One Life to Live Update Monday 11/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Clint comes to meet Viki as asked at the restaurant. He knows without asking that this has to do with one or more of their children. She wants to talk about Natalie.

Natalie sleeps outside 'Hugh's' hospital room…She dreams of being at John's grave. He would suddenly appear telling her that she really did it this time.

Adriana is at the apartment alone. Someone knocks and Adriana sees her mother is there. She closes the door and walks away. Dorian stares at her daughter through the window of the door in surprise.

Michael and Marcie brings Blair to a restaurant to eat. She finds they are hovering too much. She hasn't even testified yet. They force her to look at the menu and pick something.

Todd demands to know the news that Rex has. Rex tells that he has a touchy situation to deal with and he really needs Todd to get 'it'. Rex tells that he found the baby…

John repeats that Natalie has really done it this time. He tells her that grave-robbing is a serious offense. He smiles and tells her that she is having a dream. She smiles too. She doesn't want to wake up. He asks her if she really believes that it is him in the ER, why isn't she there? He tells her that she looks good and she feels the same about him. He knows that he doesn't look that great, but she has to disagree. He looks wonderful to her. She begs him to return to her.

Natalie's eyes twitch as she sleeps.

Dorian pounds on the window of the door to Adriana's place, refusing to leave until Adriana lets her in. She pounds on the door while shouting. Adriana does ignore her mother for a while and then lets Dorian in, but only because she knows that her mother is probably annoying the neighbors to no end. Dorian sees the fabrics on the table and remembers that Adriana is starting a line of boxer shorts. She thinks that is a great idea! Adriana has hopes for her mens line. She is calling it 'Rex'. Dorian knows that Adriana will be a booming success because she belongs to Dorian. Adriana will be a success but not because of that!

Michael and Marcie sit with Blair as she eats and they talk and laugh like old friends. They see that she is looking better and are grateful for that.

Rex tells that he found the guy who Spencer hired to help him deal with the kid. The deal is that the more that Rex dug, the trickier the case got. Todd is getting impatient and starts shouting for Rex to get to the point. Rex tells that he found the secretary for the lawyer and he couldn't get any information from the woman. Rex took a detour and ended up someplace where he didn't want to go. Todd is fed up with Rex's stalling tactics. He tells the man to shut up. He doesn't want to hear anymore of this. He promptly fires Rex.

John asks if she has 'it'. Natalie has no idea what he is talking about. He asks again if she has 'it'. There is a grumbling behind her and she turns her head to look in that direction. When she turns to John again, he isn't there. Natalie jumps out of her sleep. Paige is behind her. She calls to Natalie. Natalie turns to face her shouting that John is alive!

Dorian tries to tell Adriana about investing in a business and how it is very foolish to use her own money. Adriana has 30 million dollars in trust so she isn't worried that she will blow it trying to get her boxers in the fashion world. Dorian leaves and once she is out the door, she makes a call to the bank ordering that 30 million dollars be transferred to Adriana's account right away.

Clint and Viki talk about their children and what Natalie might need from them.

The meal is over now and so Michael and Marcie urge Blair to call them if she needs anything else from them.

Todd is mad. He slaps Rex's arm hard for making him crazy. Finding this kid is making Todd crazy. He wants the child because the child is his. He doesn't know why he wants the child. Rex sees that Todd is being selfish and is only doing this for himself and not for the betterment of the child. Todd finds that Rex can't possibly know anything about children and what's best for him. Rex was a child once, he tells and knows quite a bit actually. Rex sees that the child is better with the parents that he has now. Todd pounces after hearing this. He can tell by what Rex just said that he has to know where the child is and who the parents are.

Dorian is at the restaurant now and she talks into her phone not caring that the banks are closed right now. She needs this done yesterday. She tells that this transaction directly affects her relationship with her daughter. She gets off the phone and turns to find Clint standing behind her with a knowing look on his face.

Rex denies that he has any idea where the child is. He just had a couple of good leads. Blair returns to the penthouse and sees that Rex is there. Marcie is with her. Blair asks if Rex has found Todd's son.

Paige understands that Natalie was just dreaming about John and that was why she had the outburst. Paige tells that her son has had his most recent skin graph and will be out for a while. It is only one of many skin graphs that her son will have to have. When alone, Natalie call Michael and leaves a voicemail for him. She needs to see him as soon as possible. It is about John.

Dorian knows that Clint has figured out that she was meddling again and she tells him to go ahead and give it to her. He says that whatever she was doing really isn't any of his business. He just came over to say 'hello'. Dorian sees Viki in the distance and guesses that the two are together. Clint says that he was only having a talk with her about family. He starts leaving, but she begs him to stay.

A doctor tells Natalie that she is mistaken and that the man in the bed is Hugh Hughes. Natalie gets angry that the doctor is not listening to her. She doesn't want to hurt Paige but there is no way around it. The doctor has seen the pictures of both John and Hugh and she knows that the doctor has seen the man in the bed without his bandages. She begs him to really consider the facts and tell her who is really laying in that bed! Paige is nearby and pipes in asking what Natalie is talking about.

At Todd's penthouse Marcie asks about Rex's investigation, but Todd becomes belligerent about Rex and says that he is hiring someone else to find his kid. He will even find the boy himself if he has to. Rex walks out. Marcie knows that Rex is a good detective and tells Todd that when she sees that the man is upset with Rex. Once alone in the corridor, he quietly thanks Todd for the 'save'.

Viki has gone and Dorian wonders why. Clint tells that there are some things going on with Natalie and she probably had to tend to that. Dorian tells Clint that she made a prior error in judgment and she was trying to correct it. She knows that if Clint knew what she were up to, he wouldn't approve. He just wants to know what she did and then they can be done with it.

Rex comes home and tells Adriana that he just got fired by Todd. She doesn't understand. Rex was about to tell Todd about his baby but then the man acted like psycho and Rex didn't. Rex was going to tell him everything, even about Michael and Marcie, but he had a hard time getting things out. then Todd is shouting at him that he screwed up the one lead that he had and then he fired the man. Adriana finds that awful. Then Marcie shows up with Blair for some reason. Rex looked at Marcie and he started thinking that Marcie is the nicest mother ever. Todd on the other hand is motivated by something else when it comes to having that child. Michael and Marcie would lay down in front of a train if they had to, but Todd just wants the kid. Adriana still can't believe that Todd fired the man. Rex can't believe that he went to the mat for this jerk. Rex isn't sure what he will do next but he does know that when Marcie came in things changed. Todd fired Rex, so he really feel that he doesn't owe Todd anything. Adriana knows that this is lying and Rex is basically saying that he is willing to lie about this every day for the rest of his life.

Marcie understands Todd wanting to find his baby. She really has to go now. Blair offers to give her a ride somewhere but Marcie knows she has to rest. She heads out. She will get a cab. Todd suspects that Blair has been hitting the sauce when he sees the fragile look in her eye and when he sees the way that Marcie treats her with kid gloves. She tells she didn't get to testify that day. She says only that she thinks that she is getting sick again, like she was with the brain tumor.

Dorian says that she put the 30 million dollars for Adriana in her bank account, in her name. She was just transferring it fast into Adriana's account before Adriana realizes that the money wasn't there all along.

The doctor and Natalie explain away their conversation and Paige leaves. The doctor begs Natalie not to talk about this with anyone until they know what is going on, and are sure of who it is in that bed. He knows that Bo is discreetly investigating the whole thing. He is most concerned about Paige hearing about this before they are sure of anything. The doctor leaves. Michael comes up behind Natalie. He heard urgency in her voice. Natalie tells him point blank that John didn't die in the car crash!

Clint believes that Dorian is trying to correct this error that she made long ago. He thinks that she should just tell Adriana the truth. If she should find out that her mother took her money when she shouldn't have… Dorian says that she didn't take it. She just moved it to keep it safe. Clint points out that Dorian always get caught. Dorian smiles when she realizes that Clint doesn't find what she did to be such a terrible thing after all. Viki arrives and she and Clint have got to go. When alone, Dorian calls the bank manager again and orders that things get moving for her right now. She knows where the man lives, so he better get moving or she threatens to go over there.

Adriana feels that Todd has a right to know his son. Rex knows that but he also remembers Adriana telling him that she was better off with Ramona than Dorian. She isn't sure what the answer is here, but she does know that she loves Rex, and that this is his decision to make.

Todd asks questions about Blair's condition and he suggests that she get a test so that she can find out how to fix this. He almost sounds like he cares, she tells him. He almost does, he admits.

Natalie tells Michael that John is in the bed. Michael turns to the window and looks in on the body in the bed. Michael asks Natalie if she has gotten any counseling for the way that she has been feeling. Michael still can't believe this. She turns him to the window and makes his stare at the body. She tells him that isn't Hugh in there. She knows that a lot of people will be affected by this but that is John. Michael is crying now as he looks in at the body on the bed, with his hands pressed up against the window. The head of the bandaged man is turned to the window, but it doesn't move.

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