One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/22/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Marty tells Todd that her son made a mistake and didn't mean to hurt Starr. They are in an empty classroom and the principal stands as the two talk about their differences. Marty feels that Todd is not giving her son a fare shot by trying to get him expelled. Todd doesn't care and will kill Cole if he comes near Starr again.

Cole is at the door to Starr's place and he talks to her through the door trying to get her to open the door and talk to him. He would like to explain what happen. He begs for a chance. It is tearing him apart but she doesn't care. Soon she opens the door and the kids are face to face.

Blair arrives at court to give her testimony. Michael hopes that this is the nail that closes Spencer's coffin for good. Blair is sworn in and she sits facing Spencer. Michael and Marcie think about what Rex said and wonder if they should forget about finding Thomas's parents.

Rex is down about the secret that he has been keeping, but Adriana offers to lighten his spirits if she can. She knows that he is trying to do the right thing where Todd's baby is concerned.

Antonio and Jessica are in Puerto Rico and they are seated at a table. The music plays as they gaze into each other's eyes. They profess their love for each other and kiss over the table. A man enters. Jessica sees him over Antonio's shoulder. The man looks her way. It is Nash. The smile leaves Jessica's face.

Jessica takes a second look and sees that she has only imagined that the man was Nash. She tells Antonio that they need more drinks. Antonio points at the one before her that she hasn't touched yet.

Nash and Bree enter the restaurant. Rex and Adriana are there and they see Nash playing with his baby.

Court is in full swing. Michael tries to convince Marcie that nothing can get Tommy from them.

Rex and Adriana visit with Nash and Bree. Rex watches as Adriana plays with the baby. He is jealous that she never calls him cutie-bootie. Roxy arrives and greets the couple. Rex says that they were just leaving, and Roxy takes that to mean that the kids are heading home for a little afternoon delight.

She would like to play that board game again that they played before at Rex's place… The game where you pull a card and have to decide how to do something. She says that Balsoms have a real hard time with a game like that.

The principal gets in the conversation when things get heated between Marty and Todd. Marty wants to talk to the man alone and it is only after Marty convinces her that she will be fine alone with Todd that the woman walks out. Marty starts defending her son again when alone with Todd. Her son is a gentle, quiet kid and she thinks that the steroids made him crazy. He wasn't in his right mind and wouldn't even have raised his voice were it not for the steroids. He finds it funny that she is so sure of herself. She was a student who studied human behavior and she didn't have a clue that her kid was like this.

Starr lets Cole in the apartment. He apologizes to he for what he did, but she finds that unnecessary as he has apologized already at the station. He just feels that he hasn't repented enough. He knows that there are words to describe how he feels but he doesn't know what those words are. He brought her to the room and yelled at her and he felt like he was watching someone else do that. Now he just feels bad for ragging on someone who he cares about. Still, he couldn't stop himself. He was out of control, feeling like a spectator. He reminds her of what she said to him. She said that 'this was new'. He assures her that he wasn't that guy. She can tell that he wants her to believe that this wasn't his fault.

Blair tells that Spencer used a knife on her son. Casey jumps to his feet to object. She makes it sound like Spencer attacked the boy but what happened in fact was that Jack had an emergency. Jack had difficulty breathing and she took him to the hospital. Spencer worked on the boy. Then she had a personal relationship with the man. He began to pursue her. Evangeline asks how. Blair tells that she was pursued romantically by the man. Slowly her head falls forward, as if it were too heavy for her to hold up. Evangeline is in the middle of a question, but stops in the middle of it when she sees that something Is terribly wrong with her witness. She walks towards Blair, asking if anything is wrong. Blair doesn't speak, but gets up from her seat, on the stand and walks before the judge. She gets her hands on the ledge of his podium and faints before him. Evangeline gets to her just in time to make the fall safe.

Nash feeds Brennan as they sit at a table. Roxy comes over and tells him to enjoy it while he can. She is surprised to hear when Nash calls the child Brennan. She knows that is Nash's last name. Nash tells that the baby's name is now Bree actually. Roxy tells Nash that she isn't stupid. Everyone around her who is in love has that same look that Nash has for Jessica. He finds no point to this but she does. She knows that he is ga-ga in love with Jessica.

Michael rushes forward and sees that Blair is out of it. Spencer tries to get to her too but the guards hold him back. Blair comes to and Michael decides that she needs a little break. He offers to call Todd but she doesn't want that.

Todd will not let Cole off the hook because of what happened between he and Marty all those years ago. He tells her that he can just forget about that!

Blair says that she is fine now. Spencer shouts at her asking if she is okay but she doesn't really acknowledge him. The judge decides to have a recess until 3:45pm. Marcie comes over offering assistance if Blair needs it.

Rex thinks that God must have a sense of humor due to the case that he has to deal with. He looks at the quiz question that he had to deal with when learning this job. He remembers that one time his mother said that it isn't easy to know what the right thing is to do. She was right.

Cole says that he was rough with Starr because of the steroids, but he still can't blame anyone but himself for what happened. The steroids made him want to have sex more, a lot more but that is no excuse. He listens to guys who tell him that he is a loser if he doesn't find a way to score. He says that he doesn't believe these things, but Starr knows that he says them. She finds this behavior that he is describing pretty lame. Everyone was telling him that if he wants to make it big, he has to take these drugs. Everyone is always telling him that they depend on him. He knew that it was wrong to take the drugs but he kept taking them. He wishes that he were more like Starr. She doesn't care what people think. He wanted to make his mother happy. He has been really depressed since his dad died, and now he knows that his mother has been raped by Starr's dad, things feel worse. Starr feels like she is the one who should be apologizing for what her dad did.

Todd is sorry for what he did to Marty. He will kick himself and hate himself for the rest of his life but that doesn't allow Cole to have access to his daughter. He wants her to see that there are repercussions for what Cole did. He saw Cole with Starr at the dance and now he wonders where Marty was. She had to work. Todd wonders then how his daughter's shirt got ripped. She still knows that her son wouldn’t have hurt Starr. The principal returns and asks if everything is okay between the two. Todd wants Cole expelled. The principal can't just toss him out of there like that. Todd shouts that it will take 6 months for this matter to be decided on by the board. He knows that his daughter isn't safe there and so he decides then that he is pulling her out of that school.

Nash is quick to deny that he is or was in love with Jessica. He was in love with Tess and she isn't around anymore. Roxy finds that Tess and Jessica are the same. Nash would like to get back to his food and daughter now. She understands. The baby is so cute. She knows that he likes wine like she does. She looks at the label of the wine bottle she has with her and sees that it is a 2004 bottle. She asks him about wines and for tips on getting a good bottle, drinking it…etc… Nash tells her to swirl it around.

She does, and that brings back memories of Tess swirling her glass of wine when he taught her how to do it.

Antonio can't stop telling his beautiful bride how beautiful she is. Some hot Spanish music comes on and Jessica hits the floor alone…dancing enticingly for Antonio. Soon he joins her.

Mr. Casey says that it might not have been a bad thing if Blair had dropped dead a few minutes ago. Spencer gets in front of the man and grabs his thumb, bending it back as if about to snap a chicken wing. He warns Casey that he has better not ever say anything derogatory about Blair ever again. The attorney has to agree to Spencer requirement before his thumb is released.

Starr tells Cole how she was scared of him and thought that he was going to hit her. Cole hates that he made her feel that way. She hates that her dad made his mother feel that way. He moves closer to her now as they continue to talk quietly. The door opens behind Cole. Todd enters and sees the boy near his daughter. He shouts at him to get away from his daughter.

Mr. Casey is missing when it is time to start the trial up again. The judge isn't pleased. Mr. Casey walks in and gets and earful from the judge for arriving late. The trial is started again. Evangeline call Eugene Snyder to the stand.

Out in the hall, Blair tells Michael that she hasn't been feeling well for a while. She doesn't want Todd to know but she thinks that her brain tumor is acting up again. Michael offers to look her over when she can come into the hospital. Marcie comes over and the two stop talking. She tells Michael that Dr. Snyder is on the stand. Michael will be out in a minute.

Evangeline has the doctor on the stand and she starts grilling him.

Rex feels that maybe he should just take this information to Todd as he was the first client. The study material to be a Private Investigator doesn’t cover something like this. He wonders if he can get Todd to give up looking for his child. Adriana knows that Todd won't go for that.

Starr watches horrified as Todd drags Cole away from his daughter and puts him in a chair. Starr shouts the whole time for her father to stop his assault. She screams that Cole only came to apologize for what he did. Todd puts his finger in the boy's face and tells him that if he comes near Starr again, he will be killed. Cole stays silent but he leaps to his feet and man and boy are nose to nose for what seems like an eternity. They stare each other down. Starr is still screaming. Todd advances on Cole and he has no choice but to back up to where the front door is. Todd pushes him out and closes the door.

Roxy thanks Nash for the lesson but has one for Nash. Move on. He says that he has. She tells him that he has to find someone new that he can have in life. She warns that he shouldn't fall for the Pscyho-Blondie that he has been around. Nash promises that he will not fall in love what Claudia.

Antonio and Jessica cut a rug like no one else has in the club they are in. The entire crowd stands around and watches as the two dance.

Michael and Marcie are concerned about Blair and feels they need to get her home. She really worries that she is dying but Michael doesn't think that is it.

Todd will not listen to Starr's pleadings to be able to forgive and see Cole again. When he tells her that she isn't to see Cole again, she is panicked. That isn't what she wants. She goes tearing up the stairs. The doorbell rings and Todd answers to Rex.

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