One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/21/06


Written By Glynis
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"Well it is a very different style you have now," Lindsay says of Cristian's painting. He has used his 'other' hand to do the painting, so of course it looks different from the work that he used to do. "I can't sell it Cristian…I am sorry."

"Sorry I'm late," Nora says sitting with Evangeline in a booth. Evangeline was thinking about Cristian and how she can make him have a great year next year. "Ask him to marry you," Nora suggests.

Nash stops at the bar with his presents that he has just bought shopping. Claudia is there and she sees that Nash has nothing for her in his bags. Jessica enters and stops when she sees the two together.

Vincent comes to the police station and gets on the wrong side of the lady cop he has to talk to when he first enters. He doesn't think that she can do anything for him. He wants to talk to a Buchanan, or a Vega. They are not around though, so she offers to talk with him. Vincent grabs the woman's arm to get across how serious he is. Antonio comes out and asks Vincent if the fire is one of his crazy schemes.

Clint and Bo go to see Spencer in his hospital room. "we have a message for you. It is from our father."

Todd is upset that he has been removed from the area where Blair is. He gets on the phone and shouts that he is a member of the board of the hospital and that he wants to know why he isn't allowed to see Blair. Marty comes in behind him. "Maybe it is because you are out of control?" Todd turns to find Marty standing there.

Todd explains that he is angry because he can't get in to see Blair. Marty explains how things work at the hospital. She works there and knows what the rules are. She asks about why the cops were holding him. "That was because of Spencer Truman. Your favorite client. This is all because you decided to get back by letting Spencer go free."

"Our father would have liked to have been here but he wasn't strong enough." Spencer is back to normal. He is chained to his bed and he rants that he is going to heal, he is going to get out of there and then he will finish what he started. Clint doesn't care where Spencer ends up. "You can't touch us anymore." Bo knows that this could be their last conversation with the man. "Asa is going to pay for what he did to her. I guarantee it," Spencer vows.

"It sucks and I should have known it," Cris realizes. He should have tried to sell the stuff that he was working on before he got hurt. His stuff would be worth something by now. The stuff that the puts out now is the equivalent to the velvet pictures they sell on the street. Cris just needs a way to make a living. "Let's have some egg nog and talk about this some more?" Cris wants to get going. He leaves.

"I am sorry to say that Evangeline. It is just the coma. I tend to live each day as if it is my last," Nora explains. Evangeline doesn't think that she is at the point where she should be thinking about marrying Cris. Nora thinks that there is nothing to think about. "Nora," Evangeline starts. "Do you think that he is going to ask me to marry him?"

Jessica explains to Nash why she has more gifts. She went shopping to get Bree some more things. She looked under the tree and didn’t feel that there were enough presents under there. "Well, why shouldn't she get twice as many presents? I mean, she has two daddies and two mommies right?" Nash and Jessica stare at Claudia silently. Surprised by what she has said. "What?" Claudia asks. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Do you really think that I would kill an employee of mine?" Vincent asks Antonio. Antonio remembers what Vincent did to his brother and tells that Vincent is capable of more than he thinks. Antonio tells that there will be an investigation and if there is evidence that there was wrongdoing then he will be notified. "Do you have any enemies?" the lady cop asks. "Yeah, you can start with Detective Vega and his brother.

Bo tells Spencer that if he tries to hurt anyone else he will be stopped. Bo has a forceful tone to his voice when he says this.

"The problem is that it looks like Spencer is insane but he really isn't." Marty tells that she examined Dr. Truman and found him insane. Todd shouts that Marty doesn't even know her own son! "My kids are spending Christmas tonight wondering if their mother is alive and knowing that their father might go to jail." She wonders if he has ever been responsible for anything in his whole life.

"How much have you had to drink tonight?" Claudia says that she hasn't had anything. Jessica knows that Antonio has a soft spot for Claudia but she doesn't. She decides to eat in peace across the room. She leaves. Nash asks how Claudia is doing and she tells that this is the first Christmas she will be spending without her father.

"Hey! I know you. You are that fighter. I heard that the commission changed their mind about you," some kid in the street says after stopping Cristian in the street. Cris nods his head to confirm who he is. talks to the kid for a bit. He seems to think of Cris as some type of hero for working hard and getting somewhere in life. "I'll see you around," the kid says as he starts walking off. "Wait." Cristian says to the kid. "Is that the warmest coat you got?" The kid denies it at first but then admits that it is all that he has to protect himself from the cold. "Come with me," Cristian tells the kid. They walk off together.

"I know that he was crazy, but he was my dad," Claudia says. She knows that she acts out and she is sorry. She knows that she should go to a meeting and take her anger out on strangers. Nash tells her that she shouldn't take her anger out on anyone. Nash goes over to Jessica and sits with her. Jessica isn't angry with Claudia. She knows that she is right about Bree having a handful for a mother. Nash knows that Bree isn't going to care about all this stuff. "She has a wonderful mom who takes really great care of her." He touches Jessica's hand. Claudia is behind them and sees the touch. She rolls her eyes.

Lindsay comes over to Nora and Evangeline's table and tells that Cristian was there at her studio trying to sell his stuff earlier and things didn't go well. "I am really worried about him Evangeline," Lindsay says.

Cristian gets the kid to stay outside in the open with a bucket. He leaves to make a few calls. He has a plan.

"Officer Sahid, could you call the fire department and get the report please for the fire at Mr. Jones' building?" Antonio asks of the lady cop. "Also get a list of people who Mr. Jones has probably pissed off."

Clint and Bo have spent enough time with this dirt bag and they leave. Spencer pulls himself to a sitting position and throws his plastic cups at the door as the Buchanans exit. "You sons of bitches!"

Todd is explaining to Marty how things have gone horribly wrong in his life recently, and how Starr seems to be suffering for that when she isn't responsible. Paige comes into the room. She has news. Blair is okay and out of surgery, but the baby didn't make it. Todd turns away from both women and hangs his head.

Jessica shows Nash copies of Bree's photos. She made copies for Nash to keep. He has to start saving keepsakes. Jessica has been doing that and has lots of stuff. Antonio calls Jessica and Nash is quiet while she talks. "You are going to love what I bought you Antonio." Nash looks up at Jessica's face when he hears that.

"I just feel so bad for Cris," Evangeline says after hearing what happened earlier at the studio. "You know you are looking pretty good for someone who has been in a coma for a year," Lindsay snaps. "I guess that I am just a lucky lady," Nora responds.

Evangeline gets a call and moves from the table. It is Cristian. She tells him that she already heard how his visit to Lindsay's studio went and she is really sorry that happened.

"I will leave you two alone," Marty says walking out. Turns out that the placenta was dislodged from the fall. Blair is in ICU but things look good. Todd didn't even know about the baby until the accident. The pregnancy was only just confirmed. The fetus was in its fourth month. "It was a little boy," Paige shares. "I'm sorry." Todd chuckles. "So…one son of mine is lost or dead and I have just lost the second. That's fantastic. Well…I.. I was about to say that there's more than one way to pay for your sins."

"The report says that the fire was deliberately set," Officer Sahid says. Antonio wonders if Ted set this fire himself. Vincent doubts that. Antonio's unit can handle this now. Officer Sahid will have to finish taking Vincent's statement. "I am going to head out now." Antonio tells Officer Sahid goodbye. "This office will treat you fairly Vincent. I promise," Antonio says.

"How about I drop Bree off tomorrow so that you can see her for Christmas," Jessica says. She has to get going now. There is going to be a little Christmas celebration. "You wanna come?" Nash is getting used to being alone. Jessica leaves. Claudia comes right over with hot cider that isn't even spiked. They drink to 'Better Times'. "I am suddenly filled with Christmas spirit," Claudia says. Nash ignores her. "Could you wait here for a minute? Are the stores closed yet?" Claudia thinks that the stores are still open and he goes running out.

Marcie, Evangeline and Lindsay all meet Cris outside and he tells them that he knows that he can't paint but he is still an artist and he can still do some type of art. "We are going to show these people out here a good time," he promises.

"I didn't plan either of these kids," Todd says while talking to Paige about his deceased son. Paige tells him that Blair will need to be with him but not now. Blair will be sedated for another day or so. Todd thinks how they thought that this was initially a brain tumor. He wishes that he had handled things now. "You can't second guess yourself Todd. Just go up to the ICU and be with her." Todd thanks her for her help. Todd watches her walk away. "I am sorry little man…I am sorry," Todd says quietly.

The show starts…Evangeline sings. A crowd gathers to hear her sing and then Marcie joins in. Antonio and Jessica are there with their baby, and soon Michael arrives as well. Cristian watches proudly as he stands by the angel statue.

Nash returns. He has a hand puppet which he tickles Claudia's nose with…Spencer is having a miserable time in his room in the dark…Todd is still in deep thought alone at the hospital. Marty comes in and sees him but she says nothing and just leaves…At the part, Bo arrives and during the final notes of Marcie and Evangeline's song…The park lights up. The crowd oohs and aahs… "Merry Christmas…To You," Evangeline and Cristian croon out before running to their partners and kissing them…

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