One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/28/06


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Michael is videotaping Marcie and Tommy at the diner. Rex and Adriana arrive. Rex states this family should be together. Michael asks Rex and Adriana if they have New Year’s plans. Rex and Adriana plan to go to Capricorn. Adriana states she has some sort of secret business planned there. Michael states he and Marcie will be spending New Year’s with Tommy. Michael says he is lucky to have a family this year to celebrate with. Rex and Adriana sit down together, and Rex tells her that Tommy is Michael’s boy. He states “cosmic forces” are saying they have done the right thing. Adriana states they have the power to give Todd his son back. She wishes they did not know what they know. Michael, Marcie, and Tommy are spending time together as a family, and Tommy says “Mama” for the first time. Finally they leave the diner. Adriana admits that Michael, Marcie, and Tommy are happy. They are in agreement to stay silent about Tommy.

Viki is at the hospital with Todd. Todd states Blair is doing okay. Viki reminds him he lost a baby too. Todd says Blair will not forgive him. Meanwhile, Starr is with Blair. She leaves the room, and Jack is gone. Jack has gone to see Spencer. Jack asks Spencer if he tried to kill his parents. Spencer says he promised not to hurt his mother and he didn’t. Jack asks him why he is mean to his dad. Spencer tells him this is an adult thing. He tells Jack he thinks of him as a son. Jack tells him he is not his dad. Spencer states he loves Blair and Jack. Jack asks if he cares for Starr. Spencer tells him Starr is older and he was there more for Jack. Starr comes in and tells Jack to leave. Jack yells at Spencer that he hates him.

Bo is at the police department, and Paige enters his office and embraces him. He asks where she went this morning. Bo did not get her note. She asks Bo permission to see Spencer. He says this is okay with him. She wants to show Spencer something. After Paige leaves, Starr comes in later. She asks Bo not to arrest Todd. Bo says he can’t look the other way. She thinks her parents will get back together if Todd does not go to jail. Bo says he will try to be fair. Starr states Spencer should be made to pay for what he has done.

Todd tells Viki this was an accident and Blair will not talk to him. He states he killed his own son. He says he now has two sons that are dead. Viki tells Todd that Spencer may not be telling the truth about his other son. Todd says he is going crazy and has lost everything. Viki reminds him he has Starr and Jack. Viki tells him not to give up on himself. She reminds him his children are his strength. She states the sins of the father ends with them. Viki warns Todd to stay away from Spencer. She encourages him to focus on the positive because Spencer does not want him to be happy. Viki leaves. Todd picks up a paper that reads, “How Will It End?” There is a picture of Spencer, Todd, and Blair. Starr comes up to Todd and tells him she saw Bo, and Jack saw Spencer. She states she does not blame Todd and tells him not to give up. Meanwhile, Jack is now with Blair. Blair tells Jack she realizes they do not have much to celebrate on New Year’s. She tells Jack what a resolution is. She wishes for better times. Jack wishes for Spencer to die. Blair tells him Spencer has a lot of problems and they have to be better than Spencer.

Spencer relives some painful memories in his head about his failures as a father figure. Paige enters his room and shows him a picture of Hugh’s gravesite. She tells him he will never see this gravesite in person. She says he will never get out. If he is acquitted, she will make sure he gets nowhere near Hugh. She tells him he has no son because he is not a father. Paige leaves, and the deputy comes in and tells Spencer he has had a busy day. He refuses to guard Spencer from his enemies and calls him a “psycho.”

The nurse tells Natalie John will not take his pain pills. Natalie talks to John and tells him he needs to follow doctor’s orders. John says he does not need pills. He is thinking about going after Spencer. He wants to finish what the courts didn’t. (Marty is listening at the door.) Natalie asks him what he can actually do. He tries to get up. He fights Natalie about taking a sleeping pill. He finally agrees to take it. Natalie thanks him for letting her boss him around for now. Natalie goes into the hall and asks Marty why she is here. Marty asks how John is doing. Natalie states he is doing okay. She asks Marty why she is there again, but she becomes distracted by the nurse. Marty goes into John’s room. He asks her why she is here. She wants to know about Spencer. She states she knows Spencer and does not work for him. John won’t talk to her, so she leaves. John is angry because she walks out. She comes in later to check on John, but he is gone.

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