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One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/4/07

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Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Bo are at the police station. Antonio states he has not heard from Jessica, and he is worried. Bo offers to give the make and model of her car to the state police. Antonio states she was with Nash. Bo tells him he will have the state police look for Nash’s car. Bo implies that Nash and Jessica being together might not be a good situation. Antonio states he trusts Nash. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.) Bo tells Antonio the state police found Nash’s car, but nobody was in it. He says there have been three avalanches since that morning in the region.

Nash and Jessica remain stuck in the mine. Jessica states they never should have left the car. Nash reminds her it is just as cold in the car. He tells her they are going to freeze to death unless they get out of the wet clothes. They take their clothes off to dry, but Jessica is argumentative about it. They share a tarp to stay warm. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.) Nash becomes very chilled, and Jessica asks him if she can get on top of him to keep him warm. He tells her no. He would rather die instead of something happening to her because of him. Nash becomes extremely hypothermic and tired. He finally passes out. Antonio finds them, but he cannot get into the mine because of the avalanche.

Blair, Todd, Marcie, and Tommy are visiting in the hospital. Blair holds Tommy. She says he is such a good boy. Adriana and Rex watch from the doorway. Blair talks Todd into holding Tommy. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.) Blair is not feeling well. Adriana walks up to Todd and Blair and tells Blair it is probably too soon for her to hold a baby. Blair states she is dizzy. Rex and Adriana leave. Rex tells Adriana that he knows she was going to tell Blair and Todd the truth. Blair becomes unable to catch her breath and collapses out of her wheelchair.

Asa and Clint are at Serenity Springs spa. Asa states, “That damn woman has me on a treadmill twenty minutes every time.” He says he is walking well and complains about physical therapy. He also states he is upset with the whole family. He is frustrated that Zane is in London. Clint reminds Asa how important it is to fight back. Asa tells Clint to stay out of trouble and leaves. Dorian enters. Clint tells her she is unpredictable. He tells her that being predictable is soothing. Dorian tells him that is boring, and she is a challenge. Dorian says he is a good son, but he has his own life. Dorian is thinking about going to London and asks Clint to come with her. Clint tells her she is a complicated woman. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.)

Starr and Britney are at the high school after the championship football game. Their team lost the game. The score was 48-12. Starr tells Britney that Cole shouldn’t be blamed for the team’s loss. Meanwhile, Gabe has told Cole that the team hates him. Starr finally walks up to Cole, and Gabe leaves. Starr tells him people shouldn’t be treated him that way. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.) One of the cheerleaders tells Starr she is sorry for all the past wrongs done to her (Starr). She states Alison spread the rumor that Cole would not have gotten in trouble if Starr would have slept with him. Alison also was responsible for the slideshow. Starr thinks she will give this girl a second chance.

Natalie has disinfected John’s hotel room. She tells him this over the phone, and he tells her, “Don’t knock yourself out.” He will make nice when he comes home. Natalie tells him to stay out of trouble and away from Spencer. Marty enters John’s hospital room. John wanted to see her. He tells her that if they do this right, they won’t have to see each other again. Marty tells John she has no feelings for him and can remain objective. John asks her how she knew where he was the night he was in Spencer’s room. She states it was easy to figure out. John tells her he believes she might be purposely responsible for what happened to Blair. (Soap was preempted for news update from Washington.) Marty talks to John about how hard it is to lose a loved one. (She is referring to John’s dad and perhaps her husband.) She tells him she is sorry for diagnosing Spencer as being insane. She asks him what his father would think of the risks John is taking. Meanwhile, Roxy shows up at John’s hotel room in a white suit. Natalie and she talk, and Natalie tells her John will follow her (Natalie’s) orders because she is tough. Roxy tells Natalie sex is the best medicine. Natalie is not amused, but she will take her advice under consideration. Roxy says she no longer has to hate God because He gave John back to Natalie. Natalie states John and she will be together for good. Natalie finally goes to the hospital to get John. John really wants to leave the hospital. He tells Natalie he may be more than she bargained for.

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