OLTL Update Friday 1/12/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/12/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

John and Natalie are still in his room. John asks Natalie not to go. He says he can’t focus when he takes his pain medication. John admits he needs Natalie, but she tells him to hire a nurse. She rants about what she went through when she thought he was dead. He tells her he also went through a lot, and he mentions the debridement of his burns. He says he has to be in charge of his life. Natalie asks John if he plans to go to the hospital and take Spencer hostage. He says he won’t, but states Wingdale is “a romper room instead of a prison cell.” Natalie confides to him that she is afraid she is losing him and doesn’t know why he seems to be eager to die. She continues to tell John he will always continue to be preoccupied with other things. Later, she gets a call and tells John Spencer has taken Marty hostage. John grabs his coat and heads for the hospital.

In the park, Cole asks Starr if she is jealous of Britney. She says she isn’t, and he tells her she shouldn’t be. She admits she overreacted, and the only thing she knows for sure is that she likes Cole. She cannot remember the last time she told Blair she loved her. Cole tells her he is glad she told him she likes him. They hold hands and hug. Eventually, they kiss. They decide they are a couple, but they are worried about what their parents will think. Finally, they leave for the hospital. When they get to the hospital, they find out that Spencer is holding one of the doctors as a hostage.

Antonio and Bo are in Bo’s office. Antonio gives Bo a report and update about the warehouse fire. They talk about the history between Cris and Vincent. Vincent enters with his lawyer, and Cristian also comes in with Evangeline to make a statement. It ends up that Cristian went to the art store that night, but he still has twenty minutes he cannot account for. Cristian states someone at the art store is able to vouch that he did buy art supplies that night. Vincent’s lawyer produces a sales receipt showing Cristian bought two tubes of paint and turpentine. The transaction only took three minutes. Vincent’s lawyer is upset that Cristian is not being held responsible for the warehouse fire. He threatens to go public with what he knows because Cristian is sleeping with the ADA. Antonio points out how suspicious Vincent’s memory lapse about the insurance is. Bo demands they all calm down. Everyone leaves but Antonio, Cristian, and Evangeline. Cristian states he didn’t start the warehouse fires. They tell Cristian to keep quiet. Antonio leaves, and Vincent comes back. He says Evangeline she is only defending Cristian because she is sleeping with him. Cristian attacks Vincent, and several officers are needed to pull him off Vincent. Evangeline tells Cristian he is making himself look guilty. Bo yells that there is a hostage situation at the hospital. Cristian leaves and remembers all the occasions he has dealt with Vincent as he is walking in an alley. He leaves in anger as someone pours turpentine and lights it with a match.

At the hospital, Dorian tells Clint and Viki that Blair’s cardiologist says she is slipping away due to myocarditis. Dorian wishes they could talk some sense into Todd. She explains to them about how Todd threatened Spencer, and she had to use reverse psychology to get through to him. Viki becomes upset. She tells Dorian heart conditions can be reversed at times. Clint pulls Dorian aside and asks her if they can do anything. Dorian says no. He tells her to hold onto hope, but Dorian blames Todd. Viki interrupts their conversation, as they all see the police run in with their guns drawn.

Spencer holds Marty at gunpoint. The nurse sees this and runs to get help. Todd tells Spencer that there is no way out. Spencer threatens to drop them both and yells for Todd to get out of the way. Todd asks him if he really wants to live a life on the run. He offers for Spencer to take him instead of Marty. The police tell Spencer to drop his weapon, but he refuses. He starts to take Marty out. When Cole and Starr show up, Marty and Todd scream at them to leave. Spencer tells Cole if the police follow him, he is going to be an orphan. Todd follows Spencer as he takes Marty into the waiting room. Cole and Starr hug as Viki and Clint tell them that they need to let the police take care of this. Bo arrives on the scene. He is upset that Todd is always in the middle of Spencer’s problems. Todd tells Spencer he will take the bullet meant for Marty if Spencer will let her go. Spencer acts crazy and yells that he is going to kill Marty. Marty pleads for her life, and Spencer points the gun at Todd’s chest. Todd attempts to get the gun from Spencer, and Marty screams and goes into the corner. Todd gets on top of Spencer and bangs his hand across the chairs until the gun falls to the floor. Spencer and Todd wrestle. Todd holds in ribs in pain. Spencer grabs the gun and points it towards Todd. The police enter and a gunshot is heard with a close-up of Spencer’s shocked face only.

Previews for the next episode:

Natalie will not let John leave.

Bo talks to Marty about what happened.

Starr believes Blair is going to die.

Jessica throws a bottle at Nash.

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