One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

The jury returns to the courtroom and a single and they all take their seats. Blair can't get over how calm Todd is over this. There is a very good chance that Spencer is going to go free and he isn't concerned in the least. The judge is sending the jury home and wants to see them back the next morning. Blair wants to know what is going on but Evangeline has no idea. Whatever has been happening went on without her input.

Antonio goes to see Nash to see how his investment is going with the vineyard. Jessica calls to check in during her shopping spree. While she talks on the phone to Antonio, Reg, the guy who thinks that she is Tess sees her and this time she is all alone and not with her husband or Nash. He grins like a wolf as he watches her from the other end of the bar. She hasn't any idea that he is watching her.

The doctor wants to put John under and do some more work on his skin, but John doesn't want to be out of it when things are happening at court. He and Natalie heard that the jury has been called back in but no one knows why.

Nora is confused as well, but thinks that they are in trouble. The jury could be getting some kind of instruction… if the judge is bringing in the jury at this time Spencer looks haggard and sits chewing on his shirt. He has a crude bandage covering his forehead and he has no jacket on. The judge received some disturbing news about the defendant and that is the reason why he has called the jury into the courtroom. Evangeline is upset that she wasn't told this news earlier. She hasn't any idea what this could be about. The judge went against Dr. Saybrooke about her assessment of Spencer's condition but now he believes her and thinks that Spencer is unfit to stand trial.

Starr talks to Langston about the trial. She gets instant alerts over the internet when something happens at court. She knows that the judge called the jury back in and she doesn't know why. She gets a message from Cole and smiles.

Nash explains to Antonio how things are going. There is wine in the making but it will not be ready for a while. "I need a long lead time." Antonio is comfortable with this and he has been doing the research to know what he is in for with this deal.

"Of all the gin joints in the world, she had to step into mine." Jessica turns to find Reg standing over her in the bar. She isn't thrilled to see him, but he grins from ear to ear in spite of it. He thinks that she is faking and he calls her Tess.

Natalie can't stand waiting for news about the trial. The suspense is killing her. A nurse comes to tell John to keep calm no matter what he learns. She pulls out the remote that she snatched from the front desk. They don't want him watch television as that might upset him. Natalie turns on the television to see if there is any news.

Spencer is angry that he has been deemed unfit to stand trial and he starts getting to his feet to shout. "I am not crazy your honor! My attorney is the only one in this room who thinks that I am incapable." The judge decides that the doctor should return to the stand and tell the court of her recent findings. Evangeline wants equal time for her doctor to see the defendant. Marty goes to the stand. "Please remember Dr. Saybrooke that you are still under oath."

"My name isn't Tess. You have me confused with someone else." Reg laughs. He asks her if he was with her twin sister and she stays very quiet. When she gets up to leave, he blocks her way. "I know your dirty little secret!"

Nash compares wine to women. "You get some good years…you get some bad years. This year's been good for wine, but not for women," he tells Nash.

John and Natalie search the channels for news on the trials but they find nothing anywhere. "What if Truman walks?" John responds that he will find the man and take care of him if that happens. A bulletin comes on the screen to do with the trial. "Judge Fortier requested that Marty Saybrooke testify to the defendant's mental state." The nurse comes in and tells John that he will be prepped for surgery right now. "I don't see that happening," John says.

Bo tells Cristian that it looks like the judge is looking for a reason to have Spencer deemed unfit. Blair flies to her feet shouting "How much money did he pay you for this Marty?" The judge orders Blair to her seat. "Sit down!" The judge shouts irritated. Marty tells how Spencer has been using his blood from his head wound to write 'Blair', and 'mother' on the walls. She finds the man to be a danger to himself. "I stand by my original assessment." Blair jumps up again. "I don't care about that! The man deserves to fry judge!" The judge bangs the gavel to quiet her.

"I had a little chat with Clint about Tess while you two were on your honeymoon." Nash tells that Clint doesn't believe that he is over Tess, even though he says that he is. Nash and Antonio know that the man doesn't mince words, and that what he said to Nash is right. "I had an informal funeral for Tess all on my own."

"If I was going to step out on my husband, it wouldn't be with you." Reg will not get out of Jessica's face. He suggests they go somewhere and have a little fun together. "We can find some place where we can be alone." She tries to walk by but he physically puts his hands on her to restrain her. She jumps back surprised that he is being so persistent.

Natalie wants John to have the surgery that the doctor is ready to do right away , but he begs off. The nurse will see what she can do. When she leaves, John asks Natalie to turn the TV back on. Natalie decides to call Bo.

.Starr talks to Cole using the instant messaging service. Starr gets a message that 'Dr. Marty Saybrooke is called to give testimony in trial.'

The judge orders Blair out of the room at first but then allows her to stay when she indicates that she will behave. Marty gives her opinion, and Blair turns to Todd. She doesn't even blink. The judge tells that Dr. Truman is mentally unable to defend himself and therefore, a mistrial has to be called. The crowd grumbles at the bad news that the judge has given them. He bangs the gavel when the grumbling gets too loud.

"I'll just call my husband to get you off my back. He's a cop! My uncle is the police commissioner, and we can play the game when they get here. It's called, 'Who's My Prison Bitch'?" Reg backs off and leaves her alone. She calls Antonio and asks if she can come over there to visit with them. He would love to have her. She leaves the bar. Reg smiles. He likes a challenge and he exits after her.

Natalie becomes threatening and tells John that he has to have his surgery soon or she will do it herself.

Blair gets out of control again and is escorted from the court. Todd is still quiet. Court ends and Marty leaves the room. When she gets to the hall, Blair is there taunting her about what just happened. Viki is very confused by the way that Todd is handling things. Evangeline stands with Cris outside the room now. She is stunned to silence. Bo has to go to the hospital now and offers to bring Paige with him. She becomes sad. "remember Paige. Hugh is always right here," he says tapping his heart.

Viki tells Clint that something is very wrong here. She seems to be putting two and two together as she talks. "Todd is too calm."

Blair has to go to the doctor and asks Todd if he wants to come with her. He can't. He has something that he has to do instead. He asks Dorian to go with Blair to the doctor. Dorian didn't realize that she was sick and needed to see one. "Don't do anything stupid," Blair warns. Todd will try not to. He peeks back into the courtroom and sees the guards putting the cuffs off Truman.

Marty meets her son at the restaurant. He tells that he has been reading about the trial on the internet. She confirms that she believes that Spencer is unfit. "Not everyone saw Spencer as much as I did, so not everyone believes what I said." She can see that he has a problem. He is looking down. "I know that you think that this Truman guy is crazy mom, but did you convince yourself of that to get back at Todd?"

"I'll get a new lawyer." Spencer tries to explain that he isn't down for the count yet. Todd tells Spencer to go ahead and try. They will just try him again and eventually they will have him where they want him. Michael lunges for him but is held back. "It's Asa's fault!" Spencer shouts. "Your mother was a liar and a whore!" Todd spits.. "You slept with my mother? Did you hurt my mother?" Spencer is getting out of control and so he is taken from the room. "Was that really necessary?" Viki asks Todd.

Blair and Dorian are at the hospital and they talk about Todd and how calm he is over this. Blair worries that Todd is up to something, and she really hopes that she is wrong. Dorian knows that the doctor that Blair is seeing, Dr. Pembrook, is a neurologist. "What's really wrong with you Blair?"

"I had to think about my past with Todd and see if it was influencing my testimony in anyway." Marty tries to make her son see that she really tried to make a good decision now. She did the same thing when Marty got caught on steroids. She wondered if she was pushing Cole to win as well. She rechecked her work on Spencer and she realized that she could do her job and not make it personal. Cole smiles. "A lot of the kids at school are going to give you flack about this. What if it is someone that you really like?" Cole feels that if people don't believe he or his mother, then they are not worth the time.

"You have been under a lot of stress lately." Blair admits it. Dorian knows that is because of the men that she ends up with. Blair tells Dorian that she is the pot calling the kettle black. If stress is the problem, then it would be stress from Spencer.

Someone goes to the wall, and removes a picture from the wall. There is a safe there. Todd pulls out a gun. "All right Spencer. Say hello to Mr. 9 millimeter…"

Starr heads to court and is terribly upset over what has happened in court. Viki offers to go and have some dinner with Starr. Clint walks them out.

"He'll have to stand trial again." Evangeline and Nora go over the case with Cris. If Spencer is unfit for this charge, he will probably be unfit for all the charges.

Marcie can barely calm Michael down. He doesn't think that he can go to John and give his this news. "I just don't know!"

Bo arrives at the hospital and talks with Natalie in the hall. She gets the news and knows that this isn't going to be good for John's recovery, and it just might affect his future.

Jessica arrives at the vineyard and is very quiet. Nash and Antonio talk about getting Bree a dog, but soon Antonio realizes that she is off in a cloud. She says that she has just been tired out from shopping. Jessica realizes that she has to get moving and pick up the kids. Antonio sees her to the door and closes it behind her. She takes two steps from the door and Reg is on her. He clamps a hand over her mouth, and puts his other arm around her waist, securing her arms. He now drags her off into the darkness. Reg doesn't realize it but her purse has dropped and it sit right in front of Nash's door.

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