OLTL Update Friday 1/5/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/5/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica and Nash are still trapped in the mine. Antonio has found them, and Jessica urges him to hurry because Nash is not doing well. Antonio yells to Jessica that he is going to get help. He states he cannot get them out by himself. Jessica tells him that Nash cannot even open his eyes and needs to get out of the mine now. She tells Antonio she cannot wake Nash up, and Antonio instructs her to give Nash CPR. As she is doing this, Nash kisses her back. Jessica is mortified. She screams at Nash and tells him that he took advantage of her. Nash declares she is “sick,” and he was only trying to share body heat. Jessica throws a rock in anger and comes close to hitting Antonio as he breaks into the mine. Antonio rushes to Jessica, and they embrace. Nash says he needs a lift to the gas station, and he is okay. Antonio remarks that who knows what would have happened if he didn’t find them.

John enters his hotel room with Natalie. He states he is not sure it is his place because it is so clean. He informs Natalie, “This is not gonna work.” He says he has gone from one area of confinement to another. He talks about how he promised his father at the graveyard that he would avenge his death. Natalie scolds him, and John tries to reason with her. Natalie begs John not to make her go through losing him again and to do what the doctors tell him to do. He does eventually agree to this, but he does not give Natalie his word on it. Someone calls John and tells him Spencer is to be transferred within the next 48 hours. Natalie comes in with John’s medication. He needs to take it for a few more weeks. He tells Natalie he needs some time alone, and she leaves after he promises to call her if he needs anything. After she leaves, he purposely does not take his medication.

Bo has asked to see Rex at the police station. Rex and Adriana are there, and both are concerned that Bo has discovered they kept Tommy from Todd. They talk about how they would be accessories to kidnapping because they knew Tommy was a kidnapped baby and did not tell the truth. Rex states, “I would be the belle of the ball in cell block B.” Bo calls Rex into his office. He actually has a job for Rex. He wants Rex to find out how Spencer’s transport was interrupted. Rex says that if it was Todd, he doesn’t think Todd should have to pay. Bo says the law doesn’t see it that way. Rex is to do this job as a favor to Bo. Rex comments on how he and Bo are “buddies” again and leaves. Meanwhile, Vincent enters the police station and congratulates Adriana on her new company. Vincent is looking for Antonio. He comes into Bo’s office after Rex leaves, and Bo tells him Antonio is not here. Vincent gives Bo a list of people who have something against him. Nash and Cristian are on the list. Bo informs Vincent that Antonio is looking into a lead. Vincent pleads his innocence again and thanks Bo. After Vincent leaves, an officer brings a report to Bo. The cause of the arson at the warehouse was turpentine. Cristian is shown using turpentine in his studio.

Cristian and Evangeline are at Cristian’s studio. He is proud of Evangeline, and he tells her she will make a good DA. He is upset because he has so many medical bills. He remarks that the hospital has to have a way to pay their electricity bills. He comments about how he has no money and is a “starving artist.” Evangeline reminds him of the camera she got him for Cristmas. She gives him a book of accessories for the camera and tells him he should think about getting some. She leaves, and he remarks about how expensive the accessories are. Adriana comes for a visit. She likes how he has painted on a photograph he took, and she tells him he is talented. She comments about how lucky she is right now. She has Rex, her new company, and has mended her relationship with Dorian. She does say that she knows something (Tommy’s true parentage) and is stuck between “right and wrong.” She feels like she is playing God. Cristian gives her some advice, and she thanks him. Later, she meets Rex. Rex tells her Bo wants him to see if there is something tying Todd to Spencer’s kidnapping. Rex admits he has a gut feeling he won’t find anything.

Paige tells Todd that Blair’s condition is critical, and she is in heart failure. She has a bad heart valve due to a virus. She is put on a medication treatment regimen. Todd confides in Evangeline that saying goodbye to their baby was too much for Blair. He remarks on how he was the one that literally “broke Blair’s heart.” Evangeline comments about how Blair’s fall was an accident. Blair codes. As they are trying to revive her, Todd yells at Blair and tells her how much he loves her and for her not to leave him. Blair’s heart starts beating again (due to true love ( Blair is to be put on a new course of drugs. Marty shows up, and Todd blames her for everything that has happened. Marty tells him she hopes Blair recovers. As Evangeline hugs Todd, Marty calls someone on her cell phone and asks for help. Todd thanks Evangeline and states he knows what he has to do. He brings out Blair’s engagement ring. He will give it to her when she is better.

Marty tells Spencer he will be released within the next 48 hours. Spencer is worried John will come back for him. He states the police are unwilling to protect him. Marty will not say Spencer is sane. She tells him that if she does, he will be found guilty. Spencer tells her that her license will be revoked if she continues to say he is insane. She says that will be fine because she will still have her integrity. He declares he is not insane and has never been insane. Marty stands by her decision: He is insane. She declares he has narcisstic personality disorder and is unable to take responsibility for his actions (So true!). She leaves, and he is really angry. Paige comes to see him and tells him they need him to save Blair’s life. She informs him of what medical treatment they have given her. She tells him they almost lost her. Spencer smirks that Blair’s love for Todd kept her alive. He refuses to help Blair and states, “I’m sorry Blair.” If he can’t have her, then nobody can.

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