OLTL Update Monday 1/15/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/15/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica, Nash, and Antonio are at Capricorn. Nash and Antonio are talking, and Jessica is not happy that Nash decided to work for Antonio. Antonio believes he owes Nash for helping Jessica in the cave. After Jessica thinks about what really happened in the cave, she makes a remark to Antonio that he doesn't owe Nash anything. Antonio leaves to find Bo, and Nash and Jessica start badgering each other. Nash torments Jessica with the plans he has for the night club and even asks her to leave. He suggests she wants him gone for some reason she is afraid to admit. He tells her that she is getting on his nerves. Finally, she begins throwing wine glasses at him, and he hides behind the bar. After she figures out that everyone is watching her, she pretends she is just acting out a tradition to welcome new employees. She has cut her hand, and Nash rushes to her side to take care of her.

John hears about Spencer's escape on the radio. He loads his gun in his room to go to the hospital. John continues to listen that Spencer apparently tried to kill himself. John tells Natalie that Spencer is just being manipulative again. He shot himself in such a way that he would only wound himself and not actually die. Natalie blocks John's way out. Even though John tries to get her to move out of the way, Natalie stands her ground, and John finally sits down. John states he wants to know how Marty is doing. He calls Bo and is informed Marty is only shaken up. Later, Natalie confesses what she went through when she thought John was dead. He finally agrees to take his medicine after she kisses him.

Although Spencer initially pointed the gun at Marty, he actually turns the gun on himself, and he shoots himself. As Bo gets the situation under control, Spencer is taken to the operating room. (I am hoping Blair does not get stuck with a heart transplant from Spencer.) After he talks to John, Bo watches Marty calm down Cole. He then calls Antonio to the hospital. Bo tries to question Marty, but she is too upset. She does briefly explain what led up to Spencer being shot. As Antonio enters, she admits Todd saved her life. Bo speaks to Antonio and tells him to try to get some more information out of her. Marty tells Antonio that Cole is her son. Cole then leaves to see how Starr is handling things. After Cole leaves, Marty breaks down while Antonio holds her. She admits she still believes Spencer is insane. Cole brings Marty tea, and Antonio takes notice of how upset Marty is. Bo finds Todd outside of Blair's room and tells him that they still haven't found any proof linking him to Spencer's kidnapping. Later, Bo, Antonio, Mart, and Cole are in the waiting room when Michael and Paige inform them that Spencer pulled through surgery. Apparently, Spencer knew what he was doing because the bullet barely harmed him.

Blair is getting progressively weaker. A nurse interrupts a conversation between Starr, Viki, and Todd to tell Todd he needs to come to Blair's room immediately. After everyone arrives at Blair's room, the doctor admits that all treatment options have been exhausted. Only love and support from her family can save Blair now. Todd refuses to accept this, and he and Starr keep a vigil at Blair's bedside. Dorian reviews Blair's chart and comes to the same conclusion. Blair's immune system must fight this infection, or she will die soon. Todd and Starr beg Blair to find the strength to come back to them and fight the infection. She is even told that Todd has a surprise for her if she does. (Todd is planning to propose to Blair.) Dorian enters Blair's room and asks for some time alone with her. She begs Blair to live. While Todd and Starr wait outside Blair's room, Cole comes up to them. Todd gives Starr and Cole time to talk alone. Starr is upset because she thinks Blair is going to die. Cole tells her how Todd saved his mom's life. Starr acknowledges this with a smile and goes back into Blair's room. Blair's family is directed to prepare for the worst.

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