One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/27/06


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Bo, Evangeline, and Marty are at the hospital. They are discussing how Spencer is not changing his story about how he and Blair fell off of the warehouse roof. Marty believes Spencer. Bo believes the truth lies somewhere between Spencer’s and Todd’s accounts. Bo enters Spencer’s hospital room. Spencer tells Bo that Asa will pay for how he treated his mother. Bo wants to know what really happened at the warehouse. Spencer states Todd wanted to kill him and Blair. Outside of Spencer’s room, Evangeline asks Marty if she would want to see Spencer in a mental hospital instead of prison if he is faking. Marty says no, but she sticks to her diagnosis. Evangeline states this has become personal to her because she saw Todd flatline. She tells Marty this has to be personal to her too. Marty says she has to live with what Todd did to her for the rest of her life, but she would not lie because of it. Marty asks Evangeline if John is in this hospital. Evangeline states she wants to get this case back into court before John is out of the hospital. Marty receives a call on her cell phone. It is another doctor (Michael). She initially refuses the psychiatric referral, but then she states she will talk to the patient. Meanwhile, Bo tells Spencer that Todd did not know Blair was pregnant. Spencer states Todd used him to lure Blair to the warehouse roof, and then Todd shoved them both off of it. Bo tells Spencer his vital signs are steady, which proves what he is saying is a line of bull. Bo suggests Spencer might be afraid of the needle. Bo tells Spencer he might actually be insane. Spencer dares Bo to prove what he is saying about Todd is untrue. After Bo leaves, Evangeline later visits Spencer and tells him she will make him pay for what he has done and he should be scared. She tells him that if the system does not get him, someone else will.

Michael is visiting John in his hospital room. John tells Michael the only mistake Todd made was not killing Spencer. John voices how he wants to go after Spencer himself. Michael asks him what he will do if Natalie follows. They are in agreement that this is Marty’s fault. Michael tells John that Blair lost her baby. John tells Michael to tell Todd he (John) will be out soon. Later, Marty sees John, who is her psychiatric referral. She asks him to tell her how he feels. John laughs. She asks him what is so funny. He states the word “feelings” is funny. He states he sure is feeling something now, and it takes a lot of imagination to say somebody is “nuts.” He thinks Marty is trying to trick him. He tells her to just give him his discharge papers and be on her way. She refuses to give him his discharge papers. She asks him how long he has been in therapy in the past. John tells her therapy is a joke, and he was only in therapy because he shot someone in the line of duty. She asks what he is afraid of. He tells her he is afraid of snakes and not getting out of the hospital quick enough. He continues to mock Marty. She asks if he is happy. He states he is not happy, and he admits his father’s case is important to him. The nurse comes in to change his dressing, and Marty leaves. He invites her back, but he tells her he will not give her anymore information.

Dorian and Viki are having an argument over Clint at Llanfair. Dorian tells her that if Clint wanted to be with her (Viki), he would. Viki tells Dorian she (Dorian) is unpredictable and that is why Clint always comes back to her (Viki). Viki tells Dorian she lies and Clint sees through her lies. Dorian states she wants Clint. Viki flaunts the necklace Clint got for her in Dorian’s face. She gloats at how Clint got Dorian nothing. Dorian changes the subject, and she states Todd is responsible for what happened to Blair. Dorian and Viki declare war on each other. Viki kicks Dorian out of her house.

Rex and Adriana have just finished making love at Dorian’s house. Adriana states, “Happy Holidays.” Rex says they should get dressed because Dorian will be back at any time. Adriana wants to make love again. They start to make love again. Dorian finally comes back, but Rex and Adriana are dressed and playing a board game at that time. Dorian is going to the hospital to see Blair. Adriana tells her that Blair probably does not want any presents. Dorian tells Adriana the best present she got was having Adriana back in her life.

Todd is on Blair’s room at the hospital. Blair wishes they could have saved the baby. Todd tells her everything just happened so quickly and then they fell off the warehouse. Todd tells her she should just say it was his fault and get it over with. He tells Blair he wants her to say it. He states he killed their baby, and he should have been there. Blair tells Todd she wants to be alone, and Todd leaves. He goes into the hallway and breaks down. He calls Viki and asks her to come to the hospital. Evangeline walks up to Todd. Todd tells her he does not know what will happen. Evangeline states Marcie took the kids home. Todd states everyone he cares about gets hurt. He kicks a chair and hits the wall. Viki comes. Todd is crying about the loss of the baby. He states his son is gone now. Viki gets him up, hugs him, and tells him it will be okay. Evangeline leaves. Todd tells Viki he is cursed. Dorian, Adriana, and Rex show up. Viki tells Dorian the baby died, and Dorian is tearful. Adriana and Rex walk away from the conversation, and Adriana is not sure they should keep Todd’s son away from him now. Dorian is upset because Todd told Blair the baby died. She tells Adriana to come into Blair’s room with her. Blair is crying as Dorian and Adriana visit her. Viki tells Todd to go to her. He goes into the room. Dorian yells at him to leave. He asks Blair what she wants, and she tells him to leave her alone with her family. Todd leaves, and Viki tells him to give her time. Blair is seen crying again. Meanwhile, Rex sees Bo, and Bo tells him he looks terrible. Bo says he feels sorry for Blair and her family. Bo says Todd looks guilty. Rex states it is Spencer’s word against Todd’s. Bo is in agreement unless Blair says differently.

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