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Todd is very vocal about Marty testifying on Spencer's behalf. The judge orders him to sit down or get thrown out.

Jessica has returned to town and she goes straight to Nash's place. When he opens the door, she is standing right there. Antonio walks in behind her. Nash asks if she returned because she missed the child. Jessica says that she did. Nash understands her feelings he is the other parent and feels that way when he isn't with Bree.

Michael asks if John wants to marry Natalie still like he was planning before his accident. John doesn't give Michael a definitive 'yes' or 'no' answer. He just tells how he knows that no one in their right mind wants to be with someone who will be in a hospital bed for a long time. He knows that is how it is going to be for him.

Natalie gets to court and doesn't understand what is going on. Spencer stands and starts shaking his cuffed hands. He understands what is going on and shouts that he isn't crazy and that he isn't a murderer.

Antonio isn't offended by Nash pointing out a connection between he and Jessica using the child. Jessica fears that Antonio is feeling left out now, but Antonio says that he is fine. Nash tells that he wasn't making a shot. Antonio knows that. It is just a fact that Nash is the biological father for Bree and Antonio accepts that.

Michael tells John that their mother gave the engagement ring to Natalie like John was planning to do himself. John understands why they did that. He tells how Natalie tried to dig up his grave as she was so determined to check the DNA of the body down there. John knows she could have been busted. John wants to know about his condition. "How bad is it Mike…The burns…my face…I wanna see."

Evangeline asks that Marty be recused on the basis of prejudice. The judge doesn't understand. She tells how the woman has a connection to Todd and Blair. The judge doesn't care about that. He only worries about the prejudice in relation to the defendant. Marty is allowed to take the stand. She is sworn in.

Kelly and Viki go to the restaurant to talk for a while. She is getting ready to go to London soon. She is so sure that this is what she should be doing. She orders a club soda, while Viki just worries that Kelly may be lonely in London. She will miss everyone but she needs to get away from the sadness and bad memories. Maybe later she and Kevin can return and live in Llanview, but right now she wants to start fresh and have a new life and home. Viki begs her to stay until Christmas, but Kelly can't promise that.

Michael agrees to show John his face but he says there are not mirrors around. John tells Michael to look in the drawer. There is a mirror in there. Before he gives the mirror to John, Michael tells that there is still a lot of surgery to do. Words escape John when he sees the damage. He knows that it is going to difficulty making things look good.

Marty had six sessions with Spencer so far. In her opinion he is highly delusional and out of touch with reality. She gave him a sedative. Mark asks what happened. Marty says that Spencer had a full-blown psychotic episode. Spencer stands and rants that his attorney has handled this all wrong and he isn't psychotic. Mark gets the man to sit again. Spencer's behavior only proves what Marty has been saying. She feels the recent incarceration brought this on. Spencer seems to feel that he has been betrayed by the women in his life. Both Blair and his mother. Marty tells that Spencer is a prominent surgeon and taking care of people who put their lives in his hands, and he could have been heading this way before all this happen. Then the betrayal, and the charges. They all pushed him to this point. Blair jumps to her feet. "he is lying your honor, and that Marty Saybrooke is lying through her teeth!"

Jessica can see that Bree is hungry. Nash gets a bottle and tests it on his wrist. She likes that he took really good care of her. She is about to feed the baby but then lets Nash do it since Jessica has him all the time. Antonio realize that there isn't any food in the freezer at their place. Antonio decides that they are going to go out to eat and they invite Nash. He knows that technically they are still on their honeymoon and don't want him there as a third wheel. Antonio says that they really don't mind him coming.

Michael pulls the mirror from John when he sees to get stuck staring at the image of his own face. John says that he is dying to see the kid. Michael tells that there is going to be a lot of surgery to face, and that Antonio is doing his old job.

The judge shouts that the next person who has an outburst will be thrown out. Blair can't believe how well Todd is dealing with this. Evangeline approaches Marty now. She asks about a patient faking his or her breakdown. Marty has heard about it but it hasn't happened to her. Mark objects thinking that there is no point to this line of questioning. The judge will allow these questions. Evangeline feels that if Marty hasn't had a patient who she caught faking, then she wouldn't know what a faking patient looks like. Marty is sure that the defendant has ongoing psychological problems. Evangeline reminds her that Spencer has managed to fool a lot of people in this town for a very long time. She finds it funny that Marty has such insight into Spencer's psyche after only having worked with him for a month. The judge calls a recess and Spencer is put on Suicide Watch. He gets to his feet and starts ranting again.

Natalie and Marcie are at the back of the room and they stare in horror at how the case is just falling apart. "Michael is going to be so angry!"

Spencer leans over the wooden gate at the front of the courtroom and whispers in Blair's ear that she doesn't have to do this to him. She turns her back to him, but he keeps going. "You don't have to lie Blair. You don't have to help that nasty man…" She tells him to shut up, but he keeps talking, until the guards take him away.

Marty is coming off the stand now and she starts walking out. Blair asks to talk to her, but Marty says that she has nothing to say to the woman. She keeps walking and Blair shouts after her, running after her as if she is going to grab her. When Marty makes it to the back of the room and walks out, Blair stops suddenly. She puts her palm to her head and closes her eyes in pain. She clutches the door for support…

When Blair can get herself together, she returns to the front of the courtroom where Todd is talking to Evangeline. She tells the couple that what happened today isn't about them . It is about whether Spencer is going to get away with this or not. Evangeline leaves. Blair tells Todd that she wants Spencer to pay…maybe more than he does.

Kelly and Viki are eating and talking when Marcie arrives. She looks at pictures of Zane and goes on about how he is so cute. She tells that she was at the courthouse and Spencer had a breakdown and then a doctor came. The doctor turned out to be Marty Saybrooke. Viki knows that Todd is going to hate this.

Jessica, Antonio and Nash walk in the restaurant with the baby. Viki worries when she sees the married couple, but they tell that they just missed everyone and that is the only reason why they have returned so soon. Nash goes to find them all a table. Jessica asks about Natalie and how she has been doing. Antonio and Jessica have been out of the loop and just about fall over when Viki tells them that John is alive.

Michael has to get going now but he will be back the next day to see his brother. "I am just so happy to have you back man…" He makes a move to hug his brother but John puts his hand out to stop him from coming closer. That hug would really hurt. Michael goes to the hall and is surprised to find Natalie there. He thought that she was at home like John said. She says that she was at court. Michael wants to know what happened but Natalie doesn't tell him .

She goes in to see John. She offers to leave it he really wants her to. He asks her to stay. She was going to stay anyway. She asks what he and Michael were talking about. "Oh we talked about football…the weather…you…"

Antonio leaves to call the station. Jessica finds the news about John to be a miracle. Viki says that a lot of people would like to see John but he isn't allowed visitors…only family…Viki and Kelly have to get going now. They kiss the baby before heading out. Jessica goes to Nash and Antonio's table and sits.

A man at the bar smiles when he sees her. "Hey Tess…How ya doing? It's me…Reg…"

Blair goes to the hospital and gets Michael to look her over. She tells him what happened in court that day. Michael is flabbergasted. She is very excited and he tells her to relax and take a breath. Blair knows that Marty did this deliberately to hurt Todd and herself. Michael warns her that she had better take it easy for her own good.

Evangeline is packing up when Mark comes to her telling that they will talk and set up an appointment with a doctor of her choice. She walks out and doesn't stop when Todd comes to talk to her. After she is gone, Todd goes to Mark and tells him that he is doing a nice job. He smiles menacingly. "It is a nice job that you are doing but it isn't going to work." Casey tells Todd not to hold his breath.

When Spencer sees Marty outside his cell, he immediately tells her that he will not talk to her. He feels that she is working against him. She tells that she is only doing her job, but that hasn't anything to do with whether he is guilty or not. He admits that he has done some things…in his life. "You can tell me anything that you want…Anything that you tell me is covered by doctor/patient confidentiality."

Natalie decides that she will get a sandwich and hang around there for a while. John would like that. He would like her to get a newspaper for him. She says that nothing much went on at court that day… "Michael already told me that Spencer had a meltdown Natalie….but was there anything else?"

Jessica has no idea who this Reg guy is, but he sure remembers her. Antonio introduces himself to the man and Jessica tells the man that her name is 'Jessica'. The man quickly apologizes and leaves. Marcie comes over to see the baby quickly and she leaves. Jessica apologizes for the man coming over there. Jessica remembers him. Tess dated this guy a couple of times.

Reg is back on the barstool and he smiles thinking that Jessica was just a good little wifey, playing on the wild side a little bit.

Spencer tells that he has secrets that could blow many lives apart. He chuckles… He knows about her and how this is her opportunity to punish Todd and Blair. "That's not true Spencer. I am only doing my job."

Michael has done some tests and now all they have to do is wait to see what they say.

Todd finishes up a call just as Viki is coming in. She tells how she knows what happened with Marty in court. Todd says that he isn't going to do anything about this himself. "It's not worth it." He walks off…

Natalie tells John about court. She says that Spencer's lawyer brought in a shrink and now they are trying to make Spencer look unfit. "You should see them in there… That Truman and that sleazy lawyer. They really think that they are going to get away with this."

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