One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/26/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"You do it," Adriana tells Rex. She jumps away from the door and stands behind him. He doesn't want to open the door either. She feels that this is a sign that they should go in and visit. Soon they are only interested in each other and ready to go to his place. "Adriana! What a lovely surprise!" Dorian has come out to greet her guests.

Cristian has Antonio and Jessica come over for a Christmas visit. Antonio tells about the great Christmas that they have been having with family and friends. "Things have been going pretty good for us," Jessica tells. Antonio tells that Clint and Jessica have been getting along nicely together.

Viki takes the mistletoe from the top of the front door and stops to pause for a moment. She thinks about the kiss that she and Clint shared. The doorbell rings and Viki immediately opens the door. "That was fast," Clint remarks at the door. "I was just taking down some of the Christmas presents.

Todd tells the children to go and see their mother and bring the gifts. Starr can't do this. "We are going to go in there and open gifts with her and then tell her that she lost her baby?" Starr asks her dad.

"It's not a Merry Christmas, but telling her that she lost the baby is the truth," Starr says. She feels that they should just tell her mother the truth about the baby and not pretend like everything is fine. Todd tells Starr that this isn't the first time that this has happened to Blair. "She lost a baby down by the docks before. You know that we are the most important thing to her. The presents are not important…" Evangeline is around the corner and hears Todd having a heart to heart with Starr.

Jack comes out of his mother's room and Starr takes him to have some Jell-O in the cafeteria. Todd promises to call them when their mother wakes so they can all have a visit. Evangeline comes out of hiding telling that she heard what happened. "it's Spencer. He killed my son," Todd tells her.

Marty needs to see her client. An officer cautions her about going near Spencer. "He is still a danger."

"We have quiche, brioche…croissants," Dorian says of the spread that she has had prepared. Rex makes a face and Dorian suggests that he go out and get a jelly donut instead. She assumes that he doesn't like anything that she had planned to eat, but Adriana says that she doesn't know what he was thinking. Adriana asks her mother to be honest with them. "If I try, will you try?" Dorian asks her daughter.

"Come on in," Viki invites. Clint steps in and takes off his coat. "I thought that maybe we could share some chewing tobacco," Clint jokes. She takes his coat and heads into the main room. Viki is taking things down kinda soon in the holiday. She says that she see no point leaving things up after the 26th. No one is around anymore. "Do you remember how the children used to fuss when they were little?" Viki asks. Clint chuckles. "This big old house is pretty much empty and The Banner is on auto pilot. I have never known Viki Davidson to be without a project, a plan, a plot." She tells that when you are little so many things seem to be so enormous, but when you are big it doesn't seem that way… "Lately though things are starting to look big again. This house used to be full of people but now it is just big." Clint always thought that he would end up in this big old house with Viki.

"Are you taking on a student? This looks like your style?" Jessica asks when she comes across a painting at his place. He admits that it is a painting that he had done.

"Is mommy okay?" Jack asks. Starr tells her brother that their mother will be in the hospital for a while and then she will come home. Starr gets angry when she sees that Jack has dropped his crayons all over the floor. She sees feet coming towards her and looks up to find Cole standing over her.

"They think that I am dangerous. That is how they are programmed," Spencer tells Marty. "I am not going to hurt you." Spencer tells Marty that Todd is the person responsible for what happened to Blair. Marty knows that Todd did some things wrong but she knows that Spencer too had a great deal to do with the fall that killed Blair's baby.

"You want me to call someone for you?" Evangeline offers. Todd tells her that he wants no one to know what happened to the baby before Blair does. Evangeline wants Todd to share how he feels. He feels like he has been put through a woodchipper. "And I also feel like killing someone," he says.

"It's not your style but it is a work in progress," Jessica says. Cristian says that he showed the painting to Lindsay and she thought that it was crap. Antonio knows that this is just the beginning. Cristian refers to his work as crap and Jessica decides to agree with him. She starts breaking up some of the pictures that Cristian had made in order to show him what he is saying exactly.

"I was just trying to protect my daughter from a lying, cheating reprobate," Dorian says of the kidnapping that can never be forgotten. She doesn't mean to offend Rex, and it really doesn't matter because he doesn't know what reprobate means. Adriana cuts to the chase and tells that she needs Dorian to accept Rex like she has and maybe they can get this thing dealt with. Adriana tells Dorian to thank Rex for continually pushing her to make up with her mother. Rex says that Dorian should actually thank Viki for this happening as shed had a hand in this as well.

"I came back to town for the kids but they don't need ups anymore," Clint says. He never envisioned this day of getting his own life back and yet here it is. "Here I am…Here you are…And I feel…Well last night it struck that I have to start doing some things that I have been putting off." Viki guesses that he is returning to London. He isn't doing that. His life is in Llanview now, and the things that he wants to do are in Llanview. He doesn't know what he wants to do. "Name something," Clint orders. "Skydiving…" That is something that Clint decides that he wants to do as well as some other things. "And I want you to do them with me too," he says to Viki.

Starr introduces Cole to her brother. He has some questions for her but she really doesn't want to talk to him now. "You better not talk to him," Jack says. "If dad knew that you were talking to him, he wouldn't like that," Jack counsels his sister.

"I was almost dead and then he told me that he killed my son. That was the last thing that went through my mind," Todd tells of his ordeal on the roof. Inside the room, Blair wakes and looks around the room where she lays.

"This was all at the suggestion of Viki," Dorian asks. Adriana says that she didn't do that much but Rex disagrees. Rex puts his foot in his mouth and Dorian sees that their parenting skills were being compared. "If Viki thinks that she is responsible for getting us back together then that is a very big deal," Dorian says. Adriana knows that Dorian will go and talk to Viki now. "Yes, I won't be able to rest until I go and talk to Viki right now." Adriana is fine with this. Dorian promises to be more tolerant. She tells Adriana that they need to go and see Blair soon. She doesn't care what Todd thinks about that. Dorian leaves. Rex isn't sure what just happened there.

Jessica continues to destroy Cris's painting even though he could use the equipment again. "No," Jessica says. "You were right. You have to find a different way to do your painting without the same way of thinking. Tell me that I am wrong!" Cris picks up one of the paintings and hacks it to pieces in response as he smiles.

"That woman loves her children but she shouldn't be surprised. It was Todd's kid," Spencer tells Marty. "He even admitted to trying to kill the baby that Margaret was carrying." Marty wonders if Spencer feels any guilt about what happened to Blair. Spencer feels nothing. "That was all Todd. You and I both know that Todd can be a minion of Satan. Which is why you're here. You want to stop him," Todd tells Marty.

"How long do you think the police are going to believe that you had nothing to do with what happened on that roof?" Evangeline asks Todd. He can't worry about that right now. "Is that what you are going to tell Blair?" Evangeline asks. Todd looks through the window and sees that Blair is awake now.

"You were the one who kissed me," Clint says at the doorway, now ready to leave. "No," Viki says. "I remember that you were the one to kiss me." Dorian sidles up to the door now with a fake grin. "Sounds like yet another eventful holiday at Llanview…"

"How was your Christmas?" Clint asks Dorian. She tells the it wasn't what she expected. He says that he will call her and they will talk about it. Clint leaves the house. "I understand that you are partly responsible for my reconciliation with Adriana." Viki says that they just talked and that was it. Dorian doesn't move to leave. "You and Clint were close?" Viki says that she and Clint have four kids together… "And you kissed him," Dorian notes. "It was under the mistletoe."

"I am here for counseling but they put me on some antidepressant thing," Cole says. Starr says that he seems fine.

"I am here for no other reason than that you are my patient," Marty says. Spencer doesn't believe that. "You are a living human being with feelings and morals doc. You have the power to keep Todd Manning from hurting more lives. You tells Bo what you know to be true…that Todd tortured me and tried to kill me and Bo will put Manning back where he belongs….in prison."

"Stay please," Blair begs Todd quietly. She hurts everywhere. "Is the baby okay?" Todd asks her how much she remembers. "I remember fighting…Spencer, me and you and falling." Todd tells her that she will be fine but all she wants to know is how the baby is.

"She is in love with her," Rex deduces. "Face it Adriana. Viki is the love of Dorian's life." Rex sticks his hand down his pants and digs around. "I think that your new underwear is riding up on me," he complains.

"I don't feel like answering your inane questions," Viki tells Dorian. Dorian is sure that Viki is trying to hooking up with Clint. "Make me make something quite clear. I will be damned if I stand by and let you with your perfect manners and your perfect grammar steal Clint away from me," Dorian shouts.

"A victim choosing sides with her rapist," Spencer observes. "That is very interesting. Marty tells that she is taking sides with her patient. Spencer wants Marty that if she recants even one bit of her testimony, then the only person that she will be hurting will be herself. Marty leaves the room and looks like she has been through the wringer. Evangeline finds Marty looking haggard and questions her about Spencer. "How can you still help him after what he did to Blair?"

"The circumstance is very bad. The paramedics brought you here and Starr prayed really hard, but…it didn't work sweetie…He's gone," Todd tells Blair. It is like a knife to the heart to hear those words and Blair shuts her eyes tightly now…

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