One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/28/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Jessica dance alone at the club in Puerto Rico. They sway to slow music. He wants to take her upstairs but she would prefer to stay right where they are…

Nash has the baby at his place and he lines up what they are going to do and eat before bedtime. He is making scrambled eggs for himself, just like Tess used to like. 'Scramble my eggs hard,' she used to say. Jessica wouldn't ever say that. Brennan will be having mashed yams.

Todd tells Blair that Rex wasn't doing anything to find his kid. Blair says that Rex was working hard but he was dealing with Spencer who is good at covering his tracks. Todd needs someone more experienced at detective work. He will probably do it himself. Blair rubs her head. She has a headache that she has to get checked out. Todd tells Blair that he has bad news. He found Cole at the house with Starr. Todd kicked the kid out but Starr was mad. She is really into that kid…just like Blair is into Todd.

Bo has a Boilermaker alone at the bar… Clint comes over to him, and they stand together talking. Clint was on his way home when he saw Bo's car parked outside. He figured he would come in and have a word. Bo tells Clint that he has some news.

Michael can't believe what Natalie is trying to tell him. Natalie understands as she acted the same as he did when she first heard the news. Michael identified the body and knows that this is a mistake. Michael cares about Natalie…a great deal… but he begs her not to do this to herself…he begs her not to do this to herself. He won't let her.

Todd was sick when he found that punk in his house with his daughter. Blair feels that maybe Starr is angry with her father because she feels that Cole should be forgiven like her father was. Todd tells that he went to the school and Marty showed up with this sob story about being a single mom and how her life was ruined. He also has taken her out of the school. Blair calls for Starr to come down. She does. Her parents try to tell her how things are going to go. She sees a father before her that thinks that he is the only one who can make mistakes and get away with them.

Bo relates the story that Natalie told him. He tells how she tried to dig up John's grave. Vincent was there and stopped her from doing that. That guy is all through this whole thing. Vincent was the first person who said that Hugh wasn't Hugh. Bo will be having the remains exhumed and there will be tests. There are explanations for how the badge ended up besides the body. Bo will be keeping this from Paige for now. Paige arrives and kisses Bo. She is there to meet Bo but didn't know that Clint would be there. She tells how she got really great news about Hugh tonight.

Michael wishes that what Natalie says were true but he can't see how it can be. She tells that the man in the bed has blue eyes and Hugh has brown ones. She tries to be calm in light of Michael shaking his head at her. She knows that John is in the room. She tells that Vincent Jones even thinks that John is in there. Michael wonders what Vincent has to do with this. When he hears they went to college together, he smirks that the man must have majored in 'Gansta' 101'. Natalie tells that Vincent and Hugh were friends in spite of their differences. They went to college together. Michael is still skeptical until she relates how that man in the bed told Vincent that his name is John. Michael leans to the window to the bandaged man's room. He stares at the form in the bed. "Johnny, is that really you in there? Is that you?"

Clint says goodnight now and leaves Bo and Paige to their evening together. She would like a glass of champagne to celebrate. She says that things are looking great for Hugh, and things are looking really bad for Spencer.

Antonio really wants to get Jessica up to the room to make love, but she wants to stay in the club. They can see the moon from there and everything is so beautiful. She really misses Bree. You try so hard to get time away from the kids and He suggests that she call Nash and find out how the baby is doing. She would love to do that.

Nash is trying to feed Brennan, but she will have none of it. She is just like her mother in that respect. When she is old enough, someone will have to explain to her that she had two mothers. In some respects, Jessica seems like Tess to him but he knows that he has to get things straight about who Jessica really is. Jessica calls and learns that Brennan hates her mashed yams and will be going to bed soon. He asks about the honeymoon and Jessica tells that she is having a great time. Jessica would like to say goodnight to Bree, so Nash puts the phone to the baby's head and Jessica talks to her. Antonio smiles as he listens to the call.

Blair tells that she knows about Starr being taken out of school. She really didn't like to hear that Cole was in the house. Starr says that Cole is the same guy who helped her out at Halloween. Blair feels that Starr doesn't really see the mistakes that she is making by trusting this guy. Starr asks her mother if they are talking about…She or her mother?

Nash reads about Chardonnay to his daughter. She cries from her crib… He goes over and plays with the child. Someone comes to visit. Clint is there. He offers to leave when he hears that Bree is almost asleep but Nash brings him in. Nash knows that this is just Antonio and Jessica sending Clint over to check up on him. Clint admits that is exactly what this is.

Blair tells that Cole is aggressive, but Starr already knows that. Starr knows that given time, she will get to like Cole the way that she did. Todd and Blair don't want to hear this. Starr finds that there is a double standard here. She knows that he hates Cole but what Todd did to Marty was a hell of a lot worse.

Michael talks to the nurse asking if he can talk to the doctor who is doing the skin graphs. Natalie asks the nurse to get the picture from the room of the man with the soccer team. The nurse reenters the room. Michael begs Natalie to let him be the one to handle this. The nurse returns with the picture of Hugh and the soccer team. Natalie pulls another picture of her own out. After the nurse leaves, another one comes to go into Hugh's room. Natalie stops her asking her to please point out from the pictures that she is holding, which man just had the skin graphing done. The nurse is skeptical about this and wants to know why she is being asked to do this. Natalie says that it isn't a big deal. She just wants to know.

Clint just thought that he could come by and see if the Nash needed anything. Nash has everything with important phone numbers to go with it. Nash admits that it has been nice being with his daughter around the clock. Clint feels that Nash may be having a hard time seeing that his relationship with Tess is over. Nash says that things were over when Tess was integrated with Jessica. Nash asks Clint to stay and watch Brennan for a while. He grabs a bottle of bubbly and heads to the door. Clint hopes that he isn't going to… Nash tells this isn't what he thinks. It is purely ceremonial.

Antonio would really like to go to the room but Jessica sees nothing wrong with them staying right where they are. She pushes him into a chair and then straddles his lap, yanking at his zipper…Soon they are in the throes of passion.

Paige is looking forward to finally being a mom to Hugh and making a difference in his life. She and Bo drink to Hugh and his complete recovery.

The nurse can't tell what the man in the bedroom looked like. Natalie gets angry that the woman didn't say that in the beginning. The woman knows what this is about. she has heard the gossip. "That man's eyes are blue! Hugh's eyes are brown!" The nurse orders Natalie not to raise her voice to her like that again. Michael calmly explains why this is so important. The nurse sympathizes and tells that there is a way that they can see the man without his bandages. They can be present when the dressings are changed. Natalie goes running to the door but Michael tells her that they have to scrub up first and then given the proper garments.

Nash goes out to be alone with his champagne. He thinks about Tess as he gulps down champagne without a glass. He loves thinking about her, but tonight…He is going to let her go.

He reads from a notebook, in his mind. He promises Tess that Brennan will know who she was. He already is using the past tense to talk about her. Nash rips the paper from the notebook. He looks up. The brightest star always burns out the fastest.

Antonio and Jessica have finished their sex-ca-pade, and Antonio can't get up yet. He is exhausted. She is full of surprises tonight. She has a purse that she hasn't used in a while. Antonio guesses that it belonged to Tess and Jessica admits that it did.

Michael and Natalie stand now in mask and gown while the bandages on the man's face are being removed. Natalie prays silently that the man inside is her true love.

Todd will not allow Starr to head back to school unless that kid is in jail somewhere. Starr shoots back that he certainly would know what that felt like… He takes two menacing steps towards her but she has already turned and is stomping up the stairs. Todd moves forwards again but Blair is in his way. She suddenly falls limp and goes unconscious. Todd happens to catch her before she hits the floor and helps her go down easy.

A policeman comes over to see the couple and they smile at him, telling that things are fine. She gets amorous again, but Antonio knows that they will not get away with this twice. "First one upstairs, gets to be on top?" She goes running to get a head start. Antonio struggles to his feet and runs after her.

Nash takes the note of paper that he had written on and he puts it in the bottle which is empty now. He puts the lid on and for one fleeting moment, he sees her standing nearby, smiling at him. He turns back to the water before him and tosses the bottle in.

Blair refuses to go to the hospital. Todd will make her some tea and get her some aspirins for her head.

Bo calls to rush the report that tells who is in that bed at the hospital. One way or the other someone that he loves is going to be hurt. Paige comes back to Bo as he hangs up and she is delirious over the next day. Hugh is going to wake up, she thinks, and open his eyes. Bo warns her to take things one day at a time. She will do that. She just got good news today and she wants to enjoy it.

At the hospital, Natalie and Michael are as quiet as church mice, waiting to see who is under the bandages. One by one, the bandages are peeled off. They come off the man's face easily, like wet toilet paper strips. There is one more left…Natalie and Michael's eyes are the only parts of them that visibly can and do show emotion when the last strip is removed. "It's him…"

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