OLTL Update Thursday 1/11/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/11/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

John wakes up after his “nap.” He calls for Natalie. He accuses her of drugging him, and she admits it. She says she shouldn’t have to spike his food. They argue, and Clint and Viki show up with food. Viki tells him she is glad he is doing better, but Blair is not doing well. Things are cold between Natalie and John, and Viki and Clint easily pick up on this. They abruptly make an excuse and leave. Clint says, “Next time I’m gonna call first.” After they leave, John states, “Maybe we don’t know each other as well as we thought.” Natalie tells him he should be honest with her. John says he can’t think straight when he takes the pain medication. Natalie starts to listen to what he is saying. They both admit they don’t want to lose each other. Natalie only wants John to get better. John says she has no say in his recovery. Natalie tells him he always seems to want to “go it alone.” She attempts to leave, but John stops her.

Viki and Clint talk at the hospital about New Year’s. Viki tells him she has feelings for him. They don’t know if this is new or based on a memory. She asks Clint if he is still with Dorian. He doesn’t know where he and Dorian stand, but he does have feelings for Viki. As Dorian sadly leaves Blair’s room later, she runs into both of them.

Rex and Bo are at the coffeehouse. Rex says nobody was able to place Todd at the warehouse. Bo says they have to be sure Todd kidnapped Spencer. Bo tells Rex he has the “look of a guy itching to spill something.” Rex finally tells Bo that Todd confessed everything to him. Rex admits he feels bad for Todd, especially since Blair is on life support. Bo says Todd might have put her there. Bo states Todd needs to be put off the streets before he hurts someone, but he has to let Todd walk for now because he has no proof against him. Bo and Rex disagree. Rex thinks Todd was justified. Bo tells Rex not to do anything crazy.

Starr and Cole run into the park after booking “outta class.” Cole tells her their kiss at school was risky. Starr kisses Cole again. He says it is great, but it doesn’t feel right. He tells her she is not the “first move type.” She agrees, and Cole tells her to be herself. Starr confesses she is upset about Britney. She admits she “wanted to set her hair on fire.”

Dorian reads the newspaper to Blair. She tells her to keep resting and leaves the room. Marty shows up with a colleague of hers that is a heart specialist. This doctor looks at Blair. Dorian asks Marty why she is involved. She says she feels bad for Blair and her children. The doctor returns and says everything has been done medically for Blair. She is just too weak, and the infection is too strong. Dorian tells Marty to save her apology for Blair’s children and leaves. Marty smiles.

Todd is in Spencer’s room. They have words, and Todd states that he is “sane enough not to want to go to the cracker factory.” Spencer tells Todd Blair’s heart can be reclaimed, and he will help her if Todd promises to let Blair be happy. This means Todd has to stay away from her. Spencer tells Todd that only the strongest antibiotics can save Blair now, and he can get them. He was able to get a tropical virus in the middle of winter for Kevin. Todd seems to relent. Spencer says if he stays completely away from Blair, he will tell him where his son is in five years. He tells Todd it is “all or nothing.” Todd reminds Spencer that Blair always comes back to him. He ends up pulling a knife on Spencer and holding it to his throat. Spencer states Todd needs him alive. Dorian walks in and states, “End that bastard’s life.” Spencer continues to taunt Todd, and Dorian tells him how happy his kids will be with her. He finally just leaves, and Dorian follows him. She tells him Blair is in bad shape. Todd finds the doctor Marty recommended and yells at him. The doctor says she is deteriorating, and there is nothing he can do about it. Todd gets frustrated and leaves. Marty returns to Spencer’s room. She reminds him that he has been cleared medically and is going to Wingdale. The officer releases his handcuffs. He knocks the officer down and takes his gun. He grabs Marty and threatens to kill her. As he is making his way down the hall, Todd runs into them.

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