One Life to Live Update Friday 12/29/06


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Jessica, Antonio, Natalie, Clint, and Viki are at Llanfair. Natalie states she has something special planned. Jessica thanks Viki for watching Bree, and Jessica and Antonio leave. Natalie gets ready and also leaves. Viki tells Clint Bree has fallen to sleep. She comments on how much it is snowing and tells Clint he should stay. Clint says Jessica asked him what was going on between them. Viki states their kiss was just an innocent kiss under the mistletoe. The conversation turns to Dorian, and Clint states Dorian takes things too far. Viki tells him of the declaration of war between her and Dorian. She also tells him she just can’t pick up and go on an adventure with him. Clint suggests they have an adventure right where they are. Bree cries, and Clint goes to her. Viki, Clint, and Bree toast in the New Year together with Bree’s baby bottle.

Rex, Evangeline, Nash, Layla, and Adriana are at Capricorn. Some guests, including Adriana and Layla, are wearing lingerie from Adriana’s company for exposure. Nash states he is going to claim his spot at the bar. Dorian tells Layla she loves her dress. Claudia has been left in charge, but she is drunk. Dorian assesses her to make sure she is okay, which she is. Nash asks Claudia what happened. Claudia states it is New Year’s Eve and life sucks. She says she is not over losing Nash to Jessica. Nash corrects her and tells her it is Tess and not Jessica. Nash decides to cover for Claudia, and Rex will also pitch in. Cristian takes pictures of the lingerie that is being worn. Adriana tells Dorian she will not sell any of the pictures to Craze magazine, not even one. Adriana states it is not personal. Dorian tells Adriana she is proud of her. Jessica enters Capricorn. She strips off her coat and shows off the bra she is wearing. Cristian takes her picture. Nash likes what he sees. Antonio thanks Nash for taking over. Claudia went home earlier with her sponsor. Evangeline sings a “boogie” song in Claudia’s absence. They all dance and toast the New Year. Dorian leaves a message for Clint on his cell phone wishing him well.

Marty asks where John is. He is not in his room. John is with Spencer. Spencer yells for a nurse. John is stretching rope-like material between his hands. Spencer yells at John and asks him why he is here. John states he is after justice. Spencer calls him insane. John states, “Just like you, you son of a bitch.” Marty comes in just as John begins choking Spencer and stops him. John and Marty leaves the room, and a deputy enters. The deputy denies seeing anybody leave Spencer’s room. He laughs and tells Spencer nobody will believe him. John goes into the hospital stairwell. Marty tells him his drugs must have interacted adversely. He asks her who she is, and she finally tells him. Meanwhile, Natalie discovers John is missing from his room and asks a nurse where he is. John is angry and feels betrayed by Marty. He tells her to leave him alone, and then he passes out. When he wakes up, Marty has put him back in bed, gave him a drug to counter the adverse reaction, and ordered a nurse to babysit him. Marty leaves and Natalie enters. John and Natalie toast the New Year.

Starr and Britney are at school after a pep rally. Starr tells her she is sorry she got mad. She tells her that Blair lost the baby. Britney suggests a party, but Starr says no. Cole enters, and Britney leaves. Cole states he did not know she (Starr) would be here. He felt weird at the bonfire and left. He believes he let everyone down and the coach hates him. Starr says, “Who cares?” She tells him to forgive himself. Cole tells her she can talk to him if she needs to about what has happened to her family. He reaches for her hand and holds it.

Todd goes in to see Blair. He says he is sorry he left, but he had to drop Jack off at Kyle’s. He states Starr doesn’t blame him for what happened. He needs to know if Blair blames him. He tells Blair he is sorry for everything. He never stopped loving her. When he thought he would lose her, nothing else mattered. He tells her he can’t let go of her. He forgives her even if she doesn’t forgive him. He says he needs her to save him and forgive him even if he doesn’t deserve it. He is dead without her. Blair continues to stare the other way. Meanwhile, Bo asks Paige if he can get a statement from Blair. Paige enters Blair’s room with Bo. Blair asks for Todd to stay. Bo asks her what happened. She states she called Todd and heard a crash while she was on the phone with him. When she got there, Spencer and Todd were on the roof. Spencer was trying to kill Todd. Todd broke free, and they accidentally fell off the roof. Paige tells Bo Blair needs to rest. Bo tells Todd he is still facing kidnapping charges, obstruction of justice, and charges for not telling anyone Spencer was also hurt. Bo states that might be interpreted as attempted murder. After Bo and Paige leave the room, Paige states she wouldn’t blame Todd if he did purposely push Spencer off the roof. Bo states he has to abide with Blair’s statement. Todd thanks Blair for her statement. She tells Todd he did not intentionally push Spencer. Todd says all of the loss they have had makes him realize they still have a lot. Todd shows her some champagne he has smuggled in. He tells her he is so sorry and she is what he wants. They toast in the New Year together.

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