One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/5/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana comes over just in time to find Rex in a towel. At her request, he drops it.

Starr is back at school at her locker. Langston is glad to see her. Starr is upset cause her parents are all hung up on the trial. Starr sees Cole the same time the he sees her from across the hall.

Marcie talks to Michael but he is all preoccupied over Spencer's trial and hears nothing she says. He needs this to go their way for John and his recovery.

Natalie is with John and that surprises him since the trial is so heated right now. She doesn't want to be there in case something goes wrong.

Spencer is led into the courtroom and to the front. Todd gets to his feet but Bo warns him to keep calm. Blair knows that if anything happens to get Spencer off it will because of that Marty Saybrooke. Marty is behind Blair and hears her comment. Blair turns and sees the woman. She rushes at her, tackling her to the ground.

Bo goes to control the situation while the cameras snap Marty on her butt in the hall. Blair enters the courtroom now. Marty is picked off the floor and led into the courtroom. Evangeline has the doctor that she wants to evaluate Spencer's condition. He offers to have a look at Blair as well now that he has seen her in action.

Blair isn't sorry for what she has done to Marty. She feels the woman deserves it. She holds her head as she tells how she would push that woman again is she got the chance. Spencer is at the front of the room and sees that Blair is in pain by the way that she holds her head.

Adriana asks if Rex has changed his mind about the way that he is going to handle the news about Tommy. Rex really feels that Marcie and Michael should be Tommy's parents, and that is where it ends for him.

John wants to get out of the hospital and get his life back as soon as possible. She gets up now and still has that feeling in the pit of her stomach that he is gone, but then she remembers that he is alive. She can talk to him and she hopes one day soon that she will be able to touch him too. He asks her to lean over to get closer to her. "I have to tell you something. I came back for you."

Langston gets angry when her friend insists on making contact with Cole. She warns Cole that if he messes with Starr's head, he will be messing with her. She leaves. Cole comes over to Starr and talks about school. He really would prefer to talk about her though.

Adriana is upset that her serger isn't there yet. She ordered it and it is late. She wants to get started making her boxers and she is getting impatient having to wait. Layla calls. She wants Adriana to meet her right away. She is at the gym and Vincent showed up. He wants to talk to her and she isn't sure that she can handle this alone. Adriana will be right there and she will bring Rex with her.

Layla tells Vincent that Adriana is coming. She admits to him that she is afraid of him when he asks.

Todd wants to take Blair to the hospital but she won't go farther than outside to get some air. Viki walks over to Marty and asks her if she is there in town to cause trouble for her brother.

Natalie loves it when John says sweet things to her. She knows that he is in a lot of pain but most of all she is glad that he is alive. She waited so long for him to tell her that… He knows what she is going to say. He thinks that he has loved her for a long time. She says that after it seemed that he was gone, she realized that he never actually said it. She was comforted knowing that he was going to tell her how he felt. He is glad that happened, but he realizes now that he almost never got the chance to communicate things to her. She takes out the ring now and hands it to John. "Your mom gave this to me, and I think that you should have it."

What Cole means about wanting to talk about Starr is that he wants to have her around, and in his life. He takes Starr's hand in his.

Vincent knows that he ruined things with Layla and he regrets that now. He knows that they probably will never get back together because of what he did. She can't even be his friend, not after what he did to Cristian… Rex and Adriana show up and get in on the conversation.

Natalie tells that John's mother gave her the ring thinking that he had died. He tells that he knows the story already as Michael already told him about it. He seems to have been thinking about that. "I think that it was a mistake."

Evangeline and Michael whisper in court. Evangeline feels like Spencer has been sedated within an inch of his life. "I know someone who has been in pharmacology for 25 years. He knows everyone in the business."

Marty tells Viki how her life has been going and how she came to the decision that she needed to come home again. Viki would like to believe that Marty isn't there to cause trouble for Todd, but she just can't. "I can't believe that I have to remind you that I came here and testified on Todd's behalf he desperately needed that. I have a son to raise now Viki."

Blair was wrong to have pushed the woman, but Viki is sure that Marty understands how she feels. Marty tells that Evangeline is wrong thinking that she is there to tamper with justice.

"All rise!" The case of Spencer's Truman against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is called to order. Everyone gets to their feet.

Dr. Zimmerman testifies that Spencer is perfectly fit to stand trial. HE feels that Spencer's actions the day before were due to his own lawyer's actions. "The defendant is in sufficient possession of his faculties." Evangeline thanks the man for his testimony. "Your witness!"

Mark approaches and asks if the doctor knew Spencer before the day he examined the man. Dr. Zimmerman hadn't met the man before and only examined Spencer for 45 minutes. Mark has the Dr. to read Marty's testimony. Her assessment is the exact opposite of this doctors. Mark points out that Marty has seen Spencer much more than Marty has. "No further questions."

Todd seems blasé about the whole thing and Blair notices… The judge decides that he will take the testimony of Evangeline's doctor over Marty. Court is adjourned.

Starr and Cole know their parents would be freaking out if they knew that they were talking like this. Cole says that his mom always was on him about respecting women and that makes it hard for him to accept what he did. "And now that I can't be around you, I want to be around you even more." Cole tells that he isn't on the football team anymore, but that is okay as long as he can still get to see Starr from time to time. Marcie walks up. "Am I interrupting anything?"

John wants Natalie to understand that they can't ignore that things are different for the both of them now. She gets that… but she…It is clear that she is getting upset. He is sorry for all of this happening. The tears begin to flow now, and she fights to hold them back. He is sorry for all that has happened. She puts the ring on his side table. "I'm not sorry John."

Cole quickly leaves. Marcie asks if everything is okay. Starr says that everything is fine. Marcie knows what went on between the kids. Starr starts walking off. "I was wondering if you could help baby-sit sometime…" Starr is surprised that Marcie would trust her with Tommy. Marcie knows that Starr is smart and she has seen her with her brother. "I charge $10 per hour," Starr says. Marcie is fine with that. Marcie also offers to be there if Starr ever needs someone to talk to. "My first boyfriend did drugs and he used to say and do things that he shouldn't have. I know that Cole did something bad but it doesn't mean that he is." Starr tells her to tell that to her parents.

Vincent explains that what happened with Cristian wasn't planned. Layla stays quiet and Vincent then tells her that she doesn't have a lot of faith in herself. He walks off. Adriana hugs her friend.

Evangeline tells the courtroom that Spencer is intelligent and accomplished…

Mark tells that Spencer is wrongly accused…

Evangeline tells that if there is someone worse than a killer, that would be Spencer…

Mark says that he reveres life…

Evangeline says that he isn't the miracle worker that he pretends to be…

Mark talks about Thomas's death as a tragedy…

Evangeline says the only man that Spencer wanted to save that night that Thomas died, was himself…

Mark talks about Blair as an untrustworthy witness…

Evangeline wants this monster's reign of terror ended…

Mark reminds that the law says you cannot convict on the basis of hearsay.

Evangeline says that they have to return a verdict of 'Guilty of Murder in the First Degree'. She turns to the defendant for a quick look before walking away.

Starr gives her friend some candy and she sits with her. Langston wants an update on Cole. She doesn't want her friend to get hurt. Starr get s a text. It is from 'Colehearted'. He writes, 'If I write, will you answer?' Starr answers that she will.

Rex goes over to Vincent who is pulling things out of his gym bag. He tries to talk to Vincent but he is determined to go. "They are starting a lingerie idea together." Vincent knows that whatever they do together will be great. Rex tells Vincent that he should stay cool. Vincent appreciates him saying that. Adriana and Layla return telling that they went to see a lady's sports bra and they think that it is time that women stopped being squished down by them.

Natalie comes to John with the news that the trial is continuing…

The judge reminds the jury that they are to determine the facts, apply the law to the facts…There is to be no sympathy, or public opinion to interfere in this decision. "All rise!" Court is adjourned.

Spencer is led out and he pauses for a moment when she sees Blair at the back. The press is waiting for Spencer when he exits the courtroom.

Natalie tells John that anytime now, they will get word about whether or not Spencer is going to be convicted. John is quiet as he lays in the bed, but he clenches his fist…

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