One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/12/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Tell me what the jury decided." Natalie tells John to go to sleep but he will not do that. He wants answers about Spencer's fate. Cris arrives for a visit and hopes that he hasn't come at a bad time. John asks about the trial. "You can't blame Evangeline." Natalie tells John that Spencer's not going to jail for his crimes.

"This baby has to be Todd's." Blair hopes and prays that the child that she is carrying is his. Blair tells Dorian that if this baby is Todd's, it will be the best Christmas present he ever got.

"This is the best tree that we ever got." Viki is decorating for the season and Clint and some others are helping out.

"Thank you for your help Nash." Nash sees Jessica and the baby home safely. He goes to the door, since he knows that her family is expecting her and that he really should go. "If you have nothing to do, you are welcomed to stay," Jessica tells him.

"Where is he?" Todd arrives at the police station like a saint waiting for Antonio and Bo to tell him where Spencer has disappeared to.

"I am going to kill you!" Spencer says through clenched teeth. Spencer remains bound and duct taped up in a chair, in the storage room where he kept Margaret so long ago. He tries to get his hands free from behind his back but the cuffs hold them tightly.

"I'm having a baby." Kelly is thrilled for Blair. She only hopes not that the child is Todd's. "It just has to be."

"The judge did a 180 and had Spencer committed instead of jailing him." Michael and Natalie fill in the blanks as best they can. John asks how this happened. Michael tells that the trouble happened because of Marty Saybrooke.

"Hi I am here to see Bo Buchanan." An officer looks into Marty's face, and tells her that Bo won't want to speak to her.

"You are going to be sorry Todd if I find out that you had anything to do with Spencer's disappearance." Todd fakes innocence. Antonio and Bo would like to know what he is doing there. "What happened to Spencer?" Marty has entered the office. When she hears that Spencer is in trouble, she tells that Spencer is disturbed and that he could get hurt. Bo knows that if one of his enemies has already gotten to him, he may be hurt already.

"This one reminds me of Kevin!" Viki holds up a tree decoration for all to see. Viki looks at the decorations and Clint, Renée and Asa sit by and watch. "We have a lot to celebrate this Christmas." Everyone agrees with Renée. "Hey!" Jessica comes to joining the party. "Where is that gorgeous husband of yours?" Renée asks. Nash walks in and there is an awkward silence. He turns to the door, ready to leave again. Jessica tells how he dropped her home since Antonio had to work. Nash offers to leave seeing as this is about family. "You are family," Viki says. "You are Bree's father and you are welcomed here." Jessica sees her stocking from when she was in kindergarten but Viki is quick to take that away from her.

"So why are you here anyway?" Todd says that he is there to find out what went on at the trial. Bo can't give him answers right now. "You better watch your back Manning. Truman might be after you." Todd leaves. Marty follows him. He doesn't want to talk to her. She needs to talk to him about she and he. Antonio and Bo watch the two talk through the blinds. "He is definitely mixed up in this. We should put a tail on him."

Spencer rattles the cuffs behind his back until his wrists are bloody, but he continues to work, ignoring the pain. The dripping water on his forehead is getting to him and he has to get out from under it. The Chinese Water Torture is getting to him, but he tells himself it isn't. "I'm fine! I'm fine!" he tells himself as he rattles the cuffs to try to get the bar behind him loose. "I'M FINE!" He cries now…sobbing like a toddler.

"I know who Marty is," John says when Natalie and Cris have finished their story. Evangeline calls Cris and he leaves the room to take the call in the hall. John has taken the news of Spencer going to a mental institution very well and that surprises Natalie. He wants to concentrate on the important things in life, he tells her. He takes her hand. "If I didn't know better John, I would think that you were up to something."

"Look Todd we both have to coexist in the same town so we should find a way to get along." Todd tells Marty to stay the hell out of his life and to keep her kid away from his. He leaves the police station. Antonio walks by Marty and gives her a strange look on his way out. "I have been getting that look a lot," Marty tells Bo. He thinks that she has to understand why people are upset. "I was only doing my job!" She sits at Bo's desk with him. "He wasn't a sane man when I saw him. As a doctor, he knows that in prison he would eventually get out, but in a mental institution he could be there indefinitely. I don't think that Spencer planned his escape. Do you think that Todd planned this?" Bo wants to know what she thinks. "Was Todd hiding something just now?" She doesn't want to get involved in this, but Bo sees that she is already involved. "If Spencer is out there on his own, I have to know that. But if there is someone else who is responsible for Spencer's situation right now, then I need to know that too." Marty tells then that it would be a good idea then to keep an eye on Todd.

"I miss Kevin and he misses Zane. We need to be together." Dorian was hoping that Kelly would be leaving later, instead of sooner. "I am happy for you Kelly. I just wish that you weren't going so far away." Kelly and .Dorian hug. Dr. Chen comes to get Kelly and Dorian so they can go and be with Blair who has just had tests done to find out as much about the baby as possible. Blair has to wait a week for the results. Dorian knows that she can get the results in 24 hours… Blair's face brightens up. "I can get the results tomorrow?"

"I have to get out of here…" Spencer keeps working but gets nowhere. His cuffs rattle obscenely against metal as he scrapes them quickly back and forth, and back and forth, trying to make a break in the structure that holds him captive. His brow wrinkles in fear that he is going to be stuck there. He stares up at the ceiling, cause he can't look anywhere else due to the way he has been taped up. Suddenly, a bright light floods the room. "Thank God! You're here. You're finally here…" He tries to turn his head to the door but he can't. It is immovable, only his eyeballs can move to the right, but not enough for him to see who's at the door.

"I am not the one that you should be asking about this," Marty tells Bo when he wants her to do a quickie-assessment on Todd's frame of mind. Bo knows that she can give an objective answer. She can. "Todd's reaction when Spencer was committed, that isn't his style." Bo agrees. "What did you really come down here for today Marty?" She is looking for a job. ***

"I need to make sure that it will be delivered on time…" Antonio is on the cellphone at the station, arranging for a present to arrive at the house for his wife. He wants it to be a wonderful Christmas, and he is going to guarantee it.

"Nash why don't you stick around and help me with the tree?" Clint throws the lights to Nash. "I haven't ever done this before." Clint takes the man off with him. Someone rings the doorbell. Soon Viki is returning with more family. It is Kelly and Baby Zane.

"I am so glad to see you." Blair comes in wearing a trenchcoat. She walks sexily over to the crazy bastard and undoes his cuffs. She drops the trenchcoat and has on a dress with skinny little straps. "I hate what Todd did to you." He loves that she says that she hates Todd, and soon they are kissing. They fall to the ground now to make love.

"Blair?" It never really happened. The Chinese Water torture is working. Spencer is slowly going crazy. "Blair?" he shouts out.

"Todd's a bit too cagey Blair and he will demand proof that this is his child." Blair thinks that Dorian is overthinking things. "There isn't anything that will make Todd stay with you if that baby is Spencer's…unless…" Blair can't stand the suspense. "…Unless what?"

"When are you going to introduce my great-great-grandson to me?" Kelly offers the child Zane over to Asa. Nash makes it to the door where Jessica stops him. "Where are you going?" He really needs to make it back to the vineyard that night. "I am glad that Bree will be spending Christmas with you and your family. It's a really big tree." Jessica remembers when she was pregnant she and Nash… "I mean you and Tess were celebrating." Nash smiles. "You are a great mother," Nash says. He kisses her cheek. "Would it be alright if I went up to say goodnight to Bree?" He runs upstairs.

"I hope that I will be able to make it," Antonio tells Jessica when he calls. She realizes that she just loves being with families she realizes.

"I just would love to work here as a profiler. I applied." Bo tells that there are some people ahead of her for that job. She asks him to please rip up her application when it crosses her desk. She leaves. Bo takes her application out of a file on his desk and reads it.

"Hopefully, next time I see you Spencer will have been capture," Cris says after returning to the room. "Natalie can you go get me something good to drink while you are walking Cris out?" She leaves and Cris goes with her. The second that he is alone, John reaches for the phone and painfully starts dialing.

"I want to thank you for being such a good friend to John." Cristian helps Natalie take off her protective gown. "I was being a good friend to you too."

"What do I do now? I get the bastard myself," John says into the phone. "I need you to get these doctors to hurry up with my surgeries and get me out of here." John talks clearly and strongly into the phone. "Over my dead body!" Natalie has returned to the room and hears John side of the conversation.

"I know that you wanted us to stay for the holidays Viki and I am so sorry that I am going." Viki tells her to never say that she is sorry for being happy.

"I was thinking that Bree is going to have two Christmases. One with you, one with me… " Nash has come downstairs and starts to leave again but Jessica stops him. He talks briefly with her and then he leaves. Jessica gets an idea. She gets a cardboard box. "Nash, I am going to give a Christmas to remember…"

Bo and Antonio talk about Spencer and how this is going to end up. "He might not be alive when we find him…"

"Please save me…" Blair is there again. "Why would I save you? I hate you!" Spencer tells her that Todd is the one that she hates. She denies that. That angers him and he manages to free himself and get his hands around Blair's neck. She cries out but he squeezes, squeezes, squeezes the life out of her… It has all been a dream. He is still tied up with nowhere to go. "Blair! Blair! Come back here!" he shouts at her.

"You went to the doctor?" Todd has returned to the penthouse and he overhears Dorian and Blair talking about her appointment. "Yes," Dorian says. "She went to the doctor and she doesn't have a brain tumor after all." Todd listens to the both of their stories of the great appointment and stays quiet. Dorian hurriedly gets out of there. "Okay Blair," Todd starts. "Tell me the truth. What's going on?"

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