One Life to Live Update Monday 12/11/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"What scene of what crime?" Todd tells Spencer that they aren't going to Atlantic City and that is the only clue that he will give. Spencer talks about how this will not change the fact that he had the man's ass strapped in for execution, or that he had Blair.

"Michael and Marcie need these files to keep Tommy healthy Rex. How can you live with this lie?" Michael and Marcie arrive and are grateful that Rex was able to find Tommy's real parents. Adriana wants to go but Marcie wants her to stay. They want to see the files. Rex sys that he will hand the files over but first there is something that he needs the McBains to know.

"If I am pregnant, I am pregnant with Todd's baby and that's the way that it is going to be!" Dorian is quiet as Blair tells rants.

Bo tells an officer to find out if Spencer arrived safely at the institution. He hasn't heard any word about his arrival yet. The officer runs off.

Spencer is pushed into a dark room. There is little lighting. Spencer is cuffed with his hands behind him. Todd is behind him holding the gun on him.

"I know you got them good honey, and I promise that those guys will not get near you again. Yes, yes, you did good." Antonio hangs up the phone after talking to Jessica about the men who tried to rape her. Bo overheard the call and so Antonio fills him in. it turns out that he and Nash were in the right place at the right time to help Jessica get away from some creep. The cop comes and tells Bo that the guards who had Spencer are unconscious and that Spencer is gone. "Let's go!"

"You recognize this place Spencer? You stored things here. What did you store here? Files? Furniture? I remember. I remember now. A crazy bitch. A crazy bitch! You kept her here and waited for her to pop, and she gave birth to my beautiful baby boy." Spencer tells Todd that if he kills him, he will end up right back on death row. Todd tosses him into a wall. "Not if I fake crazy!"

"Tommy's biological mother was mentally ill. There are a lot of words in her file ending with the word, 'osis', she seems to have had a lot of problems." Michael looks at the file. The name of the parent is blacked out. Apparently, this is standard when someone is ill and a file is created. Michael needs to read the file and see what is wrong with the woman. Marcie feels that this could have been the reason why she had to give Tommy up. "what about the dad?" Rex hands over a file, and Marcie starts reading that. She panics. She sees the back of a piece of paper that Marcie is holding. Todd Manning's name is written on it.

"One thing Todd and I did do right was have our kids. If I could give him this gift of a child, he will forgive me." Dorian wants Blair to do the math and see that this child could be Spencer's. Blair reluctantly admits that the child could be Spencer. "He manipulated me for months and my kids. What do you want me to tell Starr and Jack?" Dorian wants Blair to calm down and stop worrying. "If you are pregnant, well then we will just have to face this thing together." Blair knows that she is totally wrong. She knows that if she is pregnant with Spencer's baby…she will have lost Todd forever.

"I know exactly what you are going through Blair. Are you forgetting about Manuel Santi? When I found out that I was pregnant with Manuel's baby I was terrified for my future. I made the only decision that I could make to keep my baby safe." Blair says that this talk is unnecessary as she doesn't even know if she is pregnant yet. She might just be late, or under too much stress. "If you are pregnant Blair, I would rather that the baby were Todd's and not Spencer's." Blair asks her to leave Todd alone. "I hope that you are pregnant, as that would mean that you have no trouble with your brain."

"Was he quiet or poking around?" Bo questions the guards now that they are conscious again. Antonio too has questions. "They have no injuries, so I figure this guy used drugs to knock them out. Search the area and see if you can find anything that would tell us how this was done. Someone stuck their neck out to bust Truman loose. Why is that?" Antonio feels that Spencer paid someone off.

"You know you wanted Margaret and that child out of the picture anyway Todd. Margaret was so unbalanced and so you had to have been worried about her psychosis getting passed on to your kid." Todd leans forward shouting into Spencer's face. "WHERE IS MY KID?" He gives Spencer 5 seconds. "One in the knee…two in the other knee… three, four, five!" Nothing happens. Spencer laughs like he just heard the best knock-knock joke ever. "You can't do it can ya? You can't pull the trigger…"

"Wait! You can't have this file!" Adriana grabs the paper in Marcie's hand and says that Rex forgot to make copies. She grabs the files and leaves to get copies. Michael and Marcie tell Rex that they are so grateful to him. They know that Todd must have paid them a fortune and yet he made the McBains his priority. "I really love that little guy and I just wanted to make sure that he has an awesome life." Michael tells that he read the file and in his medical experience, he feels that mental illness can be passed from generation to generation but that doesn't mean that will happen. Michael gets a call from Natalie and leaves the table to talk.

"I think that my husband was trying to make me feel better just now." Marcie tries to smile as if she believes most of what Michael told her. Rex knows that but what Michael said was true.

"What's taking so long?" Blair is getting squirrelly now. Dorian asks if Blair has any other symptoms that may lead to her being pregnant. Blair doesn't feel like letter Dorian play doctor right now. Dr. Hanson finally returns. "You have experienced a surge of hormones due to the increased blood volume circulating throughout your body. Congratulations, you are about 15 to 17 weeks pregnant."

"I am gonna get you for assault and kidnapping." Todd grabs the wound on Spencer's head and squeezes. "the cops are going to find me." Todd looks up. "I am going to play a game. It's called, HOW SHOULD Todd MANNING TORTURE INFORMATION ABOUT HIS SON OUT OF SPENCER? Todd thinks about the different ways that he could hurt the man and all of them have to do with destroying Spencer's hands and fingers. Spencer feels that Todd is thinking this way because he still can't deal with the fact that Spencer had Blair and every night he got to run his hands all over her body…every night! Todd comes back over to the man now and he leans forward, holding his head still by clutching a fistful of his hair on the top of his head. "Where is my son?" Todd asks quietly. "I don't know," Spencer responds. THWACK! The pistol-whip snaps Spencer's head to the right. No more smart remarks are heard from him. "Wrong answer," Todd says.

"There is evidence that there was a vehicle that circled around near her and then got back on the road." Antonio listens intently. "Spencer has to have an ally out there that we don't know about." Bo is sure that he knows all the people that Spencer associated with. "Truman was handcuffed in the back of the van, but our guy could have gotten the key. The guards were out cold. The perp obviously got the key and helped Truman escape. " The cops can't understand why someone would free Spencer, only to hold him somewhere.

Todd has Spencer in a chair now. He duct tapes him in real tight. "When I am done with you Spencer, you are going to be begging to tell me everything." Todd walks off. Spencer instinctively looks up to the ceiling…

Blair takes out a piece of paper now that she and Dorian are back at her place. "There it is! That is the date and it proves that Todd could be the father of the baby." Dorian is shocked to see that Blair has written this down and that she only made love to the man once in all this time. Dorian feels that this doesn't make for very good odds that Todd is the father. "Listen! It's Todd's baby! Even if it's not!"

Dorian finds that Blair is just avoiding the facts. Blair says that she knows exactly what is happening. "Dorian knows that the lie that she may have to tell won't work. Todd isn't stupid. He can add and once you tell him that you are pregnant, he will do the math." Dorian reminds her that this happened before. "remember Jack? History has a way of repeating itself." Blair knows that it is killing Todd to know that he has a son out there. "How will you feel Blair when he finds his baby?" She says that she will learn to love the child like her own. That isn't the problem though. Rex can't find the child. "I just want to give Todd this baby…our gift. Conceived in love. Who knows… Todd's other baby maybe gone for good."

Michael returns to the table and tells Marcie, Rex and Adriana that John is doing really good and has had another operation. Michael feels really good about everything. Marcie is reading the files now that Adriana has returned with the doctored documents. "It says that she was really very ill." Michael tells Marcie that all they can do is take the cards that they have been dealt and deal with it. "We love Tommy this much!" He puts his hands up as far apart as he can. "We have the information now and we can deal with everything as everything comes up. It isn't' about the makeup of his genetic parts. He is a person. He is going to be loved and cared for the rest of his life." Marcie knows that and she smiles now feeling better. "This is good. We have this information and I know that we made the right decision getting Rex to find the information for us. Todd is a complete idiot as you could have found his kid for him." Michael isn't worried about Todd. "He will find his kid one way or the other."

Todd has Spencer with his back up against the wall, with his back to it. He has the man duct taped up so that his head faces the ceiling. He can't move an inch in any direction. "Did you know that Chinese Water Torture didn't originate in China?" Spencer is quiet. Todd stick his finger in the crazy bastard's wound on his head and does some finger-painting on his face. Todd explains what he is doing as he rigs the machine. Drip…Drip…Drip… "Every drop will fall…and soon it will become irritating…then you will be anticipating when the next drop will fall…Then you are going to go stark, raving mad! Spencer smiles. The dripping has started and Spencer smiles as the initial drops fall on his face. "You are crazy man! This isn't going to work. It only works if you let it." Todd has some things to do but he promises to be back. He walks to the door as Spencer whispers, " Stupid idiot…"

"Let's go home to our perfect, beautiful son." Michael and Marcie start leaving but then stop to turn and tells Rex and Adriana that they were very helpful. The couple leave. "Michael is right. Todd will do anything to find his son." Rex will have to do something then to make sure that Todd stops looking.

"Margaret is gone now and Todd and I are going to put our family back together again." Dorian knows that this situation can't be ignored. "You have got to find out who the baby's father is." Blair sees a hair and picks it up. "I will…"

"I think that someone who wasn't satisfied with the case could have done this." Bo and Antonio know that the town is full of people who hate Spencer enough to have done this. "Are you talking about me?" Bo and Antonio turn to find Todd standing in the doorway. No one says a word.

In the storage room, it is almost completely dark. Not a creature if stirring, not even the rat. The only sound that can be heard is Spencer's breathing. It is a little quicker than how one would regularly breathe. "This is absurd," he says. He looks down, but soon is looking up again. When the drop hits his face, he looks down again for a bit and then up again. That one spot alone where the water is falling is wet and never gets dry. And so it continues. He looks up…the drop falls in the exact same place it fell before…He looks down for a couple of seconds…He looks up…the dorp falls in the exact same place it fell before…He looks down for a couple of seconds…

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