One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Jessica wrap presents for their daughter. "I love that you are so Christmassy," Jessica says.

Claudia is about to knock on Viki's door. "Woo hoo!" Nash is behind Claudia and sneaks up on her. He can see that she really tied one on the night before by the tired way that she looks.

Rex is at Adriana's place but Adriana isn't there. "I called you to find out who the investor is who wants to invest in Adriana's business," Layla explains. She suspects that it is Vincent doing this but Rex is sure it isn't.

Kelly and Zane get a visit from Dorian and Adriana. They will be leaving soon to be with Kevin in London. Adriana ignores her mother and goes straight for the baby and Kelly. Dorian invites Adriana to have lunch with them. It could be the last time they all have lunch together.

Todd and Blair tell Starr that Spencer has escaped and that no one knows how that happened.

Spencer is still suffered the tortures of dripping water…He hallucinates about his mother on her deathbed and how she asked Spencer to make Asa pay…to make them all pay…. He vows to just do just that. "I will finish everyone of them off." Spencer gets lucid again and starts rubbing his cuffs behind his back to break through the chain.

Adriana goes into the kitchen where her mother is to give Kelly privacy while she feeds the baby. Dorian likes that Kevin and Kelly have found a way to forgive each other. Adriana knows that her mother is going to start trying to get back their relationship. Adriana felt that if Dorian loved her, she wouldn't have left her in Puerto Rico. Dorian tells that she did that to protect her. "No one scared you Dorian You could have found a way to keep me if you wanted to."

Kelly comes into the kitchen now that Zane is asleep. Adriana can't stay. She hugs Kelly goodbye and leaves. "Still no luck Dorian huh?"

Evangeline works under the gun. Bo comes in and sees that her office and staff are buzzing. He is there to ask her to be honest with him. "I bought that you had no idea if Todd was involved with Spencer's escape, but then I remembered that you lied for him before over and over."

Starr worries that Spencer is going to come after them. Todd is sure that will not happen. She now knows why there are 8 million cops in cars downstairs. Blair sends Starr to change so they can go and see Kelly and the baby.

Blair knows that this can't go on any longer. She goes to the phone but Todd is on her and stops her from dialing.

Claudia tells Nash that she is at the house to drop off Antonio's receipts. Nash tells that he is there to see Bree. She finds it funny that he gets to see Bree anytime that he wants. "The Nash that I used to know would have done anything to get Tess back and live in this big house." That was the old Tess but she is gone.

The door opens and Jessica comes out. "Hey! I thought I heard voices out here."

Dorian will miss Kelly but she will be very happy for her. Kelly sees that Dorian has changed. She has. She understands now that she can't change things. Rex arrives and tells Dorian that she hasn't changed. "Why are you trying to change Adriana's life…again?"

Layla and Adriana sit at their sewing machines and whip up some underwear. Layla learned to sew in college and Adriana learned to do it from the nuns. Adriana talks about her mother and how she never gave any support. Layla stands up and holds a bra in front of her. "If you want to see support, you should just look at this baby!"

Evangeline wouldn't help Todd with this. She wants Spencer in a mental institution getting shock treatment or whatever it is that they do in there. "What I want is justice, and so I want no part in vigilantism or lynch mobs." Bo asks if Evangeline has spoken to Todd, and he learns that the two haven't spoken for a while now. She knows that he is trying to work things out with Blair and she doesn't think that Todd would jeopardize that. At least she thinks that is what she thinks.

Blair tries to make Todd see that they can't let this happen. They have to stop this fiasco with Spencer right away. They can't risk losing everything. Especially now. "What do you mean by 'especially now'" Spencer asks.

Jessica explains that the reason why they have such a big tree is because the kids kept making decorations every year and now they need a big tree to accommodate that. Claudia watches skeptically as Nash and Jessica walk off together to see the baby. Claudia hands Antonio his receipts from the club. He can tell that she has a problem. She looks tired. He senses that something is wrong. He asks if she is drinking. She thought that she could have one but she couldn't. "The truth is that I wake up in the morning and all that I can think about is having a drink. I am such a loser and you have every right to fire me." Antonio gives her a hug instead.

Dorian denies that she would try to ruin Adriana's life. Rex knows that Dorian is trying to shape it though. He tells how there is someone who wants to invest in Adriana's company. "Don't play me Dorian. You are doing this okay?" She admits it. She wants to make sure that her daughter realizes all of her dreams. She had a holding company set up so that she could donate money to companies anonymously. Rex understands. He thinks that Dorian expected Adriana to figure out where the money came from and forgive her mother. Dorian admits that she is desperate.

Adriana tells Layla how things went at Kelly's place earlier that day. "She got all misty and said that she loves me…" Adriana prefers when Dorian is fighting with her, but now she is after Adriana, telling her that she loves her and Adriana can't stomach that. she knows that if she forgets about this, Dorian will go back to being Dorian and will think that she has gotten away with this. Layla reminds Adriana that you only get one mother. "My mother is Ramona."

Todd knows that the cops are probably just going to tail him if he leaves the penthouse. He sees no real danger here. Blair knows that they could get in serious trouble for what they are doing and she wants this stopped. Todd says that Spencer will be fine where he is. He will check up on him from time to time. Blair wonders how that is going to happen with the cops following him everywhere. ***Evangeline calls Todd. "If our friendship meant anything to you Todd, I want you to level with me…Do you know what happened to Spencer?"

Todd says that he is sick of Spencer screwing up and he getting blamed for it. Evangeline tells that Bo thinks that he is the one that did this. Todd isn't surprised. Evangeline hopes that Todd isn't testing their friendship with all this. "I still care about you Evangeline." Blair looks upset over that. Todd thanks Evangeline for caring for him some of the time and hangs up.

The kids come down and Blair leaves with them to see Kelly and Zane. Todd goes to the address book and calls the Governor's Office…

Dorian vows to take care of her daughter whether she likes it or not. Dorian tells Rex that someday there is going to be a woman who will be foolish enough to bear his children and when that happens, he will understand what she is going through. "You are going to tell her aren't you?" Rex is only going to protect her…She finds that no different than what she is doing. Rex leaves.

Kelly comes in. Dorian wonders where Blair and the children are. If they don’t get there soon, they are going to miss saying goodbye to Kelly and Zane.

Layla pins a bra on a dummy and Adriana loves it. Layla asks what Adriana will be doing for Christmas and she tells that she will be visiting with friends and family but she won't be with her mother. Layla will be going to see her folks, but she might stay to be with Evangeline. "If you stay, then we can get a lot of pieces together and show them to everyone and my mother will be jealous and it will bother her that I got along without her." Layla hates this. "Don't do that. it is okay to stay away from your mother but don't try to get back at her…I mean it." Adriana agrees to behave.

"I am not going to fire you," Antonio says. The receipst that he gets every night now are double because of her. She finds him so nice to her. He wants her to get with her sponsor and stop hanging around afterwards. He doesn't want her to spoil her talent with alcohol.

Nash and Jessica come downstairs, and she asks if he and Claudia came there together. He tells that this was a total coincidence. She remembers that he slept with her once. "Look, she has backed off and I don't really want to cause any trouble for her." The baby cries and Nash goes upstairs.

Claudia comes out of the sitting room and Jessica tells Claudia that Nash is off limits. She knows that Claudia wants to make things all better for Nash and that ain't gonna happen. Claudia tells Jessica that the only woman that Nash wants is that crazy chick inside her. Jessica stops her from leaving by grabbing her arm and Claudia says that she knows what this is all about. Jessica says that she has been trying to set Nash up with someone else who is really worthy of him. Claudia feels that is just to deflect suspicion.

Bo goes to Evangeline and tells her that Todd has called the Governor to complain about the police tailing him. He can't understand why Todd would go to all the trouble to do that.

Spencer is still dealing with the periodic water dripping on his face and the cuffs behind his back. He fights to break the bonds that hold him but it hasn't happened. He immediately stops moving. The door opens to the right of him. Todd appears. "Hey Spence…How ya doing?" He moves closer to the man who says nothing in response.

Antonio comes out and finds the two girls together. It's smiles all around. Nash comes down as well. He turns to the door to get going. "Wait!" Jessica has a surprise for Nash. Antonio has to go and he leaves. Jessica tells Nash that it is time to get him dating. "Tell us…What is your type?"

Adriana tries on one of the bras over her T-shirt while Layla pins it. Rex arrives and Adriana tells that she went to say goodbye to Kelly that day. She saw Dorian there and every time that she sees Dorian it reminds her how much she is glad to be rid of her.

Blair and the kids finally arrive and they all have a toast with Dorian to Kelly's good fortune. Jack wants to hold the baby and so Kelly brings him over to a proper seat so he can visit with the child. Blair gets a call. Dr. Chen wants to see her. "This just has to be Todd's baby," Blair says.

Spencer is willing to deal. Todd wants to know what happened to his son. Where he is…Who has him… Spencer says nothing. Todd puts his ear near Spencer's face, but Spencer starts laughing and says nothing. Even when Todd puts his gun to Spencer's chest, all that Spencer can do is chuckle…

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