One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Blair is in that room fighting for her life and I am not about to leave her now Bo. You will have to shoot me," Todd tells Bo. Bo says that he can arrange that if need be. Blair is taken of to go to surgery. "Don't worry about me," she tells Todd. "Save my baby."

Antonio and Jessica are trying to make love but the phone keeps ringing. Finally Antonio answers the phone. Jessica goes to the window and sees Nash and Layla outside walking around.

"This was fun tonight," Layla says laughing with her date. She is glad that they decided to be friends after all . He hopes that they can be friends with benefits. They both laugh at his comment, and hug…Jessica sees the hugging from her window.

"Don't you know how to wrap presents?" Adriana asks Rex as they sit on the floor with the gifts. Rex gets his godson Tommy an electric guitar that has to be wrapped. Rex wonders now if he did the right thing. She understands and is just glad that he told her what he was up to. "There is something else that I have to tell you Adriana, and you are not going to like it."

"I need to get home, would you be willing to drive me there?" Starr asks Marty. Marty tells Starr that she just needs to check on something first. She leaves the table and moves to a quiet corner. Starr is starting to get the feeling that something is the matter. Cole hasn't any idea…Marty makes a call asking about who it was that was brought into the emergency a short while ago.

Blair tells Todd that she is pregnant and worries about the baby. "Is it mine, or Truman's?" he asks.

"Dorian set up someone to offer you money to set up your business," Rex tells Adriana. "That meddling bitch!" she shouts.

Jessica continues to watch Nash and Layla from her window. They hear the sirens of the ambulances and wonders what is going on, but still they walk along together.

Antonio gets off the phone and goes to his bride. "I have to go back out. Duty calls," he tells her. He promises to make this up to her twice when he gets back. "Make it three times and you have a deal," she says. She kisses him and he leaves. She wants to go look out the window again but the baby starts crying…

Marty gets the information and hangs up. "Mom, what's wrong?" Cole is behind her. Marty goes over to Starr and tells that Blair is in the ER and that she fell off a roof. "Your dad is with your mom and he is taking care of her." Starr has to get over there right away. Marty will pay the check and take Starr over there. Cole hugs his friend.

Blair is wheeled off. Michael tells that he has to do this surgery or Blair could possibly bleed out on the inside. He follows Blair's gurney out. Bo starts walking to Todd again. Todd tells the man that his family is on the line right now. "Blair's pregnant!" Bo had no idea. Spencer is laying nearby on his stretcher and he overhears Todd talking to Bo. "Blair's pregnant? Then we're gonna have a family," Spencer says.

"Thanks for seeing me home," Layla says. Nash really didn't have anything else to do. She likes that Nash made her feel good that night. Vincent made her feel the same way but he really wasn't good for her anyway. "You are a wonderful girl…Don't let anyone tell you any different." She reminds him that he promised her wine lessons. They both spit in their palms and shake on it. Layla knows that Jessica must really care about Nash to set him up on a date. Nash wonders if Jessica feels guilty that she isn't Tess. Layla doesn't care why Jessica did it. She is just glad that she has a new friend. "Just give me a call when you want to have the wine lessons." It's a deal. He asks for her number. He has a pen, but no paper. Therefore, he offers his palm for her to write the number.

"I am not gonna let her get away with this," Adriana spouts. Rex points out to Adriana that this is her money, so maybe she should let Dorian pay it back. Adriana feels that taking Dorian's money now from a middleman makes things no better. "What's going on now?" Adriana asks as she comes into the house. When she hears that Dorian was the one who wanted to back the company she shouts at Adriana that this is free money. "This is exactly what we need to get the company going!"

Cristian and Evangeline are out together. They talk about Truman and how Evangeline is creeped out by Spencer being out there somewhere. "I hope that Todd isn't involved in this." Cristian is sure that Todd is. Evangeline knows that Todd has a lot of reasons for wanting to hurt Spencer, but she hopes that Todd did nothing.

"I got to tell Blair how happy I am that we are going to have a baby," Spencer smirks from his gurney. Todd's face turns lethal and it is a good thing that Bo is there to stand before him and stop him from taking the couple of steps over to the man to fix his wagon again. "Dad! Dad!" Starr shouts running in. "Where's mom? Is she going to be alright?" She looks up into her father's face frantic with worry.

Cristian and Evangeline make their coffees and talk about Christmas. Evangeline will be staying in town while Layla will be heading home to the family. "She is so over Vincent. I talked to her earlier and she was going on a date with Nash Brennan." Cristian spits out some of his coffee. Evangeline worries that Nash may be on the rebound but then again so is Layla. "Anyway, anyone is better for Layla than that damn Vincent Jones…" Vincent suddenly appears at the table. "You wouldn't be talking about this 'damn' Vincent Jones now would you?"

Jessica is in her car with the baby in the backseat. She is showing the tot the Christmas lights. She sees a familiar face. "Nash!" Jessica says pulling up. He asks what she is doing there. She tells that she was driving the baby around to get her to sleep. "She was cranky." Nash is walking because he had a few drinks and shouldn't be drinking. "Where's Layla?" Jessica asks. "I just took her home," Nash explains. He accepts her offer for a ride and tells Jessica that he had a very, very good time with Layla that night.

Blair has been prepped for surgery. She can't stop talking "I have to talk to Todd. I have to tell him that I am pregnant with his child…"

Out in the hall, Starr wants answers. She demands to know what is going on. Spencer is being wheeled on the elevator now. "She's pregnant!" Spencer shouts as the doors are closing. "She's pregnant with my child!" Starr turns in horror to her father. "Is that true?" Todd can't answer.

He is angry with Bo for leaving Starr with Cole and his mother. Bo felt that it was okay. Todd comes up with a story that puts all the blame on Spencer for what happened to Blair. "He dragged her off the roof," he says. "They were up there and he pulled her off." All that Bo wants to know is if Todd knew that Spencer was there when the EMT workers arrived. Todd did know that. "Then not telling anyone is 'Attempted Murder' reveals.

"I am sorry that you just heard what I said. We were talking about Layla," Evangeline shares with Vincent. Cristian tells Vincent to leave the girl alone. "She just had a date and one never knows where that may leave," Evangeline says. Vincent laughs. He ran into John and tells that he is looking real good and coming alone. Evangeline finds it hard to believe that this thug was visiting John. Vincent was picking up pictures of Hugh. "john wanted to talk to me…man to man…" Cristian guesses that this had something to do with Natalie. Vincent finds Cristian's protectiveness of Natalie strange. "What's up with you? I thought that we made peace," Vincent says to Cristian.

Shaun comes over and tells Vincent that his property down by the dock is going up in flames… Cristian overhears the conversation.

Adriana disagrees with Layla on this. She remembers how she almost got Rex killed. "she probably wants to use the company to find a way to get Rex killed now." Layla didn't know all this. She would like Adriana to find a way to forgive her mother. "She is your mother. Can't you find a way to give her that much?"

"I asked her to marry me," Nash says. "WHAT?" Jessica says freaking out. Nash was only kidding and tells Jessica that he caught her. "You know Jessica, you crossed the line. Your heart is in the right place but I don't want, nor do I need your pity." He talks about Layla and how he is going to see her again. "That's terrific," Jessica says.

"I don't remember Bo! It was total chaos!" he tells Bo when the man pushes him for an answer as to whether he let Spencer rot while the ambulance drove away. "She is definitely pregnant," Michael tells Todd. Todd begs that Bo let him stay out of jail. "He won't leave…not when my mother is so sick," Starr promises. Michael will let Todd see Blair but only for two minutes. Starr is upset that she can't go in as well, but Michael promises that when Blair is in recovery, she can go and see her mother then.

She walks off upset and Cole follows her. Michael can't stay to talk to Bo now. "I am assisting in Spencer's surgery," he tells Bo as he walks off. "I don't think so," Marty says walking up.

Jessica pulls up to Nash's place. "Home sweet hotel…" Nash thanks Jessica for the lift. She didn't really mind. He had a fantastic time that night. He turns to the backseat and rubs Bree's head telling her to get some sleep. "I will see you tomorrow," he says. He gets out of the car and enters the building. Jessica looks in her rear view mirror and sees Bree looking back at her. "What?" Jessica asks her quietly.

"This would be the perfect way for you to pay Spencer back for what he did," Marty tells Michael. "I am a trained professional…so back off!" he snaps at her.

"Everything is so messed up!" Starr tells Cole. Cole thinks that that this may be a bad thing but it could also be a good thing. "This may get your mom and dad back together."

Todd comes to Blair now. He touches her hand. "We have to talk Todd. We have to talk about the baby," she tells him in a small voice.

"One of my buildings is burning down…" Shaun has no idea what is going on. He just got the word. Shaun and Vincent head out. Cristian and Evangeline had no idea that Vincent had buildings. Cristian isn't sure what is going on but he knows that it can't be good.

Adriana storms off in anger and Rex follows her out. Layla calls her sister and Evangeline takes the call in spite of being with Cristian. "My date wasn't a date but it was fun anyway." Evangeline tells that Vincent showed up and Shaun came in talking about one of Vincent's buildings being on fire…

Jessica runs to get the phone before it wakes the baby. It is Antonio. "I was calling to let you know that I am going to be here a while." He thinks that she sounds strange and asks if something is up. "No! Everything is fine here," she says.

The surgery starts and Michael thinks in his mind about what Marty said. "This would be the perfect way to pay Spencer back," Marty said.

"I did a DNA test," Blair shares with Todd. "The baby is yours." Todd breathes a sigh of relief. The nurse comes to take Blair now. "I will be right here," Todd promises. Blair is taken out of there and Todd settles in to wait.

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