OLTL Update Tuesday 1/9/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/9/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

In the coffeehouse, Marty and Jessica discuss issues surrounding Spencer, Antonio, and Nash. Marty questions whether Jessica will be able to maintain her distance from Nash. Jessica tells Marty she believes she is able to maintain her own emotional and physical distance from Nash. However, Jessica believes the friendship between Antonio and Nash could complicate this situation. She believes it will be difficult for Antonio to end his close friendship with Nash. Marty suggests that Jessica could speak to Antonio about her concerns. Marty believes Antonio will sympathize and recognize the threat that Nash presents to their marriage. Jessica gives some advice to Marty. She believes Marty should reevaluate Spencer’s physiological analysis. Marty does heed this advice. After Jessica exits the coffeehouse, Marty is seen making a mysterious phone call to an unknown individual on her cell phone.

At Capricorn, Antonio and Nash discuss Claudia’s rehab. Nash is grateful towards Antonio, especially since Antonio took Claudia to rehab. Antonio suggests Nash should become employed at Capricorn because Claudia is no longer able to work. Nash is unsure if he should or shouldn’t accept the offer, and he says he should consult Jessica about the issue. Jessica enters. She hears the offer that Antonio suggested to Nash. Antonio tells Jessica that she needs to convince Nash to accept the employment offer. Jessica disagrees strongly, and she develops an excuse for why Nash should not accept Antonio’s offer. This seems to heighten Antonio’s suspicion

Cristian and Evangeline are shocked when an enraged Vincent and stoic Shaun shove though their door. Vincent and Shaun accuse Cristian of burning down the warehouse and for the murder of Ted. Evangeline quickly defends Cristian, stating that he has an alibi. She says that she and Cristian were both together when they heard the news of the burning warehouse. Before leaving, Vincent states that the fire was started with turpentine. He also mentions that if Cristian’s alibi does not pan out, Cristian will be charged with manslaughter. Vincent leaves behind a bewildered Cristian and Evangeline. Evangeline warns Cristian that they were not together for the entire night.

Spencer suddenly decides he wants to help Blair. He asks for Paige and hopes to get permission to review Blair’s hospital charts. His access to Blair’s charts is denied by Paige. Paige states she does not believe Spencer can save Blair’s life. Spencer is upset by Paige’s conclusion. He begins crying, mentioning that he is in love with Blair. If she would happen to die it would be Paige’s fault. Paige leaves, but later comes back to confirm that he will be sent to Wingdale soon. She also mentions she doesn’t believe he will be released from Wingdale anytime soon. Paige once again leaves his room. After persuading the guard later, Starr enters into Spencer’ room. Starr tells Spencer she has news he will not like to hear.

Michael and Todd discuss Blair’s condition outside of her hospital room. Todd is informed Blair has a heart infection, which could cause her to die. Todd and Michael’s conversation is interrupted by Viki. Viki suggests that to save Blair from death, she should be examined by Spencer. Todd strongly opposes this option. He says he does not want anyone to tell Spencer of Blair’s condition. Starr and Jack leave Blair’s room. Todd begins to inform Starr of Blair’s condition. Viki exits the conversation along with Jack. Todd states he will propose to Blair when she awakens from her unconscious state. Afterwards, the group enters Blair’s room once again, while Viki and Todd go to the hospital waiting room. Viki begins to speak to Todd, telling him he should not hurry with Blair’s condition. Todd disagrees with her. He states it would be better if he and Blair would become engaged, and stop hurting themselves. Viki leaves Todd to look after the children. Todd begins to make calls to specialists. Meanwhile, Viki and Jack discuss their feelings about Blair’s situation. Jack is upset about Blair’s condition, and he mentions that he misses her. They begin to pray for her. Todd is shocked to learn that an experienced specialist is arriving to examine Blair. Todd is shocked that Marty was the one who contacted the specialist for Blair.

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