One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/29/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair is better the next day. She likes that Todd checked on her while she was sleeping. He just wants her to be ready to testify against Spencer that day. They head out.

Starr comes downstairs after they are gone. She goes to her knapsack…

Evangeline is at the courthouse. Cristian sneaks up to surprise her. She looks so sexy in that suit and he knows that she will win the case cause she is brilliant. She knows that she has to win. She has to finish what John started.

Natalie, Michael and Marcie hug outside John's room. Marcie couldn't believe the news that John is alive. They are so blessed and Marcie knows that John would want them to feel that. Natalie can't wait to see John again. Michael tells Natalie that she should be patient now. Michael wonders if Natalie understands that there is a chance that Johnny might not be the same person that he was before the accident.

Dorian tells the bank manager that the transfer of the money to her daughter's account should be very simple. The banker tries to say something but she cuts him out, ordering him to just do this. He has bad news for her. "There is no way that your daughter can ever see a penny of this money."

Langston comes over to see her friend. She has been worried about her. Starr tells how her father is going to transfer her out of Llanview High. Her mother is listening to her but her father isn't. Langston tells that the kids are talking. Cole may have been suspended…expelled even.

Spencer arrives to court with his mouthpiece. The bailiff gets the court in session and Blair is on the stand. She is still under oath and Evangeline thanks her for coming there. Evangeline asks about meeting Spencer at the hospital. Blair tells that her son had a medical issue and she was frightened. It was nothing. Her son was being looked after by Spencer. He pursued her afterwards and Blair gave in to his charms. Then she stopped the relationship. She found out that he was a murderer! "Objection!"

Bo ends a call… He turns his back to a file on the desk. Paige comes in and has just now noticed that Bo has put her picture back on his desk. She has brought him apple turnovers and coffee for breakfast. The skin graphs are going to be done soon and she will get to see Hugh's wonderful face again. Bo makes her sit. "There is something that I have to tell you."

Natalie starts to worry now. Michael says that John may be fine but John's face and body have been severely burned. He may not look normal. Natalie is familiar with what happens to burn victims. Michael wants her to understand that John will need more understanding from his loved ones. Natalie gets angry. She plans to be with John, by his side every minute. She doesn't care what he looks like. Michael knows his brother and he might not let her take care of him. Michael has had patients like this who become bitter. Others try to make a difference. They try to make every moment count. Natalie thinks about this and feels that maybe after someone having gone through something like this, they should be expected to change.

Dorian gets her back up. Turns out that there is a provision that has the money locked up for 10 years. Dorian is dumbfounded. She wanted her to protect her daughter's money. Adriana has come to the doorway and she stands quietly listening to her mother talk to the banker. Adriana hears how her mother took her daughter's money to protect her. "You did what?" Dorian turns to the door.

Roxy finds Rex being thoughtful. He is outside thinking. She can see that he has a problem and offers to be a sounding board. He tells about his dilemma and she tells him that she has the answer to all his problems.

Langston tells that there is going to be an assembly for the whole school where they will have to listen to speakers who will be talking about steroids and having parties and stuff. Cole has also been kicked off the football. Starr is upset about that. Langston can't believe this. "You're not thinking about forgiving him are you?"

Blair tells how Spencer used to brag that he always took advantage of his little brother all his life. She tells how she found a photo of Spencer and his father. They were holding the matching guns. Blair confirms that the picture in evidence is the one that she saw. The photo that Blair found helped the cops find the gun eventually. Spencer whispers to his lawyer that Blair might still not be well. The lawyer will do whatever he has to do to get her swinging their way. "Ms. Cramer, can you please tell the jury, how many times did you and Dr. Truman make love?" Evangeline springs to her feet with her objection!

Dorian tells Adriana that she only moved the money to protect it. Adriana finds it rich that she ran to the bank the second that she realized that Adriana was going to use the money. The banker gets out of the office. This is clearly a family matter. Dorian gets her chequebook out to fix what happened. She has the money elsewhere. No harm done. Adriana can't believe this woman. She thinks that writing a cheque is going to make it okay that she ripped off her daughter.

Bo tells Paige as gently as he can that John was misidentified and is alive. Paige finds that to be wonderful news. She sees there is more in Bo's eyes. There are no words. She suddenly understands. "No! No!" Bo holds her tightly as she sobs and cries.

Langston tells that unfortunately, due to Britney's slideshow, everyone at school knows that Starr's dad raped Cole's mom! Starr is horrified that this connection has been made. BEEP! Both girls turn to look at the laptop. Cole has sent Starr a message, telling her that he is the guy from Halloween, not the guy from the party.

Mark fights to have his question answered. He wants to know how many times she made love to Dr. Truman. She has to answer. The judge allows the question. Blair sheepishly admits to having relations with Spencer two to three times a week. "Ms. Cramer…were you in love with Dr. Truman?"

Dorian says that she put the money aside for Adriana for a few years just to keep it safe for her. She didn't steal it, she says. She was only doing it for Adriana's welfare. Adriana guffaws that. Dorian will make this up to Adriana. She offers to write the cheque. Adriana doesn't want that; she wants nothing from her mother. She will figure this out for herself. She is resourceful. "Like mother, like daughter?" Adriana says that if her mother says anything like that again she will puke. She isn't like Dorian and she wouldn't hurt people like Dorian does. She would rather die first. Adriana walks off. Dorian nods her head. "Like mother, like daughter."

Roxy thinks that Rex is talking about her when he talks about the baby situation but that isn't the case, he tells her. She wanted to hold him in her arms but that wasn't what she was best at. Aunt Corrine handled things better and had a better household for Rex. Still, Roxy thought about him first thing in the morning and last thing before she hit the bottle, uh… the sack at night.

Michael tells Natalie that they should keep this news about John to themselves until Hugh's family has been notified. Natalie agrees. Michael looks in the window to John's room. "This is a miracle Johnny. This…This…is a miracle." Michael and Marcie leave. Natalie turns to the window now smiling. She won't let him push her away.

Blair tells that she told Spencer that she loved him because she needed to get evidence on him. The man that she really loved was taken away from her because Spencer set the man that she loved up. Blair said that she thought that she loved Spencer, but that was because Spencer was messing with her head. But she still loved Todd. She always loved Todd! Todd is in the crowd listening and he now gets up and turns his back to the court as he walks to the door. Blair sees him leaving and she shouts that she still loves Todd. Mark the attorney suggests that she may be lying. She says that she isn't. Todd stops walking to the door and turns to look at the front. "Well what is it Ms. Cramer? Are you lying now, or were you lying then?"

'I hope you are okay and I hope that you will be okay forever.' Langston isn't as moved as her friend is by Cole's words. She takes the laptop and types as if she were Starr. She writes, 'I hate you, and I don't want you…" Starr grabs the laptop but not before Langston hits the 'send' button. She has to get back to school now.

Roxy shouts at Rex, telling him not to lay anymore guilt on her about how she raised him. She is crying and he hugs her. He tells her that he gets why she gave him away. She wanted the best for him. She just missed growing up with Roxy and Natalie. He thinks that they are both great. She is glad that he is grown up and doing great. He likes that idea. He is grown up now and nothing can be done about the way that things turned out. She gets her things and leaves. Rex suddenly feels like he knows what his next move needs to be.

Paige sobs loudly now. Suddenly, she thinks about Hugh's adoptive parents and if they know. Bo tells that he just got the news. Bo was going to send an officer to tell the old couple, but Paige insists on doing this as it will be better for them to hear if from her… "Samantha," Paige says into her phone. "It's Paige…"

The judge warns Mark to watch his questions, and then the ball is in Evangeline's court. She gets Blair to admit that she believed that Spencer was capable of killing here. "It was around the time when he tried to kill me." Spencer is on his feet pointing accusingly at Blair, shouting out that she is a liar! Mark gets his client under control and Evangeline brings out her next baggie of evidence. In it is the newspaper that shows on the front page a blown up picture of Spencer being carted off by the police for his assault. "The prosecution rests."

Starr types on her laptop, trying to communicate with Cole…

Dorian didn't get the money transferred but the banker does see that she is doing very well. Dorian finds him shallow. There are more important things than money. He leaves the office. Dorian knows that the little things are important but money does help, and Dorian decides that she is going to put her life back together again…even if it takes every cent that she has.

Adriana delivers the news that she is broke. Rex pretends to be terribly concerned. He asks her to leave so that he can be alone. She starts walking off and he calls to her telling her that he has decided that this makes him the superior one now. He has approximately $400 in his chequing account. She asks if he has handled his problem about Tommy.

Todd tells Blair that he is okay with what she had to say up on the stand just now. Spencer is being led out of the courthouse and he sees her. He lunges for her which catches the guards off guard. He actually manages to touch Blair but not get a hold of her. "You betrayed me!" He shouts until the guards get him under control again. Todd drags Blair out of there.

Paige has made her call to Hugh's adoptive parents and now she sits calmly wiping her nose as Bo watches over her.

Natalie has scrubbed up and donned her germ free clothing and she now sits by John's bed as he sleeps. She calls his name softly. She calls it again. He slowly opens his eyes and looks over to her face. She smiles as he looks directly into her eyes. "…Natalie…"

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