One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/21/06


Written By Rebecca

Cristian has brought his painting to Lindsey to see if it can be sold. Lindsey states she cannot sell it. It is not good enough. She does give Cristian a pep talk. Cristian states he does not know how he will make a living now. He tells Lindsey he does not want Evangeline to support him. Lindsey apologizes to Cristian and offers him egg nog, but Cristian turns her down and goes for a walk. Cristian walks to Angel Square. A young Hispanic man runs into him and tells Cristian he looks up to him for the good example he set through his boxing. He says a lot of people in the community feel the same way. Cristian asks the young man to help him do something. Cristian realizes there are people less fortunate than he and states he is a lucky man.

Nora and Evangeline are dining at Capricorn. Nora asks Evangeline if she has heard any word about Cristian. The conversation turns into Nora making a suggestion to Evangeline that she ask Cristian to marry her. She states Evangeline is “something special.” Evangeline states she and Cristian are not ready for marriage. Nora states Christmas Eve is “proposal night.” She wonders if Cristian might pop the question to Evangeline. Lindsey shows up and reports that she met with Cristian and was unable to sell his painting. As she is leaving, Lindsey tells Nora she looks good for someone who has been in a coma for so long.

Nash and Jessica are also at Capricorn. It looks as if they have been shopping for Bree. Claudia walks up to Nash, and Jessica looks jealous. Jessica snips at Claudia, and Claudia becomes defensive. Claudia states Bree should get lots of presents because she has two daddies and two mommies. This does not go over well. Nash asks Claudia if she has been drinking. She denies this. Jessica leaves to go to her own table and tells Claudia to leave her alone. Nash asks Claudia why she is doing this. She apologizes and tells him it is her first Christmas without her father. She states Bree has lots of parents. Nash apologizes and advises her to be happy and not to take out her frustration on others. Nash leaves Claudia and sits down with Jessica. Jessica tells Nash that she believes Claudia is right. She feels bad because of her previous DID. Nash states parents are not perfect and Bree will know Jessica is a good mom before she knows Jessica’s secret about her DID. Nash and Jessica look at Bree’s pictures. Jessica states she is running out of space to put Bree’s pictures. Nash tells Jessica his friend’s mother had a locket with his friend’s picture in it when he was a baby. She used to show it to all of his friend’s girlfriends. Jessica likes that idea. She says the mother always got to wear her child close to her heart. Jessica tells Nash that she needs to meet Antonio soon. They are going to Angel Square with Bree. Nash tells her to have fun. Jessica feels bad for Nash and invites him to come along. She remembers how Nash was in the hospital by himself last Christmas. Nash refuses. Jessica leaves. Claudia comes to Nash’s table with hot cider. They drink to better times. Claudia asks if something happened. Nash states they were looking at baby photos. He gets an idea and leaves to see about a locket.

Meanwhile, Vincent asks a female deputy at the police department about the warehouse fire. Antonio states the department has been busy and accuses Vincent of arson. Vincent states he would not kill an employee and someone is out to get him. Antonio says they will get information from the fire department if the fire was arson. Vincent sees Antonio as his enemy and tells Antonio he may be ignoring him because of this. Antonio states he will pretend not to hear Vincent if he threatens him. Antonio tells the deputy to make a list of people Vincent “pissed off.” Information comes into the police department that the fire was arson. Vincent states his insurance policy lapsed and he had no reason to start the fire. The deputy is to take Vincent’s statement. Antonio says Merry Christmas to Vincent and leaves. He also tells Vincent the deputy will treat him fairly.

Bo and Clint visit Spencer in the hospital. Spencer is handcuffed to the bed. They state they have a message to Asa. Spencer is to leave the Buchanan’s alone. Clint reminds Spencer about how he once thought he was a Buchanan. Bo tells Spencer he would like to testify as to his saneness. Spencer says that Asa will pay for what he did to his mother. Bo tells Spencer to give up and threatens him. Spencer becomes very angry. Bo and Clint laugh at his frustration.

In the hospital, Todd gets on the phone and yells at the hospital operator. He is upset because he got booted out of ICU. Marty tells him he may have been booted out because he was yelling. She then confesses that the physicians are making rounds at this time. Todd tells her the cops held him earlier and he is going crazy. He states this is has been an awful day. He blames Marty because she let Spencer go free. Todd calls her son a drug addict that attacked her daughter. He states his kids are alone tonight because of her. Marty asks Todd if he is ever responsible. Todd becomes a little remorseful and states he lives with what he did to her every day of his life. He admits if someone did that to Starr he would be mad. He states Starr knows he is a rapist. Paige enters and talks to Todd alone. She tells Todd Blair will be okay but she lost the baby. She apologizes. The impact of the fall dislodged the placenta, and Blair is now in the ICU. Todd is tearful. Paige states Blair was in her fourth month of pregnancy and the baby was a boy. Todd tells her that one of his sons is lost and he just lost a second one. He breaks down a little. He believes he is paying for his sins. He states he should feel lucky he has two kids. Paige tells him that Blair does not know. They will keep her sedated for one more day. Todd prepares to go to ICU. He looks up to heaven and states, “Sorry, little man.”

Cristian calls Evangeline and tells her to come to Angel Square. He states she can do something but she has to hurry. Most of the cast from today is seen in Angel Square. Evangeline, Lindsey, and Marcie are to assist Cristian. He wants to show the people in the community a good time and help them. Evangeline and Marcie sing “The Christmas Song.” Clothing donations and toys are collected. During the singing, Spencer is seen struggling in his bed, and Todd is seen sulking. The tree in Angel Square is lit. Bo is seen giving his coat to charity.

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