One Life to Live Update Friday 12/15/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Nash comes into Capricorn looking for Jessica. She said that she wanted to meet him to talk about Bree. He hates that Jessica wants to set him up.

Jessica comes to get Layla. She isn't looking for Adriana. She tells Layla that they are going to go out that night.

…Blair dreams that she is told that the baby isn't Todd's… That frightens her. Dorian comes in the examination room and sees that Blair is just terrified waiting to get the news about whether she is carrying Todd's baby or not.

Todd tortures Spencer, by holding a gun to his chest while in the storage room. Spencer doesn't care. He will not tell Todd where his baby is.

Starr and Langston are in the restaurant and they see that Marty is sitting nearby. Starr blames her for Spencer going free. Langston wants to leave but Starr wants to stay for a while. Langston wonders if she wants to stay to hang out with that pill-pusher son of her. "Hey!" Starr and Langston turn to see Cole standing over them.

Nora finds Marty in the restaurant and sits with her. She asks Marty if she possibly could have made a mistake by misdiagnosing Spencer in court.

Todd sits beside Spencer and tells that he used to fry flies in a glass, in the sun, when he was a kid and he didn't mind the wait. He will do the same with Spencer unless the man tells him where his son is. "Go to hell," is all that Spencer will say. Todd will give him more time to think about this. Todd is going to get home now. He knows that Spencer is thirsty and that he will feel worse real soon. He heads to the door. Spencer fiddles some more with his cuffs behind his back to undo them… "Wait! Okay Todd! I will tell you where your little brat is!" Todd stops.

Blair feels like she is being punished. She has bad luck but she wants her family back. Dr. Chen arrives and addresses Dorian. "I hear that you have been threatening my secretary." Dorian denies that. Dr. Chen knows all that she needs to know about the baby.

Layla has Jessica in the apartment and shows her around. Jessica loves it. Layla shows some of the items that she and Adriana have been creating. "Would you wear that?" Jessica would, at least until Antonio chewed it off her. Layla finds that to be too much information. Layla is suspicious of Jessica suddenly wanting to hang out with her. Jessica says that it is only going to be she, Layla and Antonio…and maybe a friend of hers…a male friend. Jessica tells her that if she doesn't like the man then she can go right home. Jessica's phone rings. Layla goes to get her coat. Antonio asks where Jessica is. She says that she is with Layla. Antonio wants to know what she is up to but she says that she will be there in no time. Layla returns and the girls head out.

Nash is mad that Jessica is in his life and is fixated about fixing him up. Antonio says that Jessica is just worried that he may need a woman in his life. Antonio sees that Jessica is different and six months ago, he would have just waited this out. "Now, I think that it is Tess!" Nash looks at Antonio strangely.

Nash wants to go but Antonio convinces him to stay for a few more minutes. Nash is trying not to be mad at Jessica but he hates that she is trying to fix his life. He turns to leave and Jessica and Layla are there. "So this is your friend?" Nash quickly figures out that the is being set up.

Marty says that she has been checking over her notes to make sure that everything about Spencer is in order. Nora is confused. Why is Marty back there? Marty says that she isn't there because of Todd. She has moved on. Nora doesn't think that moving on is moving back there. Nora has a history with Todd but she was the DA and she didn't have a choice. That isn't the case for Marty. "I am questioning your motivation. You need to be honest with this or your son and clients will not be honest with you. Delusions can be very dangerous Marty. You are all your son has left."

Starr drags Langston to the side and tells her to stop talking about as if she still likes Cole. She wishes that Langston would stop being her mother. Langston points out all the terrible things that Cole is associated with. "You are really falling for him!" Starr says that this is her life and her decisions.

Todd waits to hear the answer about where his son is but Spencer panics and says that he needs the water turned off for a minute. He worries that Todd will kill him when he gets the answers. Todd asks him what kind of deal he wants to make. Spencer says that he would like someone else in there to witness this. "Someone like Blair…" Todd looks down at him and laughs.

"This is just 4 friends catching up." Layla decides to stay and Nash can always decorate his Christmas tree another time…

They all get a table and nothing exciting really happens…

Nash and Layla are not jiving and Antonio and Jessica can see that…

Layla orders a giant salad and Nash makes a joke that she might want some lettuce with that…

Soon Layla and Nash are arguing over movies and she has to go and wash his bad taste off her hands. She leaves the table. Antonio and Jessica tell Nash that he hasn’t been trying to get along very much with Layla. He gets up. "I am going to the bar to have a drink!" he announces, so that Layla won't have to see me enjoying it!"

Blair gets the good news. The hair that she brought in is a perfect match. The baby it Todd's!

Cole heard what Langston said about him and he knows that she is right.

Nora suspects that Marty has it in her head to go after Todd. "Is this about vengeance?" Marty denies that. Nora knows that if Patrick were alive, Marty wouldn't dare come back there and try this case.

Todd tortures Spencer by massaging his head wound with his gun. Spencer is in pain, but what really hurts is when Todd tells him that Blair knows about this and loves the idea. She even suggested that he cut off some of Spencer's body parts. Todd's phone rings. He looks at the display and sees that it is Blair calling. He answers the phone and turns his back on Spencer. She has something to tell him. While Todd's back is turned, Spencer works a little bit more on the cuffs behind his back.

"What it is?" Todd asks Blair. She tells that this is the type of thing that you tell a person in person. Meanwhile, Spencer has worked himself free. He brings his arms out from behind his back and rises to a sitting position. The then get the duct tape quickly from around his body and his ankles. He moves now like a panther to sneak up behind Manning. When he pounces, Todd hasn't got time to get a clue.

"What is it Blair?" Todd asks again. WHACK! Spencer has hit Todd with a chair that breaks into pieces upon impact. Todd falls to the floor and the phone goes flying out of his hand. "I'm pregnant," Blair reveals smiling. Spencer has the upper hand now as Todd lays on the ground helpless. Spencer comes at him again, striking him with a piece of wood nearby.

Layla comes over to Nash and sees that he needs a thread pulled. She makes him remove his jacket and she gets the thread out easily and safely. Nash is impressed. She tells that she and Adriana are opening a business and need financing. Funny he needs financing too. She would like to know how he started out his business. He will have to have a talk with her about that then.

Cole tells that Gabe was the one who sold him the steroids. He thought that the kid was his friend. Cole tells Starr now that she should think herself lucky to have a friend like Langston. He feels that he deserves to be treated badly by his friends. He knows that he put her in a really bad position and from now on he is just going to leave her alone. "She wants to know when what she wants is going to matter."

Marty tells that she misses Patrick everyday. Nora knows that but going after Todd isn't going to make it easier.

Spencer has overpowered Todd and he has the man on the ground subdued. Todd knows that he has been beaten. As Spencer holds Todd to the ground, he picks up the cellphone and smiles. "Hello Blair! It's so nice to hear your voice again. No, Todd can't come to the phone right now but I would be glad to take a message." Blair's face pales as she recognizes the voice on the line.

Antonio thinks that Jessica shouldn't have lied to Nash. He was already upset. "I just wanted to see him smile," she says. Antonio likes Layla but she just broke up with Vincent and might not be ready to date someone else. Manipulating people's lives never works. Jessica feels that she may have blown it but now that Antonio looks, he thinks that maybe they hit pay dirt! Nash and Layla know that Antonio and Jessica are watching and so they play up to them by flirting, or faking it. Antonio tells Jessica that it looks like her plan worked. "Lucky me!" she says.

"I don't want to hurt Todd. I just want to forget about him. I came here because Llanview is my home." Nora knows that Marty isn't tough enough to handle being in the same town as Todd. Nora knows what it is like to be a woman alone with a child. Marty thanks Nora for caring. Nora has to go now but she tells Marty to call her if she ever needs more unsolicited advice.

"What do you want?" Starr knows better what she doesn't want. She doesn't want people making decisions for her. She tells Cole that she doesn't want to be a problem that people feel they have to solve. She worries that her father is going to send her to boarding school because of him. Cole doesn't want to be a problem in her life. She says that she forgives him and it is time that he start forgiving himself. He thanks her for that and kisses her cheek.

Marty is at her table and she sees the teens talking…

"You don't tell anyone anything Blair!" He kicks Todd for emphasis. "What are you doing to him?" Blair asks. Spencer kicks Todd a few times more. "Go to your bank, enter your account and bring me the money right away or else. " He kicks Todd a few times more. "Come to the warehouse. You know where it is!"

Blair starts getting her things together to leave and Dorian appears. She stops her to find out what it is that Blair is doing. She thinks that something is wrong with Todd and his finding out about the baby but Blair tells that isn't the case. He doesn't even know about the baby yet. Blair arranges for her to watch the kids and she will be right back. Dorian asks one more time what it is that she is doing. "I am saving my family!" she shouts on her way out.

Spencer is on top now and he relishes every moment of it. Todd is on the floor but he reaches up and manages to hurt Spencer in the leg. Spencer sees that Todd still has some fight in him. Todd is getting to his feet now. Spencer has lost control of the gun and now struggles to hop out of there. The door is open where Todd entered and so Spencer does his best to go out there without hurting his injured leg. Todd drags himself to his feet and follows. Spencer sees suddenly that he is on a rooftop with nowhere else to go. He turns to Todd and now they face each other.

Nash and Layla return to Antonio and Jessica's table. Antonio leaves to get back to work, and Nash drags Layla to the dance floor.

"This isn't a good idea." Marty has come up behind Cole and Starr. Starr thinks that she talking to Cole isn't as bad an idea as Marty letting Spencer go free.

Up on the roof, Spencer and Todd stare each other down. "Where is my son?" Spencer says that Margaret gave birth to the child and named him TJ, but there was no way that Spencer was going to allow the boy to grow up and be like his father. "So I killed him! He is dead! Yeah! I put him in a plastic bag!" Todd rushes Spencer and the two wrestle man to man. Spencer manages to drag Todd to the

"Todd!" Blair's voice can be heard before she can be seen. When she makes it to the roof and sees what is going on, she rushes to Todd's aide. Spencer is on top of Todd and Todd is weakening. Spencer manages to drag Todd to the edge of the roof and hold him over, threatening to toss him over the side. Blair goes over to the side of the roof where the three are and she starts pulling on Spencer to let go of Todd. She does manage to be an unwelcome distraction and Todd gets some of his footing back. Next, Spencer is on his feet with both Todd and Blair on either side of him fighting him. Todd manages to get Spencer closer to the edge of the roof. Unfortunately, Blair is the closest on to the roof which doesn't seem good. Todd gives Spencer an extra push and he goes over the roof… with Blair going over as well. "Blair!" Todd shouts as he looks over the edge…

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