One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Here you go, Merry Christmas!" Adriana says. Adriana gives a charity Santa a donation and sits on a park bench. Rex finds her and they sit and have hot chocolate. Her mood is dark right now and Rex knows why. Her mother tried to give her money… She doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Rex has bought another Christmas gift for Tommy. "It is fun buying for him." He is just a bad wrapper. She jokes that he has lousy hands. He takes her to a corner to prove that he doesn't.

"I tell ya, I am stone cold sober!" a man shouts as he is being dragged off to a jail cell at the police station after having talked with Antonio. Vincent is at the station and he talks to Antonio now about Ted getting killed in the fire at one of his buildings. "I want a full investigation done." Cristian and Evangeline are there and sit in the background. Layla arrives and tells Vincent that she heard that someone was killed in his building due to the fire. Vincent is angry and wants to know who did this. "My friend Ted was murdered!"

"How is the pain?" Natalie asks John. John tells her that it is there but it will all be worth it if he can get out of the hospital that day… He is determined to get out of that place.

Spencer is having his operation done. Michael's co-worker is worried that Michael will not be able to handle this operation and that something may go wrong.

"The fetus can't survive, not unless we can save the mother," one of the nurses who works on Blair says. Her operation is underway as well and the medics work furtively to save her life and the baby.

Starr talks to Bo when Dorian arrives frantic. She got the call that something was terribly wrong with Blair and she wants all the details now. Todd walks up in cuffs. "Is it true that Blair had a DNA test and that the baby she is carrying is mine?"

Vincent has had his building taken care of and there isn't any reason for it to go up in flames. Cristian and Evangeline are at the station and Cristian steps forward to say that he thinks that Vincent did this himself.

Michael gets to work. He is a professional and will do his job if his peers would only let him. He barks out orders to the others so they can get to work. "I want him to live!" Michael says.

Dorian confirms that Blair is carrying Todd's baby. Starr is thrilled and goes to her father to be with him. Dorian wants to find out more about the accident. Todd says that he wasn't responsible for what happened to Blair but Bo has no one else that he can hold responsible for this. Todd didn't mention that Spencer was at the crime scene. Not in his 911 call, nor in when at the crime scene with the ambulance attendants.

"You are not getting out of here," Natalie tells John. He is determined to get out of there. "If you want to help me, get me the pen. I have to start limbering up my fingers. You can get the pen now for me, or I will get it myself." She gets the pen. He wants to know what the doctors are saying. She tells that the doctors think that he will be getting out of there sooner rather than later. A nurse comes in and tells that John should get some rest now. He would prefer to watch TV, but that isn't allowed due to the stress that might be caused. John refuses to take his pain medication and that freaks Natalie out. She tells that she will talk to her uncle and find out what is going on for him but in the meantime, she wants him to take his pills. "Now take it!" John swallows the pills as ordered.

"He probably did this crime to report it to insurance," Cris says. Antonio seems to be buying the line of thinking, but not after Vincent tells that he didn't have insurance on the building. "My money's been kind of tight lately." Vincent thinks that maybe Cris did this. He hated Ted. Cristian says that he got his revenge when he beat Ted out. Antonio tells Vincent to go home and he will get a call if anything else turns out. "Outstanding!" Vincent says. "The boys in blue are so anxious to help a guy like me!"

"I think that you should go home and wait there for news about Blair," Bo says. Starr won't go. She wants to be there with her dad and mother. Bo finally agrees to this for the family and even lets Starr and Blair go to the chapel for prayer. Adriana and Rex arrive and are stunned to learn that Blair is pregnant.

Cole and his mother discuss the idea of Todd pushing Spencer off the roof. "Anything is possible with Todd," Marty says.

Paige is watching the operation through a window outside the room. A nurse brings the tools that Michael has requested for the operation. Michael gets his equipment ready and they go in to do the surgery and save Spencer Truman's life.

"McBain," Vincent says. "How you doing?" John tells Vincent that he is doing fine. Vincent was pissed off and driving around and he ended up there. "I used to visit my friend Hugh here…I just needed to talk." Vincent tells how one of his employees was killed in a fire that night. It was in one of his buildings, down by the docks. "I was going to convert that place into million dollar lofts." John finds that to be tough luck. "Now I have to face the guy's family and explain and now no one at the police station is taking me seriously. It was arson." Vincent hasn't got any proof but he plans on getting it. "Investigators think that you torched the place yourself to get insurance money," John figures. Vincent tells how he didn't have insurance. John sees that the man wants his help…

At the police station, Antonio and the others discuss if Vincent could have done this…Especially with nothing to gain.

Cole wants to go and be with Starr. She has been in the chapel for a long time.

Starr asks her dad if he will pray with her for her mother. "I don't do prayer," Todd tells her. She tells him that he better pray that she prays well enough for the both of them. "Dear God…My family's in trouble. Not just my mom but my baby sister or brother too. Jack and I we need our mom and dad…And my dad…I don't know…what he would do without my mom…"

The operation on Blair continues…

"Is it true what Spencer said? That you pushed him off the roof?" Starr asks her father. Todd says that Spencer is responsible for what happened to Spencer. "Then I believe you," Starr says. She leaves the chapel.

The baby is hanging on for its life but just barely. Paige enters the room to ask how things are going but things are still up in the air.

"I want you to help me to get Vega to take me seriously." John feels that there may be a lot of people who would want to see the man's investments go up in smoke. "So tell you boys to handle it McBain, Or I might go and get a little help from a forensics expert that I know…"

Todd sees Blair through a window and he tries to go in there but he is stopped by a nurse who cautions him. He thinks about Blair and how she always believed that he loved her. Even when he was on death row, she knew that he loved her. He can almost hear her saying it to him now. "I love you Blair…I need you to come back to me," Todd says now quietly. He looks back at the window and sees the staff working on Blair…trying to save her life.

"You need a publicist Cris or no one will know how wonderful you are as an artist," Evangeline says. She, Layla, Antonio and Cristian have just gone to look at one of his windows that he has done. He is trying to get his weak hand to do the work that the strong hand used to do. Cristian and Evangeline hug. "That is what we all need," Evangeline thinks quietly.

"Natalie is too smart. She sees through people like you," John tells Vincent. Vincent tells how he heard what happened in court and he is sorry for that. "Natalie told me that you and your old man were close. Not like me and my old man. There was someone else…Not my father, but he used to let me ride with him when he used to take care of business." John has to wonder now if this 'business' might have something to do with Vincent's building getting torched. John sees that Vincent doesn't give up much. Vincent sees that John is the same. "that is all that we have in common," John says. Natalie returns. "What are you doing here?" John says that Vincent was just leaving. Vincent leaves.

"I want to know what happened with Truman," John tells. Natalie stalls answering John's question so he shouts at her to tell him what's been happening with Truman!

Paige comes to give the family an update. There really isn't anything to report right now. Both Spencer and Blair are holding on. Starr tells her father that he should go now. She will stay with Dorian. "Keep your punk son away from my daughter, okay?" Todd asks Rex. He gets on the elevator with the police now. Dorian wants to take Starr home but she will not go. Cole tries to follow Starr when she walks off but Rex gets in his way. "You heard what her father said!" Rex says.

Blair is still having work done on her, but Michael has finished his operation. "I am telling you," he says to Paige. "Spencer is out of the woods, but this is one time when I wish that my patient wasn't."

In the operation room, Blair is still under and having her operation done.

"You are sad now but you are better off without Vincent," Evangeline tells her sister. She knows that her sister will find a good man cause she is the most beautiful thing that her sister has ever seen. Antonio and Layla walk off now. "How about we go to my house and you let me warm you up?" Evangeline suggests. Cristian likes that idea. He throws her over his shoulder and carries her screaming to her house.

Vincent watches John and Natalie through the window to John's room and can tell that he and John have more than one thing in common it seems.

John is angry to hear that Michael saved Spencer again. The crazy bastard lives after having killed their father.

Spencer starts coming out of unconsciousness and Paige and Michael are standing over him. "I made it?" Michael confirms that he did. "My baby…" Michael tells that Blair isn't out of her surgery yet. "One thing we do know though is that the baby isn't yours," Paige says.

Dorian sees Marty and goes over to give her a piece of her mind. "You should have just stayed out of town. Without you, none of this would have happened!" Starr wants to go back to the chapel and off she marches. Rex and Adriana decide to go with her. "I will come too," Dorian says but Adriana tells her no. Dorian stays alone and finds an empty corner when she sits and says a short prayer on her own.

Todd hasn't anything to say to Bo about the accident. He can only think about Blair right now. He can't believe that Bo is worried about this other stuff. "I am worried about Blair," Bo says. "Everyone who knows about Blair is worried about her and the baby."

At the hospital, Blair is saved but as far as the baby goes…Nothing more is said…

"Come on Todd," Bo says. "I really need a statement from you about all this." Todd will give him a statement. "Here…Write this down. If anything happens to Blair or that baby…Truman will be finished!"

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