OLTL Update Wednesday 1/10/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/10/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio, Jessica, Nash, and Roxy are at Capricorn. Nash is thinking about running Capricorn at night for Antonio. Roxy is looking at the sexy picture of Jessica in Mania magazine. She has bought the last two copies of the magazine. Jessica asks Antonio what he thinks of her picture. She wants to know if he is jealous. He does admit that he is jealous, but Jessica says, “What is under the undies is exclusively yours.” At times, Nash watches them from the bar. Antonio receives a call about new evidence being found at the warehouse, and he leaves to investigate. Meanwhile, Roxy is reading a quiz about falling in love to Nash. Nash inadvertently remarks that Jessica is a good person, and Roxy asks Nash what he is talking about. Roxy decides to give Nash the quiz, but Jessica interrupts and insists on speaking with Nash. She asks him if he is going to take the job Antonio offered him. He says that he is, and Jessica reminds him that the job will put him in constant contact with Antonio. She wonders why he would want that. Nash replies that Antonio is cool and buys him stuff, like a vineyard. Roxy interrupts them, says she has all the symptoms of love, and looks longingly at Nash. Jessica begs Nash not to take the job. When Antonio returns later, Nash agrees to take the job.

Paige and Todd have a conversation at the hospital about Blair. Her condition remains unchanged. Todd remarks that he lost two sons, and one might have been saved if Paige would have come clean. Paige states she doesn’t believe Spencer would kill a baby.

Starr is in Spencer’s hospital room. She tells Spencer that her dad is going to ask her mom to marry him again, and their family is going to be together. Spencer states, “Wanna bet?” Starr tells him they don’t want any psychos at the wedding, so he is not invited. As she leaves the room, she notices Todd is sitting on a chair outside of Spencer’s room. Starr tells Todd that she told Spencer they would be getting married. Todd forbids her to see Spencer again and tells her to go to school. Starr gets a call, and Langston tells her she needs to come to school. Todd goes into Spencer’s room. Todd blames Spencer for Blair’s condition, but Spencer tells Todd he (Todd) was the one who pushed Blair off the roof. Todd says he doesn’t believe Spencer killed his and Margaret’s baby, but Spencer won’t admit it. Instead, Spencer wishes Todd luck on asking Blair to marry him. Todd leaves. Later, Michael visits Spencer. Spencer comments that he has had ill wishes all day. Michael asks Spencer why he had to hurt everybody, especially since he seemed to have a good life. Spencer remarks sarcastically on how Michael is devoted to his son. Michael reminds Spencer he is going to Wingdale where he can’t harm anyone. He offers his hand to Michael. Michael refuses and leaves. Spencer remarks that he can still do harm. Later, Todd comes back. Spencer tells him he can save Blair.

Bo, Michael, and Tommy are at the hospital. Michael goes to get Bo a report to verify if Spencer’s torture story is plausible. Bo tells Tommy a joke: Mickey Mouse bought Minnie Mouse a mini van. Lindsay comes and holds Tommy. Bo and Lindsay commiserate about their bad luck in relationships. Bo admits he is happy with Paige. Paige overhears their conversation. Lindsay says R.J. filled an important gap in her life, but it wasn’t love. Paige walks up to them. She says she cannot make dinner tonight and warns Bo that Spencer’s guard left his post at least once. Bo goes to investigate this. Lindsay tells Paige she is sorry about Hugh’s death because she knows how it feels to lose a child. Bo gets the medical report from Michael and states it will help a lot. Michael, Tommy, and Lindsay leave. Paige tells Bo that Lindsay was kind about Hugh. She asks him about his relationship with Lindsay. He remembers more of the good things instead of the bad now. Paige admits she doesn’t remember anything good about Spencer. Meanwhile, Todd is at his home. Rex comes, and Todd tells him he wants to rehire him to find his son. Todd doesn’t believe his son is dead. Rex states he won’t take the case. Todd admits he tortured Spencer, but then he tells Rex he is actually not admitting to anything to him. Todd says he is glad he didn’t kill Spencer, but he will mutilate and torture anyone who knows anything about his son and keeps it from him. Rex is shaken and leaves.

Adriana and Rex are at the coffeehouse. Adriana talks about how much she likes Jessica’s picture in Mania. Rex tells her he believes he will find evidence against Todd. Rex asks, “How can I take away Todd’s freedom when I took Todd’s baby away?” He then states, “Wish me bad luck.” He kisses Adriana and leaves. Antonio comes in to see Adriana. She brags about how Mania ran five of their pictures. He wishes she would not use Jessica in the future. Adriana asks if he is worried about the world seeing her or Nash. She teases him by telling him they are going to use Jessica’s picture on a billboard. Just as he starts to protest, she says, “Gotcha.” Adriana reminds Antonio that Jessica is wearing her wedding ring in the picture. Antonio leaves, and Rex comes back later. He is shaken up and tells her, “Not here, not now.” She says she will be home after seven, and they can talk then. She leaves, and Bo enters and asks Rex if he has found any evidence against Todd.

At the school, Britney tells Cole Starr is not in school. She plans to get the class to sign a get well card for Starr. Britney also reads an essay she wrote about the ill effects of divorce in front of the class. Both of these are attempts to gain sympathy. Britney asks Cole to sign the card and if he will ever be able to forgive her. She later tells her friend that her mom says she is a natural born actress. She admits she only wants Cole because she hates Starr. Cole returns a borrowed book to Marcie, the teacher. She reminds Cole the school board has asked Cole to maintain his distance from Starr. Starr confronts Britney in the hallway. She gives Starr the get well card. Starr grabs Cole and kisses him in front of Britney to spite her.

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