One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/23/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

John loves hearing Natalie say his name. She apologizes for not being that for him. He understands. He raises his hand and pulls off her hat. She turns to go and get the doctor but all he needs is her.

Todd checks that his blueprints have come in and when he knows they have, he decides to go. He tells Blair that he will be going off to find his kid, and he leaves.

Rex is worried about how to handle his case that went awry. He fears that Spencer will use this situation with the baby to get a leg, somehow. He has to tell about Tommy, even if it hurts Marcie.

Spencer sits stewing in his juices. He thinks about how Blair turned on him in court. Bo enters the jail area and Spencer can tell that this must be important. Spencer goes off talking about how he is going to win and he would like Bo to tell Evangeline that. He says that it is too bad that John won't be around to see it. "Maybe he will. John McBain is alive!"

Cristian and Evangeline are out golfing and Evangeline is doing great. She just pretends the ball is Spencer's face. In spite of how things are going, Evangeline still feels like something is going to work with her case. A lot of good people are counting on her and if Spencer goes free, he will start picking folks off, one by one.

Kelly comes to see Blair commenting on the security out front and asking what that's all about. Blair says that Starr is grounded and that is why the guard is there. Kelly has come with Blair to go to her appointment with her. She isn't going. She wants to help Todd find his son, and she wants Kelly to help her.

Todd arrives at work and finds Viki in his chair typing away on his laptop. He jokes that she must be hacking into his system. She has a special story coming out and she wanted him to see it first before it went to print. She points to the screen and smiles. Todd's face is one of total disbelief. Viki smiles back at him knowingly.

John has something that he has to say to Natalie. She wants him to be quiet. They have the rest of their lives to talk. He needs to tell her how he feels right now.

Spencer claps. He couldn't care less about what happened to John. He's just not interested in this story. Bo knows that he will be. He says that John wasn't the only one who was misidentified. Suddenly, Spencer stops with all the smart commentary and becomes very still for what might come next. "I'm sorry Truman, but the man buried in John's grave…is Hugh…"

John wants to tell her something but Michael arrives before he can get the news out. Michael and his brother catch up. This is a miracle. Michael is a doctor and he sees now that he should have checked and realized that something was wrong. John tells him to stop talking as it is killing him. Michael smiles. He tells the man he loves him. Natalie will leave so that the guys can talk. She will return later and she will have her private talk with John then. She smiles.

Cristian is having a terrible time hitting the ball and so Evangeline gives him lessons. She stands up close to him, from behind and she coaches him in the ways of successful golf-playing. She finds him so stiff and tells him to relax. He is really having a hard time. She used to hate the game too, but she learned to like it when she started putting her enemies' faces on the ball.

Rex and Adriana arrive at the police station and a cop tells that there has been news about Lieutenant McBain. Rex and Adriana look at each other curiously.

Viki tells that her article isn't defending Truman, but there is something that she needs to say and she used the article to do it… Todd is all ears. She actually seems to be gloating.

Natalie makes a call trying to find Evangeline…

Spencer raves at the news that Bo has brought him. He thinks that Bo is lying to him. Bo says that he wish that he was lying. He buried a son and wouldn't wish this on anyone else. Spencer thinks t hat this is a cop trick so they can see how he acts. Bo says that he wouldn't do this to Paige just to get back at him.

Cristian gets the message and tells Evangeline that John is alive.

Bo continues to tell Spencer about the other people in Hugh's life and how they would hurt if this were a trick. He wouldn't do that. Spencer calms himself now. He thinks that Bo wants something but he really wants nothing. "You should try and find someone out there who gives a damn about you and talk to them before this thing eats you alive." Bo walks out. Spencer sits with his back to the door where Bo has exited. He rubs his face and is quiet.

Blair says that she will go to the doctor but after she deals with Spencer. She knows that nothing is going to happen before she gets to the doctor. Kelly can't accept this. This is her life. Blair didn't cancel the appointment, she will just change it. She has to find Starr and Jack's kid. Kelly will help. Blair knows that at one time, Spencer was interested in Kelly and Blair thinks that she could get information out of the man. Kelly will do it. Blair promises to go to the doctor afterward.

Michael fills John in on how Hugh is now gone. Paige thought that her son had made it but Bo told her the truth. John wants to know what else is going on. Michael has already told him about Tommy. John tries to remember the accident. He does. Immediately after that he was talking to his father.

After they discuss Viki's article, Viki tells that she is checking up on Todd as well. Todd tells that Marty's son tried to rape Starr.

Blair and Kelly go to see Spencer at jail… He moves closer to the bars, like a panther sneaking up on its prey.

Evangeline and Cris marvel at this news. This is sad for Hugh's family but a good thing for John.

.Michael and Natalie are so glad to have John back. Michael asks if your life passes before your eyes when you have an accident like that. Michael says that it does. You think about Irish whiskey and the meaning of life. Michael also tells that it looks like Truman is finally going to get what he deserves.

Spencer tells how hard it was to hear Blair rip him apart on the stand but still he is glad that she is there. He thinks that Blair was afraid to come down there alone but that wasn't the case, Kelly says. She shows Spencer the pictures of her baby and he enjoys them. She thanks him for helping her have a baby. It was he who helped her get pregnant. Blair knows that there is a part of Spencer that still cares about .people and what happens to them. He says that is true. "Well prove it! Tell us where Todd's son is."

Todd tells that Cole may get off for what he did to Starr. He was whacked out on drugs at the time. Todd even infers that Marty could have set the kid up to do this to him. He believes that she hates him. Viki finds Marty to be the culprit to be too easy an answer. She testified on Todd's behalf when he hurt her so long ago. He knows that but he thinks that she wants some kind of revenge. She is still a victim in Todd's eyes.

Bo tells Adriana that the kidnapping case is going cold. Without Bruce's testimony, there isn't much that he can do. Adriana hates that Rex almost died because of her. She feels guilty every time that he tells her to stop being angry. Bo thinks that Rex probably wants you to have a relationship with her mother even though she hates him. She knows that she is lucky to have a guy like Rex. "He's a good kid. Let me rephrase that! Adriana, he's a good man."

Rex is on his way into the cells to see Spencer. He hears that the man is talking to Blair and Kelly. The conversation is about the baby that he has been investigating. Spencer freaks out. He tells Blair that his son is dead. Blair didn't know that. "You go back and you tell that filthy rapist that if I can't have my son, neither can he!" Rex continues to listen while hiding.

Todd tells Viki that he fears that Starr will never trust him again. The kids at her school tortures her with the truth about him being a rapist. Viki knows that Starr loves her father. She is just confused right now. Todd knows that he isn't any good for her. Viki tells him that he is wrong. She was a terror when Todd was in jail. He is advised to wait this out. Starr will talk to him in time. It isn't going to be easy but it is simple and requires patience. He smiles. Patience is his best quality, he jokes. He hates knowing that his kids are all in the same boat as far as he is concerned. "I will fix this Viki. I have a plan."

Natalie tells John to get some rest. He won't. He used to let her do all the talking before and he never complained much. She starts talking again, but he jumps in. It is hard for him to speak. He says a few words and then has to stop talking and swallow. At times it seems as if he is panting. It takes time for him to get out what it is that he wants to say. "Shut up and listen. Before the accident there was something that I had to tell you and I didn't get the chance. What I wanted to tell you was…What I wanted to tell you was…I love you…"

Viki hates it when Todd says that he has a plan. Either someone will end up in tears or Todd will end up near death. She begs Todd not to do anything that would take him from his children again. He promises that if there is something that comes up that he can't handle, he will ask for her help. She will help if she can. Todd tells Viki to tell Natalie that he is happy about McBain.

Kelly is stunned. She had no idea that Hugh was killed. Spencer assures that what he has said is true. Spencer says that he would rather die than tell Todd where his baby is. Blair rushes out with Kelly who is crying now for Hugh. "He's gone Blair! The baby's gone! Just like Hugh! Just like you!" Spencer actually cries now.

Rex goes to Adriana and tells her that he knows what he has to do now.

Todd checks the blueprints and sees that they are just what he ordered…

Evangeline won't rush over to see John now. It is Natalie and his family's time. She will go see John, and when she goes, she will take Cristian with her… He is the most important to her.

John wanted to have this talk with Natalie a different way, but he is just glad to have a second chance. He hopes that they will not screw it up this time. It can't be screwed up as far as she is concerned. He came back to her and she can't ask for anything more perfect than that.

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