One Life to Live Update Monday 11/20/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kelly comes to Clint who tells that Kevin got off to his flight okay. "The baby might be released sooner than we thought. Looks like we can join Kevin sooner than we thought."

"Excuse me!"

Dorian has come up.

David is ready to give his testimony.

"Oh Natalie… I think that you need help. You really do." Natalie tells her Uncle Bo that she knows what she is saying. "Just listen to me. John is alive!"

"Oh no! What do I do?"

Adriana returns. "What is the matter?" Rex tells her that Michael and Marcie's child is Todd's biological son.

Cole and Starr are confused about what is going on in the room. Every person is at a different level of understanding as to what is going on with all the people in the room. "Marty?" Starr says incredulously… Blair feels that Marty set this all up to be a troublemaker. "You were just biding your time!"

She makes a move to slap the woman but Detective Bauer steps in a prevents that.

"You are not yourself Kelly. You just had a baby." Kelly knows what she is doing. "The baby has given us this clarity and Kevin and I see what we mean to each other and we are going to raise the baby as our son. We are doing this for Zane but I am also doing it for myself too. I am so sorry that you had to find out about things like this." Clint watches as Dorian takes in the news. "I know that this is a big step but the second that Zane is given the 'all clear', I will go to Kevin." Dorian only sees that she is losing her girls. "First Adriana and now you!"

"What do I do about this Adriana? What the hell do I do now?" She tells him that he has to tell what he knows to his clients. "You have to tell all of them."

"Michael…The thing is…I know that you want to see Spencer pay for what he has done, but I want you to remember that I need you now. Tommy needs you. I know what anger and bitterness can do to a person." He promises that he will not forget what is important in his life. "That is you and that little boy."

"You are going to be direct and straight-forward," Evangeline tells David. Nora watches as he is prepped for giving testimony.


Paige has come to tell Evangeline that she is doing a good job.

"This makes no sense Natalie. If John isn't in that grave, then who is?"

"Hugh Hughes…"

Vincent has come up behind Nat and her uncle… "…And I can prove it…"

"You didn't know who she was before you got interested in her?" Cole tells that he still has no idea who Starr is. "How do you all know who my mother is? How are you all connected? Why do you all hate each other?" Starr stands with her hand over her mouth… Todd is strangely silent. Blair just looks angry.

"I approached Natalie and I was the one who told her that I think that John is alive." Bo is angry that Vincent handled things this way. "Listen to him Uncle Bo…" Vincent explains. "Natalie and I said some things and the man in the bed reacted. It was the kind of things that would upset a man if he knew that his woman was in the room…"

"I am still trying to get through to find out about Hugh at the hospital." Paige has come up and Bo is suddenly frazzled and stuttering. "Why don't you go and try the hospital again Paige?" She walks off.

"No, the man in that bed is her son. That is it! Her son!" Vincent and Natalie tell Bo that the man in that bed has blue eyes!"

"You can tell Bo about this Rex, but you will have to still tell Todd and the McBains." Rex knows that Todd will want the child back to raise him himself. "Why the hell wouldn't he?"

"How are you all connected to each other?"

The phone rings.

"Hello? Yeah.okay…"

"Cole's tox screen is ready." Marty is incensed that her son was given a drug test without her knowledge. Detective Bauer assures that she did everything right and that Cole's rights were not disrespected. She walks the boy out of the room.

"Starr…you know who I am…" She only wants to know if Cole knows who she is. "Did you know that I was at that school?" Marty had no idea. She says that Cole doesn't know anything and she hopes that they let her tell him in her own way. "Oh you are such a liar!" Blair spits jumping out of her seat. "Just like you were lying when you said that Todd raped you!"

"I am losing so many people that I care about. Even David. We do have a friendship after all and now I am losing Kelly." Clint is sure that isn't the case. "She is doing what she needs to do. She loves the man." Dorian feels that if Kelly really loved Kevin she wouldn't have had a child for the man's son. "Kevin was with Kelly every step of the way." That is true now but Kelly suffered some great losses. "Dorian look at her. She is happy now and she is at peace. Can you let her go?" Dorian knows that she has to. Clint hugs her.

"Tommy is too young to understand…" Rex knows that the kid has feelings and he feels Michael and Marcie's love for him. "I bet my life that kid loves them back. This kid has been orphaned twice now and he has a couple who have put their lives around him." Adriana knows that at the end of the day, Todd's feelings have to be considered as well. "I know that but there is a 100% certainty that hearts are going to be broken…brilliant PI that I am." Adriana thinks that maybe there is a way that they can work this out so that no one gets hurt. "How? I could move to the Himalayans and become a monk maybe." She wishes that she could help… "I got it. I know what I gotta do. It is the only thing that I can do…"

"The wrong body was identified for John's." Bo is finally on board and he is buying the story of John being alive.

"Oh my god. Is it true Bo?"

Bo, Vincent and Natalie turn to find Paige behind them.

"Cole was registered a year ago and you were not at that school then. I needed to get away from the memories and for Cole's sake. My husband died and all I could think of was to go home. My son is a good boy. He is honest and kind. Whatever has happened…I really."

Detective Bauer and Cole return to the room. "So what kind of drugs did they find? Was it meth, coke? Heroin?" Detective Bauer answers…"Steroids…" Starr's head snaps around to look at Cole to see if this is true. Todd just stares…

"We can do more tests but the steroids in Cole's system are illegal. He will have to do restitution for the damage he did to the house. The only thing left to work out is the assault on Starr. "I'm sorry," is all that Cole says before leaving with his mother.

"Just take me home." Todd and Blair do as their daughter tells them.

"Natalie can you wait for me a moment?"

She and Vincent walk up the wall a bit.

"I am worried about Natalie and how she has been conjuring John up in her mind." Paige understands. "I don't know how much time Natalie has been spending with Vincent, but I want to reassure you that he is a really good guy. He has been sitting with Hugh and it means everything to me and to Hugh. I think that Vincent could be a support to Natalie at this time." Bo agrees. "And maybe Vincent and Hugh can pick up their friendship where it left off when Hugh gets better huh?" She kisses Bo and walks off.

"Did you tell her?"

Bo shakes his head. "She just got her son back. I can't tell her right now."

"I could tell them the truth and let them deal with it but these people are not. They area my friends. So you and I who are the only ones who know the truth…we can never tell them what it is we know." Adriana starts protesting Rex's way of handling things, but Rex has his mind made up. "Not Marcie, not Michael…and not Todd…"

"I can't believe that you are going to move to London with the baby! I know that you think that I am controlling and bossy but that is because you are like a daughter to me…but Kelly…I have never seen you look more beautiful than you look right now, so I say you go ahead and take that leap. But if you ever need me, just know that I will be there with a net to catch you."

"Paige has to know." Bo won't allow it now. "We do have proof Uncle Bo. John has blue eyes and he was the only one who survived that terrible accident."

"Tommy is my godson and it is part of my job to protect him." Adriana knows that Rex feels terrible about this but he can't keep this information secret. He knows that. "I will tell them, and I will but I have to figure out how…"

"How did this happen Cole? After all the talks that we had about drugs, how could you do this? What was it Cole? You want to be a better football player?" He just wanted to see what the steroids would make him do. "I had all this pressure from the coach and the team." Marty asks about Starr and what happened with her. "Nothing happened. I just called her names and threw stuff. I know that I was stupid and I wouldn't blame her if she never spoke to me again."

Starr tries to walk straight to the stairs but Blair stops her. "We are all going to talk." Starr wants to know why her mother reacted the way that she did. She asks her father if he hates Marty. "No I don't" Starr asks next if he raped her. "Yes, I did…"

"You ready?"

Spencer tells his lawyer that he is.

"Evangeline it is time. The judge will be back any minute. The judge will be looking forward to your testimony David."

The wolfish attorney for the defendant grins evilly before sitting down.

"I have to give this trial my attention right now Natalie." It is hard but Natalie understands.

"I have some business to attend to, but you call me if you need me," Vincent says before leaving.

"I will wait for your call then Uncle Bo and we will talk about this more." They hug and Bo walks off.

"I am sorry," Natalie says. "I just can't wait…" She runs off.

"I just want you to have faith in yourself Rex. None of this is your fault. Todd hired you to find his son and you did. You can't blame yourself for Michael and Marcie getting hurt."

"Hey! Look who is here!"

Michael and Marcie come up with Tommy. They were at the trial but decided to give the babysitter a break. "Have you made any progress Rex in finding Tommy's parents?"

"Who are these people to you?"

Marty talks her son into a room in the police station. "I never wanted you to know about this. It was a long time ago and he had nothing to do with who I am now or who I was with your father…When I was in college, I met Todd Manning. He was a football player too…and…something happened. Something worse than what happened between you and Starr at the party…" Cole doesn't get it but then the look on his mother's face… "Oh my god…the day at the dance when Britney tried to humiliate Starr about her father raping somebody…that was you?" Marty nods. "Yes…"

"Why can dad admit what he did but you can't?" Blair asks her not to do this. "I want to go to my room" Todd tells her that she can go. Starr can't express how bad she feels sees the woman that her father…and seeing him in the same room. She goes up the stairs to her room.

Todd slowly goes to the stairs and sits. Blair walks over to him and sits beside him leaning her head on his shoulder. "What have I done?" he wonders aloud into the air…

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