One Life to Live Update Friday 11/24/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Michael wakes and Natalie is there smiling down at him. She couldn't sleep the night before as she was so excited. She spent so much time thinking that he was dead that now that he is alive she doesn't want to stop looking at him. His face is damaged, but to her he is beautiful. She almost starts crying and he tells her to stop it. "I love you."

Cristian is at the gym working out. Nash comes over and offers to spot him while he works with the weights. Cristian says that he is okay but Nash can see that he needs help. Cristian is unfriendly and Nash says that since they have Jessica in common they should call a truce.

Jessica waits as Antonio talks to the manager of the club they are in. He is arranging to get a car for the day. They act like happy honeymooners with her telling him that she is having a great time.

Rex has a dream…He tells Todd, Michael and Marcie that the baby Tommy is Todd's missing son. There would be thunder and lightening. Michael and Marcie would be devastated.

Blair is outside the courtroom when Todd finds her. He asks about her appointment but she tells that it was postponed. He wants to know who postponed it.

Nora and Evangeline are stunned when Michael and Marcie fill in the blanks about John. Hugh's body has been exhumed and DNA tests have been run. Paige is devastated. Evangeline smiles. John is alive and that is a miracle. Hugh being gone is sad but this is sill a good day. Nora offers to stand in for Evangeline if she is upset, but Evangeline says that she can handle it. "I wonder how Spencer is dealing with his son's death…" Spencer is brought in right at that moment and taken to his seat at the front.

Rex continues to dream…Michael and Marcie don't believe him at first. Todd would tie him up and tell Michael and Marcie to let him take things from here. Michael and Marcie are angry too. Michael hopes that this is a joke but Rex can't tell him that. Michael would apologize to Marcie and she would start panicking. Todd would go to the baby saying that Tommy is his now. "I am going to teach you everything that I know…" Marcie would get hysterical and Michael would have to hold her to calm her down.

Court is in session now. Mark calls his first and only witness. "Spencer Truman."

Natalie is sure that Evangeline will get a conviction. John wishes that he could be there. Natalie thought that he was gone and she would have these dreams about he and her and their lives together and then she would just wake up all of a sudden. She really hopes right now that what she is experiencing isn't a dream. "It's not a dream." They've missed each other. She asks if he will be having more visitors that day. "How about your mom?" Natalie leaves to go and call the woman to see what is keeping her.

Natalie goes into the hall and bumps into Vincent who is on his way to the room. She thanks him for bringing John back to her. She remembers all the things that she put him through and how he helped her anyway. She hugs him… John sees that from his bed.

Spencer is sworn in. He is seated on the stand. The first question from Spencer's own mouthpiece and it stuns the onlookers. "Spencer Truman…Why did you kill John McBain?"

Cris doesn’t see why he has to get along with Nash. Nash reminds him that there is Bree to consider. Cristian calms somewhat and asks about Nash and how he feels about Jessica now. Nash knows that Cristian used to date her and asks if he thinks about Jessica even now.

Antonio and Jessica look for a voucher in her purse and they find Bree's picture in there. Jessica is immediately overflowing with love, and she clearly misses the child. "Do you want to go home?"

Rex has another dream. Tom is older now. Maybe 6 or 7 years old. He hates that Rex calls him Tom and he kicks the man. "It's Todd the second you idiot!" Todd laughs like Count Dracula over his kid's antics. Both of them are dressed in matching black clothes.

Spencer denies that he killed Thomas McBain. He says that he didn't even know him. Spencer is asked if he knows Asa Buchanan. Evangeline objects but the lawyer gets to ask this. He tells how Spencer came to town to stalk the Buchanans and make their lives hell. Spencer is angry that his lawyer is asking him these hateful question and he can't understand this. He asks about his mother and how she made him promise to get revenge on Asa's family. That's true, Spencer says. He also confirms that after a while a DNA test was done and it proved that Spencer isn't Asa's son. "Doesn't that make your mother a lying whore?" Spencer flies out of his seat and he has his hands on Mark long before the guards can reach him. He gets to shake the man up for a few seconds, and then he is restrained.

Natalie is sorry that Hugh is dead. Vincent says that a good thing came out of this though. Natalie is happy. Vincent asks if John has said anything about his visits. Natalie knows that he is thinking about the confessions of their having kissed. She plans to talk to John about it anyway. Vincent tells Natalie to get back to John and he walks off. Natalie stares after the man, and John stares after her.

Rex's dream now has he and Adriana talking about Tommy and ***. In this dream, Michael and Marcie have moved out of town to get away from Todd. They start walking and almost trip over someone's feet. It is Marcie living in a cardboard box. Michael started drinking and they broke up. She blames her life being ruined on Rex. "Thanks for ruining my life!" She raises her hand and brings it down, plunging a knife into Rex's chest. Adriana screams. Rex jumps out of his sleep shouting and Adriana wakes too.

Natalie tells John how Vincent and Hugh were college friends, and so he is pretty upset over his friend being dead. Natalie brings up the kiss now. John says that he remembered that.

The cops are still holding Spencer back from killing his lawyer. The lawyer shouts at his client that his mother betrayed him. The judge warns Mark Casey that if he keeps up this shouting he will be in contempt. Mark is on a rampage now. He can't stop. He keeps shouting at his client and Spencer keeps telling him that he is wrong. The judge has had enough. He finds Mark in contempt and hopes that the man has his toothbrush as he will be staying incarcerated overnight. Mark goes to the back of the room. Spencer points at Blair now. "It's all you fault," he whimpers like a little child. "It's all because of you ma…" Spencer is pointing at Blair, and talking to her as if she were his mother. Nora and Evangeline can't hide their surprise at Spencer falling apart like this…Neither can Todd.

Jessica says that she is fine and wants to stay on the honeymoon. Antonio knows that she really wants to go home and see their kids. The car that Antonio arranged for them has come. "Okay Jessica. What do you want to do?"

Nash says that he has gotten over Tess, but Cris Dru believe that. They decide that getting a new girl might help him with his problems. Cris suggests Layla, but Nash isn't sure that he wants to be her rebound. "Are you sure that you want to get over Tess?"

Rex and Adriana talk about the baby but this time Rex isn't sure that he can keep the secret about the baby. He needs to go for a walk. He tells her to say a prayer for him.

The cops hold Spencer as he completely loses it. He talks to Blair as if she is his mother. "Why did you do this to me? Why?" Blair tells Spencer that she isn't his mother. He accuses her of killing his son. The judge orders Mark to explain what is going on with his client. "Isn't it clear your honor? He has had a psychotic break! He isn't fit to stand trial."

Natalie tells John how she came to be kissing Vincent on the roof. She asks him if he hates her now. He doesn't hate her. He could use some more morphine but he doesn't hate her. "You and me…we're alive Natalie…And right now that is all that matters."

Rex finds an old woman sleeping in a cardboard box and calls for Marcie. It is a homeless woman. Rex gives her some money and she thanks him.

Spencer shouts out phrases that mean nothing. His head shakes and he moves his lips from time to time, whispering to himself. Todd gets up knowing that this is fake. The judge thinks that Mark knows what this is about but the man denies it. He had a strategy in place of Truman but he didn't know that the man would fall apart from these questions. Evangeline too finds this to be a ploy to get the man off, but the more Spencer acts out, the more believable his behavior gets. "LET GO OF ME!" The court security holds on tighter. After being instructed to do so, the officers take Spencer out of the room. Todd can't help smiling as he watches the whole thing go down.

Nash tells Brennan that she can't choose the one that you fall in love with. No one comes close to Tess in his eyes. Jessica is close but she isn't an option. Someone knocks. Jessica stands at the door.

Rex returns home and has decided that the will not tell Todd the truth about the baby. He seems to want to just own the kid, but Michael and Marcie really love Tommy. Adriana thinks that Todd isn't as bad as Rex might think. She wonders what will happen if Tommy grows up to be just like Todd. He knows of people in Llanview who have grown up okay when they had parents who weren't theirs. Rex hates that he has to ask this but he wants Adriana to tell him that she will not tell his secret.

Marcie goes over to Todd and Blair and they discuss what happened. They all go to Evangeline and Nora to see what is going on now. The judge has been ready for two hours but the defense needed more time. The bailiff puts court back in session. Spencer is brought in and seated beside his attorney. The man doesn't seem to be aware of what is going on around him. His head lolls from side to side and he seems to be preoccupied with something going on up on the ceiling. Mark tells the judge that he can prove that his patient isn't fit for trial. "I call my next witness…Miss Marty Saybrooke." The crowd turns to the door behind them…

Natalie tells Vincent outside of the hospital that she cleared up the thing with the kiss. She can't help wondering now if he remembers that he was going to propose to her.

Michael tells John what went on in court. John isn't surprised in the least. He sent Natalie home to get some rest. Michael knows she probably needed it. He tells that Natalie went a little crazy when she thought that John was dead. Michael tries to see if John remembers wanting to propose to Natalie or not. "I was just wondering. I mean…Do you still want to marry her?"

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