One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

The guard calls out to Spencer, asking if he would like to eat.

In his mind, he sees the replay of Margaret having her baby. Paige is there to assist.

"Rex -- I mean, are we really supposed to keep it a secret that Michael and Marcie have Todd's baby -- I mean, for the rest of our lives?" Rex feels they have to. "We have no choice. You didn't hear the way that Todd was talking about that kid like he was a piece of meat. I may only be Tommy's Godfather, but I feel like I care more about him than Todd does." As far as Rex is concerned, he did the right thing.

Nigel comes to announce that Dorian is at the door. Dorian greets Bo and Clint as she enters. "I came over to show my support. I can just imagine how you all must've felt when it was revealed that Spencer came to town to get revenge on your family." Bo and Clint were just thinking about that very same thing. They remember how Asa is positive that Spencer drugged him last New Years Eve. Dorian hopes that her dropping in doesn't bother Bo much. He doesn't feel that it matters if he does mind or not. "Dorian, we've got important things on our minds this morning. If all goes well, Spencer Truman is going to be found guilty today," Clint reminds. Dorian understands.

Kelly arrives. Adriana asks about the baby and how he is doing. She can hardly wait to go to London to see Kevin. Yeah. "I'm just glad I'm in town to see Spencer get his for what he did to Kevin and me and the rest of the Buchanans." Rex feels strange about the Spencer Truman thing. "How weird was that -- thinking all these years he was a bastard Buchanan? Turns out he wasn't a Buchanan at all."

Blair knew that she would find Todd in the courtroom. That was where he had been sentenced. This place was also the place where Blair made the biggest mistake, when she turned her back on Todd. Blair would like to make up for all that she put him through, and the only way that she can think of to do that is to find Todd's son for him. Jack comes running in, shouting for his father. Todd greets the boy warmly.

…John dreams of his father's murder in the alley… His eyes suddenly open. Natalie is there as usual. "Hmm. I was just -- I was just thinking about how wonderful it would be if Spencer got a guilty verdict and then we could just move on with our lives." John believes that it will happen…maybe today.

Rex just has to think about how Starr and Jack have had it rough and that helps him keep his secret about Tommy.

Evangeline shows up to meet Cris and she is late. She wishes that she could have just put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt but you can't wear that to court. Marty and Evangeline accidentally bump into each other. Coffee goes flying…all over Evangeline. Cris sees that things could go bad between the two and steps in. Marty is taken by surprise.

"Heaven willing, the jury will see Spencer for the monster that he is. I mean, his own brother wants to see him burn in hell." Viki arrives at the Buchanan house while Bo, Clint and Dorian are discussing Spencer. Everyone greets Viki warmly but Dorian. Clint wonders if anything is wrong for Viki it be there. Viki came to the family to show her support, but she sees that Dorian has beaten her to it. "Yes. I just came over to see if there was anything I could do to help, but I see that you are in good hands. Clint, may I see you for just a moment alone?" Dorian says goodbye to everyone else and walks out with Clint.

"I just want you to know that I'm doing everything I can to make things up with Adriana, just the way I promised you that I would. The wheels are in motion and it's not just because of you -- it's because I love her so much." Clint knows that she actually loves Adriana over the top, and Dorian admits that. Clint almost believes that Dorian is trying to change. She says she is and she heads out to court now. "And Spencer is going to get exactly what he deserves, yep. That monster is going to burn. He's going to rot in hell. Bye-bye."

Clint is surprised thinks that Viki wants Spencer to get what he deserves. He had no idea that she believed in the death penalty. "I want him convicted, not necessarily executed. Look, I'm convinced that Spencer killed Thomas McBain and I know for a fact that he engineered Todd going to the death house. I would like to make sure that he never, ever breathes free air again."

Jack tells his father that he and his mom had a talk and now the boy is okay with his father. "She said how it wasn't my fault I was mad at you. Doc Spencer tricked me. He tricked a lot of people so we'd think you were bad." Jack's head has been straightened out now. Jack hopes that he can still be Todd's little boy. Todd would love that.

"Boy, I got to tell you, that Mrs. McBain -- she is one hot mama -- Probably the hottest teacher in the whole school." Michael flirts madly with Marcie. "You keep talking like that and I'm going to have to keep you after class. Do you know how bad your daddy is, huh? Do you have any idea?" Marcie is surprised to find Michael with Tommy at the school. "Well, you come by, you visit me at the hospital all the time. I figured I'd bring Tommy down and come and see you for a change." Michael was supposed to be at work but he got another doctor to cover for him. "And also, I thought something was going to happen at the trial, something important, you know? And I -- I'll be damned if I'm not going to be there to see this guy who killed my father get the death sentence. You know, the -- the thing is I'm just -- I'm a little worried, you know? I'm just hoping that this -- this Marty lady didn't convince the judge that -- that Truman is crazy because if he gets to spend his time in --"

Marcie doesn't know what to make of Marty. "What I saw the other day, she and Todd hate each other enough as it is -- I mean, like we need anything else to make this case worse than it is." Michael has pent up frustration. "If they don't convict Spencer, I'm really seriously thinking of taking the law into my own hands and choking that -- " Marcie doesn't believe that Michael could ever do anything like what he is suggesting. He is a doctor for heaven's sake. Michael points out that Spencer was a doctor and he has done simply horrendous things.

Michael is worried about something else as well. Blair's headaches have him stumped. "I think it's really stress-related more than anything, but I -- I got her an appointment for a CT scan with a neurologist buddy of mine and, you know, maybe if we get some good news today, this whole thing will just clear up." It would be nice if things work out for everyone and they could go back to their lives. Michael agrees.

"I can't believe what your mom did. I thought that Dr. Truman was finally going to get what was coming to him, and then she says that he's not sane enough to stand trial?" Cole tries to make Starr understand that his mother really does believe that Spencer is crazy and that this isn't some kind of vendetta. Starr decides now that if Spencer doesn't get what's coming to him via the legal system, she will have to handle the crazy bastard herself!

Evangeline thinks that Marty bumped into her on purpose, and even though Marty apologizes, Evangeline doesn't buy it. "I don't have time to get into this now. Forget it, forget it. Really, it's ok. I'll have to find something else to wear, I guess. I'm -- I'm soaked." Cris offers Evangeline his T-shirt. He has a sweater that he can put on. She feels a little weird about wearing a T-shirt in court but the color does match her jacket and it's really not a terrible look. Cristian and Evangeline rush off to get her changed.

Marty thinks that Nora feels she spilled on Evangeline on purpose as well, but Nora says that she knows that it was only an accident. "Listen, Evangeline is just out of sorts. That's what happens when someone throws a curveball in the middle of your case." The difference between Nora and Evangeline is that Nora knows Marty…very well and Evangeline doesn't. Marty tells that she heard that Evangeline was a friend to John McBain. Nora confirms that but points out that Evangeline is very close to Cristian now. Marty sees that. She remembers what that feels like. Nora sympathizes with Marty. She knows that the girl has had her fair share of trouble with me. Marty is done with love. "Even though Patrick's gone, he -- he took my heart with him, so there will never be anybody like him again." Nora tells that Cristian and Evangeline have managed to find love again, and so saying never again might not work. Marty is sure she'll stay single.

"I really want Spencer to get the death penalty for what he did to your dad. I mean, and it's great that we know that he botched up the post-op, and now it's not just about the shooting. He went back to finish the job. That means lethal injection is definitely on the table." Natalie has to leave now. The doctor is there to examine John. She wants to stay but he really needs her to go. Natalie heads to the hall to wait.

"Truman? Truman! Thought you might like an update. The jury hasn't requested to have any of the transcripts reread. They haven't requested to see any of the evidence again. So it looks like they're moving along pretty fast. Usually, a -- a quick verdict is guilty." Spencer doesn't blink. " I'm not worried, Commissioner, or big brother or whatever you are to me. I'm not worried -- I never pay for my sins. Even if I did have something on my conscience, I'd get away with it anyway. I always do."

Cole is surprised at this vengeful Starr. She has to handle this, she says. Spencer might get away with this and if he does… She will blame this on Cole's mother if things don't work out.

Colleen remembers his conversation with his mother regarding the trial. She assures him that she was just doing her job. Cole had doubts about his mother's intentions. He wants to believe her but it is so hard to with they way that things have been going in the past. "It's just the situation is a little complicated with Dr. Truman, and I have to do my job, and I'm doing it as best I can. Trust me?" Cole told his mother that he would trust her and that he is on her side.

"No, I am not on any side. They asked for my professional opinion and I gave it -- although not very well, or the case wouldn't have come back to the jury." Nora gives Marty a little tip. "Ok. Listen to me. Be very careful. Spencer Truman is a dangerous man and I think you have met more than your match in him, ok? And I know this is a loaded situation for you." Marty feels that she doesn't need this particular advice. " I can distinguish between my personal life and my job, you know? Hmm -- it's dangerous not to in my field." The ladies part on good terms and won't let the verdict be a big deal between them. Nora leaves to see how things are going with the trial. Marty will be headed over to the courthouse as well. Her car is parked in the back. They part.

Adriana gets a call from someone interested in her line of boxers. She knows the company from it being covered in an issue of Craze. Of course she will meet with them to talk about investment money.

Evangeline has changed and she looks just fine for court. Cris loved being there for her, especially since it had to do with her taking her clothes off. "Oh, God, I can't stand this. The waiting, it's -- it's going to get me. I just wish we had something else to do to pass the time, you know? And I don't mean that." Cristian does have an idea. He pulls her away from the crowd.

Natalie is let back into the room now that John's examination is over. "The first graft appears to be taking nicely. I want to run the blood work to the lab and I'll be back, hopefully with good news. But, remember -- no TV, no newspapers, no stress." The doctor leaves and John and Natalie realize that things are going well so far. John knows that he doesn't look that great, but to Natalie he looks just fine. He worries that he might scare her away, but she tells him that he couldn't ever do that.

Jack tells Todd about school and how they are making paper maché snowmen. Jack wants his father to help him with it but Jack has to go. It is time for school and Mary Anne is waiting. Jack kisses his parents and leaves the penthouse. Todd is really touched by Blair helping Jack come around. "He never stopped loving you. He was just confused by what did. But I told you I was going to make it right and I'm going to try to make it right for our whole family, and once Spencer is convicted, then maybe it will be, right?" Todd thinks that might help, but he can't stop hearing Marty's voice in his head, talking about doing her job.

Starr gets to see Tommy with Michael and Marcie there. She thinks that Tommy is such a cutie. Starr thinks that Tommy looks a lot like Jack when he was a baby.

Rex and Adriana continue to discuss the issue of Tommy and who he should be with. Adriana wonders if it is fair to keep Tommy from his brother and sister by not telling the truth about who he really is. Rex reminds Adriana that being related to someone doesn't mean that you have to live with them…sort of like how Adriana wants nothing to do with Dorian? Besides, Rex feels that if the kids don't know about Tommy they can't miss him.

Cristian and Evangeline go and visit with John at the hospital. John thanks the happy couple for coming to see him. Evangeline misses Hugh but seeing John alive has got to be the best news ever. There was no way that Cristian and Evangeline wouldn't be there to see their friend and express how glad they are to see him again. John asks about court and what is going on there. Evangeline tells that there has been no news yet from the jury but she expects to hear something that day.

Spencer isn't happy when he sees that Marty has come to see him. He shushes her when she tries to talk to him. He is writing something and he doesn't want his thoughts interrupted. Marty will not wait. She needs him…Spencer's pen runs out of ink and he panics. He needs more ink! He needs more ink! She beckons to him to come closer to where she is standing, but all that he can focus on are the words in his head. He wants to get the words out. "Ok, ok. We'll -- we'll get you a pen and some paper, ok? Guard? Guard? Guard, we need some help down here! Hurry. Stop him or he'll kill himself."

Michael and Marcie talk about how much they love the baby. Starr plays with the baby and finds that he is very smart. "Yeah, well, you know, we're thinking of skipping preschool and signing him right up for Mrs. McBain's class." Talking about school reminds Marcie that she has a class that is about to start. She has to get out of there. Michael gets a call from the courthouse. All interested parties are to get over there as soon as possible. Marcie will try to get Lindsay to take care of Tommy for her. Michael will have to let Marcie know what happens at court later. Starr hopes that he will tell her too what goes on there. He certainly will do that.

"I happened to see you, and I wanted to talk to you. My goodness. You're wearing the same nail polish color I always use. Looks nice." Adriana is suspicious that her mother has been following her and spying on her. Dorian tries to strike up a conversation… Adriana isn't interested. "First of all, you never came here. And second of all, I don't have time. Rex is on the phone about the Spencer Truman trial." Dorian wonders if there is a verdict. "Oh, I want to get to the courtroom. I want to be there when that monster finally gets what he deserves for making so many people suffer." Adriana likes it too when people are made to pay for the things that they do wrong. Dorian apologizes again for the mix-up at the bank, and she wonders if Adriana would consider calling her 'mother' again. Adriana has no intentions of going back to that.

Rex arrives and Dorian questions him immediately about the verdict having come in yet. Rex says that the jury is coming back in the courtroom. "Oh. Well, then I'll see you both in court. Oh, Adriana, you will be calling me 'mother' again in no time at all. I'm sure of it."

Bo calls Clint and gives him the news. Clint says that he will be right over. He and Viki tell Nigel that they are leaving now. Nigel will let Asa know what's happened and he will be waiting by the phone for mews about court.

Apparently the judge has asked to see the jury but aside from that, Evangeline hasn't a clue what is going on. Cristian and Evangeline will be back to see John later, but for now they have to go. John and Natalie will be waiting to hear what is going on. John thinks that Natalie want to be in court… "Nope. I'm sitting right here. If they do get a verdict on Spencer, I don't want you alone when you hear about it. You know what? I'm going to go see if I can bribe the nurse into giving us a remote, because there's got to be some news about it. Ok?" John wonders now if this all is finally going to be over.

"I notified the judge. He's calling the jury back in, so there's no telling how this is going to play out. Get him back to the courtroom." Bo orders the guard to get Spencer ready to go back into court. "And, Truman, I don't want you to think I'm buying any of this. And I hope that the judge doesn't, either. And then you're going to find out what it's like to be strapped to a table the last moment of your life on earth. Get him out of here!" Marty finds that Bo is being a little hard on the man. Bo reminds her that she wasn't here when Todd was the one who was strapped to the gurney. But then again, he figures that Marty would like to have seen that. She wishes that he would give her a little more credit here. "I'm trying. Now, you may be a good psychiatrist, Marty, but you don't know what you're dealing with, because you were forced to carry around all this baggage from the past." She denies that her job with Truman has nothing to do with she and Todd. "I am glad to hear that, because you have no idea just how dangerous, how threatening that Spencer Truman can be. You side up to him, that's the worst thing that you could possibly do."

Mark smirks when he sees the way that Evangeline is dressed for court. Cris pipes in that he loves the way that she looks. He thinks that she looks hot! "Well, formidable is a look that wins cases, but I kind of like looking hot, too." People start arriving now. Blair is suspicious that Marty has done something to cause this. Todd asks Blair is she has had that CAT scan yet. She says that she is getting it later and wonders if Todd will be coming with her. He says he can't. There is something that he has to take care of. On second thought, he decides that he should go with Blair to her appointment. That is more important. She is touched that he sounds like he actually cares about her. He says he almost does.

Spencer starts acting erratically on his way into the courtroom. "Oh, that's good. Yeah, you play that crazy thing all you want. It's not going to make a difference, Spencer. In the end, I'm going to win." The guards ignore Todd and continue on their way with Dr. Truman. Blair looks at Todd and can tell that something is going on with him.

Starr can tell that Cole is twitchy and a little uncomfortable. "Yeah. I think it's just the steroids. You know, going cold turkey like that, my body's just a little freaked out. And my brain a little, too. But you seem a little freaked yourself. Is -- is something going on?" He can tell that something is wrong with Starr as well. There is. She can't handle not knowing what is going on in court and she plans to skip class and go find out.

Cole doesn't think that she should do that, but she is fine with it. She tells that she does it all the time. "No, you're not. You're not going to ditch, ok? I know that you're going crazy not knowing, Starr, but you're going to stay right where you belong, in school!" Marcie says.

"Excuse me. Sorry. You know, I think even though there's a great deal at stake here, I really enjoy making Dorian jealous." Clint finds that comment beneath Viki but she tells him that he overestimates her. Dorian peers at them sitting together and doesn't like it. Clint knows that Dorian is a handful, but he can't help caring for the woman. If that is really the case, then Viki knows that the man is damned.

The bailiff puts court in session. "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I'm sending you home. Unless you hear from a court officer, I expect to see you back here at 10:00 tomorrow morning." Blair asks Evangeline what's going on. "I don't know. But if it has anything to do with the judge dismissing the jury early, we could be in trouble."

"Good news. The blood work told us what we wanted. New blood vessels are growing. We've also cultivated your own skin cells in the lab for further grafts. And it looks good. There's no reason we can't proceed." The doctor plans to do another operation on John right away. The room is being prepped for him right now. Dr. Sheridan is surprised that John isn't happy to be moving along with this operations quickly. The doctor knows that John is waiting for news from the courthouse, but there isn't any reason why he can't get that news after the operation. John's not going. He wants to hear the second there is something to know. The doctor has set everything up for him and this time has been scheduled to do this thing now. "Honestly, doctor -- I mean, would it really matter if we waited any longer? I mean, John's been waiting his whole life for this. Please," Natalie begs.

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