One Life to Live Update Friday 11/17/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Adriana arrives to meet Rex.

"Thanks for coming. Remember the lead that I told you about the lawyer? Well his office and records were destroyed in a tornado, but now I am thinking that the records were stored somewhere else. I am meeting the secretary and I Need you to get pregnant."

Starr arrives home.

"What are you wearing?" Starr says her clothes got dirty the night before she put on something else. She runs upstairs.

"I caught the garter," Todd tells Blair. "Great! So you will be the next man to get married. "…And Evangeline caught the bouquet!"

"Not guilty!"

Michael and Marcie arrive at the trial.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen…During this trial, I will prove that the defendant, Spencer Truman murdered, in cold blood, Thomas McBain. He was a devoted father and husband. He left behind his two sons Michael and John…"

"He's not here." Natalie and Vincent go back to the hospital and the bandaged man is not in his bed. "You don't understand. I can't sleep at night." Vincent wishes that she would stop dumping on him. "How do you think that makes me feel?" She suddenly remembers that Hugh will be the dead man if John is alive.

"I am exhausted!" She laughs at that. "That's marriage for ya. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile." She feels married today. "It is a good thing. Definitely a good thing. When do we have to get ready for the flight? There is someone that I have to see."

"We are going to have a big day at the park and then we are going to play Brennan. We haven't had this much time together since we were planning you when I was with Jessica… I mean when I was with Tess…"

"I believe John is alive Natalie but after we prove that he is alive…I am out." Natalie wants to know what Vincent means by that.

"…And the facts of this case tell a very good story. Thomas was planning to spend Christmas with his family but the defendant gunned him down and tried to kill him. Thomas made it to the hospital but one of the doctors that treated the man was Spencer Truman. We can only imagine the horror that Thomas felt when he looked up and say the man who tried to kill him. The defendant took this opportunity to try to take the man's life again and this time he did.

Claudia comes to see Nash and the baby. "Let me take her while you warm her bottle." Nash hands Brennan over. "I wanted to make sure that you were fine after watching Jessica get married." Nash is fine.

Antonio and Jessica enter the room.

"What the hell are you doing with my baby?"

"I told the man about you and me kissing. If I had known that it wasn't Hugh, I wouldn't have said anything." Natalie can't believe that he was talking about it at all. "It was just a dumb kiss." It wasn't to Vincent.

"Lawyers write stuff down, even crooked ones lawyers and that is what I am counting on," Rex explains to Adriana.

"Ms. Herman!" She has arrived and she seems to think that she has seen Adriana before. "Anyway, Mr. Nevins told us that he found someone who would take our baby and we just want to do the deal as we need the money. We just want the name of the people who were interested in our baby." Ms. Herman is retired now and not really interested in this. Not until Rex and Adriana offer her 20% of the money they get.

Blair knows that Evangeline is too into Cristian to be thinking of marrying anyone else, so she isn't worried about her getting with Todd.

Blair opens Starr's bag and sees the torn shirt she had on the night before. It gets her immediately upset.


Todd tells her to stop yelling.

Blair shows Todd their daughter's shirt.

Starr arrives.

She sees the shirt…

She remembers the night before when Cole freaked out and ripped her shirt. He was angry one minute and then apologetic the next.

"Well come on Starr. Why is your shirt ripped?"

Someone knocks at the door.

"Hi!" A woman flashes a badge. "I am Detective Bauer… I am here to talk about what happened last night. Is Starr Manning here?"

Blair turns to see Starr trying to make her way up the stairs without being noticed. She is very quiet and almost tiptoeing.

"Starr, what happened last night?"

"Stay away from my baby, that means don't hold her, don't touch her and don't go near her. Nash I trusted you with our baby! That means don't give her to someone who abuses alcohol." Claudia hands over the child. She is hurt. Antonio tries to get Jessica to settle down. "I am not a child molester." Antonio knows that but reminds Claudia that she was drunk and out of control at his wedding. Jessica wonders if she should leave the child there now. "I can take care of the child, that is unless you don't want to go on your honeymoon."

"Do you know the sex of your child?" Adriana says 'yes', but Rex says 'no'. "I know but he doesn't. "He thought that it would be easier to give the child up if he knew about it. "It is a boy." Ms. Herman is thrilled. People pay more for boys. "I can access the lawyer's files on his computer from anyway. He gave me the password."

"What happened at this party Starr?" The detective tells that Starr called the police when an incident occurred. "No I didn't call the cops! What about Cole?" Todd and Blair had no idea that Cole was at the party. "He was arrested and he may be facing charges." Todd goes to his daughter. "Did he hurt you?"

Vincent and Natalie go to the courthouse.

"…He is a killer, masquerading as a healer and you will find this man, Spencer Truman guilty of murder and you will give the justice that has been sought for so long and hard by the victim's son…the late officer John McBain."

Natalie is standing at the back of the courtroom and seems comforted by these words that Evangeline speaks.

"If this kid put a hand on you I swear…" Starr shouts that Cole didn't do anything. "What is the situation with this kid?" The cop thinks that it is drugs. "I don't want you near this kid ever again." They all head to the station.

"Mr. Casey…you may proceed."

"Thank you your honor. The ADA is right. You must convict Dr. Truman if the evidence urges you to do it and if it proves he is a killer. It doesn't. He is an esteemed member of the Llanview community. He is the Chief of surgery and the hospital and he won the Scarborough award…He doesn't end lives. He saves them."

"I remember you now. You are a model aren't you?" Adriana admits that she is, or was. "When did you stop modeling?" Adriana says that when she started showing she stopped modeling. "Have you had the Phi-Oxy test at six months?" Adriana smiles as she hugs Rex saying that she did in fact have that very test.

Ms. Herman uses her pen to stab Adriana in the stomach. "You are no more pregnant than I am. There is no Phy-Oxy test! This meeting is over!"

"All I could think about was how you and Jessica were getting married and that I wouldn't ever get to marry Nash." Antonio cares about Claudia and doesn't want to see her life go down the tubes.

"What did you mean about me not wanting to go on my honeymoon?" Nash tells that he only meant that Jessica might be missing her family and nothing else. "What did you think I meant?"

"Come on Jessica. We have to get going." Jessica will call when she gets to Puerto Rico. "See ya!" Nash says. "Have fun." Antonio and Jessica leave.

"I think that your mommy's confused Brennan!"

"Look! Your boss gave away a baby that wasn't supposed to be given away. You tell us right now what it is that you know, or the cops find out that you were helping to sell babies on the black market."

Starr and her parents are at the police station now…

Starr thinks of the night before and how Cole acted.

"Some kids were ragging on me. It was this one kid Gabe. Cole stood up for me. We wanted to get away from Gabe and this Britney kid from my school. She we found a room. A bedroom. Everything was fine at first. We were talking about Gabe and Britney…and then…"

She remembers the kiss.

"Did you want him to kiss you?" She did like it at first. "But then he kissed me again and I felt weird about it and wanted to leave. He was holding me and I couldn't go."

It was at this point when Cole got angry…

"He didn't hurt me. My shirt ripping was an accident." Starr breaks down and Blair has to hold her…

"…And so when you hear the case, you will make Dr. Truman a free man."

The judge calls a recess.

Nora is impressed with the start of the trial.

Cristian is too.

Nora thinks that Evangeline should pat herself on the back.

She can't help feeling that something bad is coming up…

"I want to talk to you about that money you said you would give me for not testifying against you." Spencer writes a cheque and hands it to David.

Michael and Marcie wish that John were there to see this trial go down.

Bo has a moment alone.

"I need to talk to you Uncle Bo!" Bo needs to talk to Natalie too. He walks into the hall with her. He has a piece of paper with him. "I think that you should know what this says. It is about John." Natalie takes the paper and reads…

"I am sorry, I blew it." Rex thought that Adriana was great. "We still have a shot. Ms. Herman gave me the password to the lawyer's computer files." Adriana pulls out her padding even though the big belly was starting to look good to Rex. She leaves.

Rex sits now and starts opening up Nivens' files.

"Are you sure that you are going to be okay with Nash taking care of the baby by himself?" Jessica says that she made Nash promise to call one of their mothers if he needed help.

"Hey what are you doing?"

Nash has opened the door and Claudia is there in a flash. She wants to help with the baby and come with them but Nash doesn't want that because Jessica doesn't want that.

He leaves with the baby.

Claudia slams the door behind him. She goes to the bottle of wine and pours herself a drink.

Cristian and Evangeline steal a few moments to talk quietly during the recess.

Michael and Marcie can't wait to see the son-of-a-bitch nailed to the cross…

"So what do you say David? Are you going to take off?" David says that he will… "To Statesville…"

Paige is watching. She sees David rip up the cheque.

"What's going on?" David tells that Spencer was trying to bribe him just now.

"How's Hugh?" Paige tells Spencer that he is in surgery.

"Someone tried to dig up John's grave." Natalie knows that. "It was me. I was looking for proof. John is alive!"

Detective Bauer returns to the room with Cole, who has his head down… "Here is Cole and his mother…"

Cole's mother enters the room…

Todd and Blair freeze… "Marty Saybrooke?" She too stares back at the couple. "Todd?"

Marcie calls Rex to tell him how the case is going. He is glad to hear that Spencer is about to get his.

He hangs up and gets back to work. He looks at the names of the parents of the various children that were 'adopted'.

"What? Oh no! Joanne and Frederick Scott! They paid a hefty amount of money to the doctor… Those names…Joanne and Frederick Scott! Oh no no no no no no no! The were the parents of Michael and Marcie's baby. They were killed in the tornado! Michael and Marcie have Todd's kid!"

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