radio stating another one of Vincent’s warehouses is on fire. Vincent calls Shaun on the phone, and Natalie continues to defend Cristian and tells Vincent he couldn’t have set the fire. Vincent tells her he will keep an open mind, but Natalie is secretly hoping Vincent is not right.

Antonio returns to Capricorn and tells Jessica what happened to Spencer. He suddenly notices all of the broken glass on the floor and asks what happened. Jessica admits she was angry with Nash and threw glasses at him. Nash attempts to take the blame for what happened, but Jessica tells Antonio it was her fault. Antonio wonders just what happened in the mine. Nash offers him an explanation. He tells Antonio that he and Jessica figured out that they were two very different people with nothing in common, and they just don’t like each other. Jessica agrees with him. Antonio advises them to learn some way to get along for Bree’s sake. Nash offers to quit working at Capricorn, but Jessica says she will just stay away from the night club. When they get home, Antonio asks Jessica why she and Nash have become enemies. Jessica tells him that she just doesn’t like Nash. Antonio wonders if that is true. He advises Jessica to give Nash a little bit of a break because Nash is probably still dealing with the loss of Tess. Meanwhile, Layla tells Nash he should stay away from Jessica or he will probably end up hurt. Layla leaves, and Nash looks at a picture of Jessica in Mania.

Layla shows up at Cristian’s and wants to go out and celebrate the success of her new company with Evangeline and Cristian. Evangeline doesn’t know where Cristian is, but he soon enters and is in a very bad mood. Layla decides to leave. Evangeline asks where Cristian has been. He gets a beer and lies to her by telling her he is working on a special project. Evangeline ends up finding gloves covered with turpentine in Cristian’s bag, but he says he bought them a long time ago. Meanwhile, A large building in Angel Square continues to burn.

Rex and Adriana are eating at the hospital. Rex is upset because he says Blair might die because he kept the secret about Todd being Tommy’s father. He says Todd would have never kidnapped Spencer if he had known the truth. Adriana tries to make him feel better by saying Todd still would have kidnapped Spencer because he only care about revenge. Rex falls for this, and they promise never to reveal the secret about Tommy’s parentage. Marcie’s enters with Tommy and is looking for Michael. Michael arrives and takes Tommy, and Adriana leaves to see Blair after Michael tells her that Blair is in very poor condition. Michael leaves after he gives Tommy back to Marcie. Marcie goes to Michael to comfort him and gives Tommy to Rex. When she returns, she admits she feels really bad for Todd because he has lost so much.

Starr and jack head to the cafeteria to eat. Todd talks to Blair at her bedside. He admits he heard everything she said when he was being put to death. He tells her that she brought him back from death. He tells her he is going to do the same for her now. Todd leaves Blair’s room and tells Dorian that Blair is going to live because he has brought her back. The doctors check her out, but they tell Dorian and Todd there is no change in her condition. Starr says they should all say goodbye to Blair before it is too late. Initially Todd resists, then he lets the kids go in to say goodbye to Blair. Jack tells her he loves her and leaves. Starr tells her mom she is sorry for not getting along with her at times, but they are very similar. She tells her she loves her. She remembers all the fun times they have had together. Dorian goes in after Todd and Starr leave. She tells Blair that she made her life fuller and remembers all the times they have shared. She tells Blair she is not ready to say goodbye. A priest comes and prays over Blair. Everyone leaves the room, and Todd remains. He remembers their love for each other. He tells her he cannot say goodbye to her as he lies next to her.

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