One Life to Live Update Monday 12/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Spencer tells Todd that his baby is dead and that he was the one to kill the child. Todd gets angry and rushes the man and they fight. Blair arrives and see the men fighting on the rooftop. She rushes over. In the scuffle, Spencer losing his footing as well as Blair and they both go toppling over the roof. Todd shouts to Blair and almost falls over himself as he watches the two fall.

Roxy has joined Jessica at her table at Capricorn and they both watch as Nash and Layla burn up the dance floor with their sexy moves. Jessica isn't as amused at what she sees. Roxy thinks that they are hot together.

Marty tries to explain to Starr and Cole that she wasn't playing a trick when she gave her assessment of Spencer to the court. She was only doing her job. She really believes that the man is insane.

Todd tries to make his way down to see about Blair and he rushes so that he trips and falls. She lays motionless, not far from Spencer who also lays motionless on the ground. Blair's neck is bent at an awkward angle.

Marcie brings Michael something to eat at the hospital. Soon he is talking about Spencer and how he is getting off easy for killing his father. Marcie knows that things are going to be okay. He marvels at her optimism all the time.

Jessica learns from Roxy that she told Nash to go find someone new not long ago, and so it is only fitting that he is here with someone now. Roxy tells Jessica that she accused Nash of still being in love with her. Jessica asks what Nash's response was. "He said that he was still in love with Tess but that Tess is gone. That is when I told him that he has to find a new chick. You don't have a problem with that do you?" Jessica denies that. She was the one who set Nash up with Layla in the first place. Roxy watches the couple dancing on the floor and finds that Jessica really hit pay dirt when she put those two together.

Antonio comes over for a quick visit with the girls to see how they are doing at their table. They are fine, Jessica says.

Bo comes over and finds it strange to see Cole and Starr together. Marty tells that she and Cole were already there. Bo asks Starr where her parents are. "I believe that if we find your mom and dad, that could lead us to Spencer Truman…"

Blair and Spencer lay motionless. Spencer has awakened and although he can't see Blair and Todd since his head is turned the other way, he hears when Todd arrives and goes to Blair to see if she is okay. "She's dead, Todd. You killed her…"

"…Pushed us off the rooftop Todd. You murdered her," Spencer accuses *** Todd ignores him and gets on the cellphone and calls for an ambulance. "She fell off the roof. Blair! Blair! I don't think that she is breathing! Just get here right now. We have to get her to the hospital!"

Nash and Layla come back to the table all smiles and laughter. She tells that Nash is the worst dancer that she has ever seen. Everyone laughs at the joke but Jessica. Roxy gets her glass of wine and talks about her Merlot as if skilled. Jessica learns that Nash gave her a lesson about wine-tasting. "Would you like to dance again?" Layla asks. He would love it. The pair head to the dance floor. Jessica says that she has to go as the sitter expects them soon. "I used to take Natty to the clubs with me all the time," Roxy says. Jessica stares at her for an uncomfortable couple of seconds before closing her mouth.

"I wonder if your parents know where you are," Bo muses. Starr asks what he means. "She should be at Langston's house," she says. Bo offers to take her home then. He is about to leave with her when he gets a call. "I am on my way." Bo takes Marty to the side and tells her that there has been an accident and Spencer might be involved. "Could Starr stay here with you and have dinner?" Marty says that is fine. Bo takes off and Marty goes to Starr and Cole and tells them that they can talk more about Starr's concerns over dinner. Cole finds that strange when his mother said before that she didn't want the kids together.

"You only have minor scrapes Blair, you are going to be fine," Todd says. Spencer starts talking and Todd shouts at the man to shut up! Spencer has now managed to turn his head in Todd and Blair's direction and he sees that Todd is trying to move Blair. "No, don't move her. It's too dangerous." Todd wonders why Spencer would even care. Spencer answers. "I love her, Todd. I love her more than my own life. Can you say the same?"

"Can you say that you love her Todd? Can you say you love her?" Todd ignores Spencer. Todd suddenly picks up a garbage bag and throws it in Spencer's direction. The bag hides Spencer from view. The ambulance arrives and the attendants come to tend to Blair. "Is anyone else hurt," one attendant asks. Todd says 'no'.

Nash wants to hang out with Layla some more but Jessica tells him that Layla came with her in the same car. Nash offers to get Layla home. Jessica sees then that she might as well leave. Roxy loves the Merlot and jokingly tries to buy a case of it. She laughs. She downs the rest of her drink and heads out. "Nighty-night you hunk of burning love," Roxy says on her way out. Antonio leaves to get his and Jessica's coats. "Thank you for tricking me into a wonderful evening," Nash says to Jessica. She wishes the tow a good night and then leaves the area. She turns back once more to see their happy faces.

"I think that we have to go home cause you are getting really sleepy," Marcie says to Tommy. She sees the baby is getting tired. They did a lot of shopping that day. "I am so lucky," Michael says. He has a beautiful wife and wonderful son. Marcie hopes that he never forgets that. Michael tells that he other doctors are jealous that they don't get home-cooked meals delivered like he does. Michael and Marcie kiss. He knows that she and the baby will be sleeping by the time that he gets home. She will try to keep the bed warm for him still… Tommy and Marcie leave.

Michael turns to a nurse and tells that things are unusually slow. "Not for long," the nurse tells. "In two minutes we are getting an accident victim. They say that she is critical."

At the accident scene, Blair is secured on the stretcher and taken to the ambulance for transport. "Is there anyone else hurt here?" An EMT attendant asks. "No," Todd says looking over to where Spencer is laying behind the garbage bags. "You kill my son, so I'll kill you," Todd says under his breath. Spencer is unconscious…or worse.

Antonio and Jessica arrive home and Jessica is short with her answers about how well Nash and Layla got along. "I guess that I don't want Layla to get hurt," she says. "Nash is on the rebound." Antonio has to wonder now why it was that she set Nash up with Layla if this was a huge concern of hers.

Nash teaches Layla all about wines… Their color, their viscosity and smell. "You are a quick study," Nash observes. She can be as long as they are not talking about math. He feels the same way. "It is funny but I haven't' been set up in a long time," Layla shares. The guy was shorter than her and had no sense of humor. They both find that this is really going well. Layla knows that Jessica probably wanted them to be just friends, but this is a great date.

Still Layla isn't ready for a relationship since she just got over Vincent. "I had to break up with him because of what he did to Cristian. It is funny how you can know a person that then they become a totally different person. Foolish me. I thought that he could have been the one. You know what that is like? You care about someone so much and then all of a sudden it is over." Nash knows exactly what that is like.

Bo arrives with a uniform. They both have their guns out. "This is the same place where Margaret had her baby. Todd could have brought Truman here. Spencer could be inside." Bo sends two other cops around back to check there. "commissioner!" Bo comes to see what the problem is. It is Spencer. Bo checks for a pulse.

Blair arrives at the hospital and Michael orders Todd out of the room so that he can get to work. The attendants push Todd out of the way. "I will be right outside," Todd promises the unconscious Blair… Todd is in the hall now and he leans up against the wall as he thinks about what happened. He replays the scene again of Blair and Spencer going over the side of the building.

Todd paces as he waits. He is there when Spencer is brought into the hospital on a stretcher. The man is unconscious.

Starr doesn't eat that much. "I am just really worried now. I have been trying to get in touch with my parents and all I get is voicemail." Marty changes the subject back to why she gave the assessment that she did. "There is no excuse for what your father did but you father wasn't punished. His prison sentence was cut short and so it seems that Todd didn't pay." Marty says that she was upset about that but she has since gotten over that and has moved on. "Dr. Saybrooke…I am sorry," Starr says. "I am sorry for what my dad did to you."

At the hospital, Bo arrives. "Where did Spencer come from?" Todd asks innocently. Bo thinks that Todd knows the answer to that question.

"Where is Todd?" Blair asks when she wakes up. She asks Michael about her baby. "I'm pregnant Michael."

Bo is with Todd in the hall. He isn't sure what happened over at that warehouse, but he is sure that Todd is under arrest for kidnapping Spencer Truman…

"I am sorry if I reminded you of Tess just now," Layla says. Nash is fine with that. She heard how things were really complicated for he and Tess. Nash says that Bree makes everything alright. Layla saw him in the park with his baby and she would have come over but she was in a rush and didn't want to interrupt. He tells her to interrupt next time. Layla asks about Bree getting cranky. Nash laughs. She gets cheery real quick when you do the peek-a-boo thing, he shares. "If you ever need to go out anytime I am a world-class babysitter." He wonders if she really needs this. "I am a single dad with a broken heart and I am not really available." Layla isn't really available either but she would like to hang out as friends if he would like to. She holds up her glass. "To friendship!" He holds up his glass. "To benefits!"

"I didn't think it through. I wanted Nash to finds someone but now I don’t' think that Layla is the right person for him." Antonio sees that she is getting defensive and tells her that she doesn't have to be that way. He would rather that they stop talking about Nash and Layla and concentrate on kisses. He pecks her head all over… "Oh Antonio, I love you so much…"

"It's my father and I am a part of him…What he did was horrible," Starr shares with Cole and Marty. She can't believe that her dad would do something so horrible. She feels very bad for Marty that she had to go through something so humiliating. "I love my dad and nothing will change that. I know that he wasn't always a good person." Marty thanks Marty for what she has said.

"No, no, no Bo. Not now. Blair is in that room fighting for her life. If you don't like that you can shoot me." Bo has the cuffs out and he waves them in Todd's face. "That can be arranged." Bo is about to put the cuffs on Todd's wrists when the door to the examination room opens. "We have to get her to OR." The gurney stops for a moment so that Blair can talk to Todd. "Oh Todd." She whimpers. "What about the baby?" Todd looks up at the doctor and then down at Blair's face again…

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