One Life to Live Update Friday 12/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Reg takes Tess away and starts tying her up.

John and Natalie talk in his room. His face is all bandaged up. He has just had his surgery. The nurse comes in to apply some ointment. Natalie leaves to give them privacy. She takes off her protective gown. "Natalie, Natalie. You know we need to stop meeting like this." Natalie tells Vincent she agrees.

Rex and Adriana are pulling a scam. She will be his lookout. She will knock once if someone is coming. She leaves Rex in the records room at the hospital, only to find that Michael is nearby reading a hospital chart.

"You should be taking care of yourself and let that poor excuse of a human being take care of himself!" Blair doesn't like the way that Dorian talks about Todd, the man who is the father of her children. Blair wants to leave the hospital but Dorian will not let her go. Blair feels that she needs to be with Todd.

The van transporting Spencer stops suddenly and Spencer is bounced around pretty bad in the back. The sits up, wondering what this is about. The van can go no further. Something is wrong. The men driving get out to investigate.

"Who are you and what have you done with my son?" Bo finds Matthew serving Wong Fu's on his desk. They sit together and talk. Matthew used his allowance to buy them a meal. "Fine Matthew. If you did this to save my rotten day, you did the right thing." Everything is great, Bo says, but Matthew thinks that if his father had a wife to share this with, that would be even better.

"I should be out there helping Todd!" Dorian points out that Todd isn't here to support Blair, so why should she care about what he is doing? "He could comfort you now. It is alright to be scared Blair." She just wants to get her family back. Dorian understands that but wishes that Dorian would just take better care of herself.

"Hi Michael. I just heard the judge's ruling and I am so sorry." Michael thanks Adriana for saying that. He asks what she is doing there. She tells that Rex is getting a follow-up appointment for his gunshot room. He tells that he is with Blair right now. "What's wrong with Blair?" Dorian has come up behind the two and she tells that Blair is very sick and that if Adriana can stand being in the same room with her mother, it would be nice if she sat with her.

Viki and Starr go to the restaurant and talk about Todd and Blair. Starr is worried that things are going to be really bad for her family.

"Why are we stopping?" The driver of the van tells Spencer to shut up! The driver starts to get moving again, but something goes terribly wrong. The window on the passenger side of the van breaks. The cops lean to the left to get away from the window. A man with a ski mask on pushes a gun in the window and holds it on the two guards. "What's going on?" The man shouts for the guard to shut up! In the back of the van, Spencer sits handcuffed and quiet listening to the voices and all that is going on up front.

Reg is alone with Tess now. "Hey! What's going on?" Jessica runs to the man who seems to have just innocently come upon the scene. "Please help me!" The man doesn't look surprised at what she says to him. "What's the matter? You don't remember me? I am the guy who you ripped off by stealing my credit card! Tonight, you are going to get two for the price of one."

Jessica decides to play the game and asks for vodka first. Reg goes to the car where he has some. Jessica is left alone now with the man who Tess ripped off and she spills some of his gin on his clothes…She has her cellphone out and she dials with her back to the man.

Antonio and Nash are still at Nash's place talking. Nash gets a text message from Jessica. "Taino? Tess is in trouble!"

The nurse is finished with her patient and leaves John alone in his room now.

Natalie and Vincent talk about Hugh and how he is hurting but not as much as Paige is. Vincent notices that Natalie isn't wearing her engagement ring anymore. He wonders if the kiss was too much for the man to handle. "John isn't the problem Vincent. It's me!"

Starr talks about the bad things that her father has done, and how now that she has met Marty, she thinks that her mother was right for not believing in her dad before.

Rex has finished looking through the files. He listens at the door and hears Adriana talking to Dorian and Michael. Adriana hears about the tumor and leaves her post, rushing to the room where Blair is across the hall. Blair didn't want anyone to know about her ailment but she gets over it quickly enough. Adriana and Dorian leave the examination room and Dorian thanks Adriana for putting their differences aside. "I suggest that we have a cup of coffee to talk about what's happening with Blair." Adriana looks back at the records room, and tells her mother that she will support Blair but that is all.

Michael tells Blair that he is upset over Spencer getting off his charges. One day he is going to have to tell Tommy how his grandfather died and how the bastard that did it got away. Blair walks up to Michael so that he understands her clearly. "No, that's not going to happen. Spencer is never going to hurt another family again.

One of the guards lays face down and motionless on the ground to the side of the van. The masked man pulls the second motionless man out of the vehicle and drops him face down beside the first. The masked man now goes to the van and opens the door to the back. A scare and timid Spencer faces the man in the mask, just staring and saying nothing. The man in the mask looks him right in the eye, with his gun pointing right at the man's face…

"You should be married." Bo asks Matthew where that came from. Bo is sure this idea has come from Asa. "You smile so much more when you are with Paige and so does she. Have you ever thought about marrying page?"

Both men are back with Jessica and she keeps looking out… "What are you looking at?" She tells the men that the cops are looking for her and she doesn't want to get busted…that's all. "Why don't we all go to a bar not far off?" The men are not interested in that. They want to get this party started right now. They start advancing on her.

Adriana stays at the door where Rex is hiding and waits for everyone to leave the area. When alone, Adriana knocks on the door and Rex promptly comes out. "Oh my! I would be careful taking those papers out of your pants. That would be a nasty place to get a paper cut." Dorian has returned and gloats at catching the sneaky duo.

"Tomorrow, I have to tell John about what happened at Spencer's trial. That might set back John's recovery." Vincent understands Natalie's fears…

Spencer is already handcuffed, so it is easy for the man in the mask to drag him out of the van by the scruff of the neck and force him over to the two guards who still are laying face down, side by side. He masked man forces Truman to his knees. "What are you going to do? Murder us all?" The man in the mask says that Spencer will be the one blamed for these murders. Spencer recognizes the voice that he hears and he tells the masked man exactly that. Todd pushes Spencer so that he falls face down on across the bodies of the guards. The mask man now seems to be pouring something over all three of them.

"I am not going to stop caring about you Natalie. And if you need anything…" Natalie understands what he is trying to say, but she really needs to get going now.

Viki can understand how Starr is feeling Todd told her about things and he was hurting as well. Starr always knew what her father had done but she told herself that it was something that was in the past, but now she realizes that Marty was a real person.

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it will be to make Spencer Truman pay!" Todd has his head out the window of his car as he drives. He is singing and smiling and shouting to the world. He has Spencer in the back of his car, and he promises that soon the man will be returned to the nuthouse, it just is up in the air right now as to how many pieces he will be cut up into.

Natalie leaves the room and John calls to Vincent to talk to him for a minute. "It's about Natalie…"

"Could you be pregnant?" Blair tells the nurse that she couldn't be, but then she thinks about that one passionate time with Todd on the living room floor!

Dorian has caught Adriana and her boyfriend red-handed stealing records from the hospital. She smiles at them, knowing that they know that they are busted. Dorian knows that this is a serious offense. "Thank you for telling me about Blair," Adriana tells her mother and then she and Rex are gone.

Jessica can't convince the men that they should all just go to the bar before having their threesome. They pounce on her, promising to go out for drinks soon. Outside, Nash and Antonio come up to the building. They have no idea what they are in for. They hear Jessica's voice inside and she sounds like she is in trouble. They enter the shed, and get into a fight with the wayward men.

"I have thought about marrying Paige, but this may not be the perfect time." Matthew thinks that this might be the perfect time. "She needs something to make her feel good. We can't just give up on her dad."

Nash and Antonio get things under control, but one of the guys isn't completely out, and when he tries to hit, Antonio in the back of the head, Jessica whacks him first.

"I know that you have feelings for Natalie but that was when she thought that I was dead. I am back now." Natalie enters the room and looks at the faces of the two men. "What did I just miss?"

Dorian comes to the room to collect Blair and get her home now. "I think I'm pregnant." Dorian is quiet as she takes it all in.

"No one has given up on anyone, especially Paige. We have to give her time to come back to herself on her own. Matthew we should do what you did. We'll invite her to dinner and remind her that she always has a place here with us… We will take little steps." Matthew likes this idea and he hugs his father.

The cops come and take the two attempted rapists to jail. "When they looked at me, they really didn't see me. They saw Tess. Nash, you know how we were going to tell Bree all about Tess when she gets older?" Nash understands. They will skip this part…

Rex and Adriana make a call to Michael to tell him that he found Tommy's parents. Michael will be right there.

"Look Starr. What your father did was terrible but he is paying for it and he will pay for it for the rest of his life." Viki knows that Todd is afraid to talk to his daughter, but the fact that Starr would be willing to talk could make it easier. "Start with what you know Starr. Tell him that you love him. You can't imagine what that will mean to him when you say that." Starr thanks her Aunt Viki for saying that.

"I just came by to pick up some pictures of Hugh but I am going to take off now." Vincent leaves. Natalie asks John if he is okay. "You tell me," John responds. In the hall, Vincent thinks to himself that he can't make any promises to John about staying away from Natalie.

Spencer tries to move but Spencer has him tied in the back seat pretty good. "Hey! Stop wiggling around back there. I don't hear you talking to 'mommy' anymore…" Spencer laughs like the crazy bastard he really is. "That's better," Todd says smiling and peeking at Spencer from time to time using the rear view mirror. "Where are we going?" Spencer asks. "You'll see when we get there. We are going to the scene of the crime…"

Blair seems to be pleased that she could be having a baby, but Dorian has a different perspective. "What if the child that you are carrying belongs to Spencer Truman?" The smile immediately leaves Blair's face.

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