OLTL Update Monday 1/8/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/8/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie calls John from the police station. John tells her he is managing. Bo knocks at John’s door. Natalie reminds John to take his medications, and John gets off the phone. Bo tells John that recovery is like being in jail, and John agrees. Bo states Antonio has the workload of two people. He tells John he can’t let his feelings about Spencer interfere with his recovery. If John pulls another stunt with Spencer, he will be off the job. John states he has that under control now. Bo leaves. John throws his pills in a drawer and pulls out a folder instead. Later, Natalie visits John. She confesses she had Bo stop by. John is mad and picky. Natalie finds his medications. He states he is not taking them. That’s okay because she slips them into John’s soup. He eats the soup and passes out.

Antonio is at the police station. Vincent comes in and starts asking about the status of the arson case again. Natalie asks if Vincent is accusing Cristian. Antonio tells Vincent to back off. Natalie and Vincent talk. Vincent says Cristian hates him. Natalie says a “smart criminal” would know how to set-up Cristian. Vincent accuses Natalie of playing an “avenging angel” act, and Natalie tells him Cristian did not set the warehouse fire. Antonio wants the deputy to prove Vincent was responsible for the fire. The deputy tells him that Cristian is on the list of suspects. She asks him if Natalie used to be married to Cristian.

Nora and R.J. are having a meal at a restaurant. Lindsay comes in and catches them. She sits down at the table and watches them laughing together. She is not pleased and tries to leave. R.J. stops her and tells her not to leave. Lindsay thought they were going to have lunch alone. Nora offers to leave, but Lindsay confronts her. Nora states her and R.J.’s meeting was innocent. Lindsay states, “I liked you better in a coma.” R.J. takes Nora’s side, and Nora does leave to avoid any further arguing. Lindsay is angry with R.J. R.J. tells her she is petty, and this is not working. He leaves. Bo is at the bar and gives Lindsay a handkerchief.

Nash and Layla are at Capricorn. Nash tells her there is a problem in the kitchen. He tells Layla the story about him and Jessica being stuck in the mine. He says they got close, and it was not sexual. He states Antonio is cool about it. Layla tells him that he and Jessica bump into each other too much. Antonio shows up. He thanks Nash for fixing the fridge problem in the kitchen. Antonio asks him to run the club. Layla tells Nash he should say no.

Marty, Jessica, and Bree are also dining at a restaurant. Jessica tells her that Bree is not Antonio’s child, and she is not Bree’s mom. She tells Marty the entire story about Tess. She admits she felt something confusing when she was trapped in the mine with Nash. She tells Marty that Antonio is amazing because he has stood by her through everything. Jessica tells Marty the story about her and Nash being trapped in the mine. She admits that when she was lying next to Nash, it felt familiar. Marty asks her if the mine was an opportunity to find out if she (Jessica) is in love with two men. Jessica states she only loves Antonio. She would feel like she would be stealing Nash from Tess if she pursued Nash. Jessica tells Marty she is sorry her husband, Patrick, died. Marty advises Jessica to keep distance between her and Nash.

Cristian enters his studio. Evangeline is there, and she has bought him a laptop with a printer. She tells him it is an investment in him. He tells her he cannot accept it because he is not a charity case. He says he is the man in the relationship. They argue, and Cristian tells her, “Take it back now!” Evangeline tells him she bought him the laptop as a gift, not because she felt sorry for him. She reminds him that he also helped her when she needed it. She tells him that she will take back the laptop, but if he does this again, the laptop won’t be the only thing leaving. He stops her at the door and kisses her. They make up. Later, she has left, and someone pounds at his door. Vincent is there with a very large man. He tells Cristian it is payback time.

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