One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Any luck finding Tommy's parents?" Rex is quiet. Michael and Marcie guess that there isn't any news yet.

Natalie comes running into the hospital.


No one is in the room.

"Mom?" Viki comes to her daughter. "Bo called me and told me that you might be here." Natalie knows her mother is worried. "Mom, John is alive somewhere in this hospital."

"Get a load of that Evangeline eh?" Spencer isn't worried about her. "I never lose David." It suddenly occurs to Spencer that Todd isn't there. "Oh he and Blair are living a life of bliss. Oh what was that you were saying about never losing Spence?"

Todd is upset now. He realizes that he can't protect his family from what he did so many years ago.

Marcie yaps about why they need the information that Rex is to find until Michael stops her. She senses that something is wrong. "Is there something that you want to tell us?" Rex nods. "Yes, there is."

"Darling, how could John be alive?" Natalie tells all that she knows but she still hasn't got all the answers. "I didn't believe it either because there are so many reasons why I do now." Viki understands everything that Natalie is saying and she believes her daughter.

"Those skin graphs… in and out of the hyperbolic chamber…He is going to make it…my son. He is tough. Hugh got one thing from his father Bo, his tenacity." Bo looks away from Paige.

David chips away at Spencer's composure.

"David what are you doing?"

They move away from Spencer. "What are you doing? You might cause a mistrial talking to him and if that happens, you will cause a lot of people misery in this town."

"Mom can I ask you something? Why isn't Todd Manning in jail for what he did to you?" Marty just stares at her son.

"So what are you going to do? Move away?"

Starr comes halfway down the stairs and listens secretly.

"Your children need two parents Todd. You are wrong thinking that the kids can get along better without you, and I am going to prove to you that you are wrong!"

"Maybe there is a reason why you shouldn't know who Tommy's parents are. What if knowing who the parents are causes more bad than good? Are you willing to risk losing Tommy to find out?" Michael and Marcie look at each other as they think about what Rex has asked them.

"Look at these pictures of Jack and Starr when they thought that you were gone forever. Every time that you were gone, they suffered. Look at their eyes. There is something missing in them. That is how it is when you are not around. Todd! I can't believe that you are giving up like this!"

"We need the medical history Rex. That is the important thing." Marcie knows that Rex needs a more specific answer. "I can't answer this question right now." Marcie has an answer. "I would sooner take a bullet than let my son go."

"He is still at surgery. You know Natalie, I am glad that I heard what you said and I believe you. The thing is that the staff here has been referring to the man as Hugh. They are not being very receptive it seems to the idea that Hugh might be someone else. We obviously have to have proof because there are other things and other people involved." Natalie knows that. "If John is alive then that means that Hugh is dead and Paige would be devastated." Viki thinks about Spencer and how he will feel…

"There are going to put your brother on the stand first." Spencer nods at his lawyer.

"I am here for you David." Paige hopes that Spencer will just come to his senses and give up…for his son's sake.

"Thank you guys for cheering me on and supporting me. Casey is going to attack me at the first opportunity and I am going to be ready for it. I wish that John were here." Bo tells Evangeline that he thinks that the man is there…

The judge enters.

"All rise!"

The crowd stands.

"Be seated!"

David is called to the stand.

He marches up purposefully and is sworn in. "Raise your right hand!" David raises his left. "I said, raise your right hand". David realizes his mistake and throws up the right hand. "Do you swear to tell the truth, so help you god?" David does. "…And oh boy have I been waiting for this!"

"My name is David Vickers and Spencer Truman is my brother. I was told to make a pick-up at a warehouse and I was nervous and had never done anything like that before."

David told Spencer back then that he didn’t want to do the job.

"That was when Spencer gave me a gun."

David was surprised when his big brother handed him the gun.

David positively identifies the gun when Evangeline shows it to him.

Thomas was shot and I panicked. I dropped the gun and ran away.

"…Said bullet couldn't have been the one that fired the bullets that killed Thomas McBain. His gun was shooting blanks."

Another gun is brought to David and he recognizes that as the matching gun to the first one that he was shown.

Mr. Casey gets his chance to ask questions next. "I must say, you testimony is damning to our case, that is if anyone believes a word that comes out of your mouth."

"I didn't believe that Todd was a better person over time, but now…I don't believe that Todd has it in him…to rape again…but I still think that he can hurt people, and I am sure that he still does." Cole needs more information on how Todd got out of jail and stayed out. "He has changed Cole and he asked me for forgiveness. I will never forget what he did to me Cole but the only way that I can live past it is just by not being angry anymore. Late I met your father, fell in love and had you. Todd asked for my forgiveness Cole and I gave it to him. So sweetie if you want the same thing, you are going to have to do the same thing with Starr."

"Todd you don't give up on a fight. You take on Victor Lord, Dorian, Margaret, but the minute that Marty's name is mentioned you give up. Stop! Stop and talk about it. You know that Starr loves you. It is those kids at school who won't let Starr forget things that have happened. Starr loves you." Todd just has no idea how to talk to his daughter about this. "Well you can either talk to her, or you can back off and show her that you are the monster that you claim to be. You know what? Get out!" Blair opens the door for him. "Get out! I have two kids to raise and I have to get on with it." Todd starts walking to the door.


Todd stops walking and looks back at his daughter.

"Okay, whoever Tommy's parents were, they were unable to do the job of raising Tommy. Now that job is ours and that is final." Marcie can tell that something is wrong here. "What is it .re?" He says that he was just listening to them. "No you weren't. You found them. You found Tommy's parents haven't you?"

"I don't have any sisters," David says when he is asked. Mr. Casey tells that there was another case where David posed as a member of Dorian's family when he wasn't. Evangeline objects since David isn't the one on trial, but the judge overrules her objection.

"How many times where you arrested?" David says 4.

"Someone gave you a baby and what did you do with it?" David says he sold it. "Did you ask Spencer to sign Power of Attorney over to you?" David did that. " So you were working for the defense? I have no more questions."

Evangeline brings up the photo of Spencer with his father, holding the guns. David positively identifies the people in the picture and the guns.

"Let's have a short recess."

"We are sorry Rex. We really didn't expect you to find out anything this quickly." It is getting late, and so Michael and Marcie take their little bundle and leave.

"Why didn't you tell them the truth?" Adriana asks.

At the penthouse, Starr, Todd and Blair decide that they have to talk about things.

The phone rings.

"Blair where are you? You should have been here about 5 mintues ago." Blair apologizes to Evangeline. "Some things came up…I will be right there."

Blair has to get going but Starr and Todd will stay home and talk. Blair heads out.

"Okay, so what now?" Starr asks.

"How did I do? Did I hit it out of the park?" Evangeline knows that David's testimony was going to be difficult but it was still good. "Casey missed a whole closet full of your skeletons." David tells Evangeline that she and he make a pretty good team. "Go David before I alert the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about your whereabouts." He smiles. "I will see you again!"

"It is either take Michael and Marcie's baby from them, or keep Todd's baby from him."


He turns to find Marcie behind him. "I came back to tell you that what I see is this big heart of yours, and the way that I see you care about Tommy is great…So what I am trying to say is thank you." She hugs Rex tightly.

"Starr…are you scared of me?" She isn't afraid of him but he scares her sometimes. "I am going through a very difficult time right now and maybe you could talk to me and help me. Maybe I can help you. I know that you are going through a difficult time too." She tells him that he has a look in his eye. "You go somewhere else. I see it in your eyes sometimes." Todd asks if Cole scared her. "He didn't rape me, but he went out of control, and that's it. He was just a friend, but it turns out that he really wasn't at all." Todd hates that she has to protect him. "What are you going to do?" Todd will make sure that this never happens again. "Look at me. That thing about me that scares you, do you see it now?" She doesn't. "I have to go now Starr. I am not leaving you though. I will be back. There are other things that I need to talk to you about when I get back. Can I trust you to be here when I get back?"

"When I think about what could have happened…" Marty makes Cole sit and talk. "I kissed her and she pushed me away. UI lost my temper and accused her of being a tease. I got so angry. I lost control and when I think about it, it wasn't even me. I couldn't control myself." Marty asks about the steroids. "I have been taking them from summer. I wanted to be better! I wanted to win! I wanted you to be proud of me. Now that dad's gone, there is only you and me. I wanted to do better, be better…" Cole cries. "I don 't want to be like Todd Manning." Marty knows that he isn't. "I know that you wouldn't have done this had you not been taking those drugs.

Cole revisits the incident in his mind. He was so out of control.

"We can fix this Cole." He knows that.

"The Commonwealth calls Blair Cramer!"

Blair rises and her eyes meet Spencer's.

Someone knocks.

"Who is it?"


"I want him expelled today! You are going to wake up and do one of two things. You are either going to wake up and find your face plastered all over the newspaper tomorrow, or you are going to expel that Cole…" The principal is at a loss for words in light of Todd's threats.

"Over my dead body!"

Todd turns to the door and finds Marty standing there. "You go after my son and I will come after you!"

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