One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/16/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kevin and Kelly come to visit Asa's house. They were kicked out of the hospital for a while to give the baby a break.

"Are you sure that she was the secretary?" Rex asks into the phone. "Thanks! I owe you big time for this,"

He dials.

"Mrs. Herman! My name is Rex Balsom. I wonder if I could talk to you about a certain matter? Could you give me a call please?"

Todd sees Evangeline at an eatery.

She isn't glad to see Todd when he suddenly appears. "You are the last person that I want to see today or ever."

"Do we have a case or not?" Spencer's lawyer tells him that the evidence they have is old but then there is the possession of the gun that can't be ignore, and David's testimony is pretty damning and hard to get around."

As the two talk, David appears in the doorway. "You murdered Thomas Mcbain, and I am going to put you away for it."

David has entered the courtroom and now walks to his brother and his mouthpiece. "You are going to go down for murdering John Mcbain's father and maybe when you do, maybe then John can finally rest in peace."

Natalie has been working all night shoveling dirt to get to the coffin in John's grave. She can't rest until she knows the truth.

"What do you think you are doing?"

She turns to find Vincent walking up to her.

Todd sits at Evangeline's table anyway even though she needs time to work on her case. "I should prosecute you for what you did." Todd hopes that she wouldn’t do that to him. He plans on coming to see her in action in court. "I would prefer if you weren't there," she tells him.

"It is going to be nice to see you tortured for a change." Spencer tells David that he will be exposed as a liar. "Your reputation is pretty bad around her." David tells that he is leaving for parts unknown. "I am only staying long enough to put the nail in your coffin. I can't wait to get up from under you stink. Now that I am getting out from under you, I will do the living for the both of us. You finally met your match in John Mcbain didn't you? Too bad he never lived to see it."

Rex sits alone.

Someone comes to see him.

"It is Michael and Marcie!"

Rex lets the couple along with Thomas in. "We would like to talk to you about some business. We want you to find Tommy's parents." Rex will try. "Maybe I will end up cornering the market finding children's parents."

"I can't wait to find out if the man that I love is alive." Vincent will not let Natalie dig up his friend. "Digging up a grave isn't going to give you the answers that you seek. Just wait!" She stares back at him with dirt on her face and a very, very dirty bridesmaid dress…

"Zane is improving faster than the doctors expected." Asa orders Nigel to rustle up more breakfast for the family.

Kelly shows her pictures of her baby and the family all look. "I like the name 'Zane'. 'Zane Gray' was the best western writer ever," Asa says. "I read every one of them." Viki tells how she is going to miss Kevin and Kelly so much. The business in London needs help and Kevin is the man to do it. "I came to tell you all that I will be leaving for London today," Kevin says.

The lawyer leaves Spencer to talk to his brother.

"Are you planning to testify or not David? You do owe me you know." David smiles at his snake of a brother.

"This case isn't about you Todd, it is about Thomas Mcbain's murder. If you come Todd people will be looking at you and thinking about the spin that you tried to put on my case. I mean it Todd. Butt out!"

"Just wait until you have your own kids," Marcie tells Rex of Tommy. "Joanne and Frederick Scott were Tommy's parents. The Scott's belongings were damaged in the tornado. We just want to have a medical history on Tommy…" Rex will try to find out what the McBains want to know.

"I just want to help Evangeline." She wonders if he wants to help like he helped Cristian. "I said that I was sorry Evangeline." She thinks that his betting against Cristian is what was most offensive. "It is always about you isn't it?" He says that isn't true and he can't see how his staying away from the trial is going to make things better. "Sorry Todd. I don't trust you anymore. If you want to see Spencer pay, you will stay away. If I see you in court, I will have you removed!"

"You want me to perjure myself for you? You are afraid for you life?" David smiles. "David there is no way that they can put me in that alley if you don't tell." David could help if Spencer shot Mcbain in a panic but to go to the hospital and mess with a guy's stitches is over the top.

"If you just exercise a little bit of patience…" Natalie can't wait. "You have two choices Vincent. You can help me, or you can get the hell out of my way!"

"Birth records and remittance records are different animals." Marcie hopes that Rex won't get too out of control and hurt anyone to do what they ask. "Well, we are getting into a gray area here. Getting the parents' medical records is not legal." Michael doesn't like this but realizes that this is important for Tommy.

Someone knocks.

Michael goes to answer the door, while Rex holds Tommy.

"So are you going to take our case?" Marcie asks.

"Forget it!"

Todd has come in. "You are working fulltime for me, remember?" Rex says that he won't be working for him much longer. "I just got a huge lead on the whereabouts of your son!"

"You are moving to London today?" Kevin got a call and things are getting worse everyday. "You two back together?" Asa asks. Kevin and Kelly tell how they are going to give things a shot to see if things work out. "I understand," Asa says. "Still there is no way in hell that anyone is gonna leave today!"

"You believe that? Hustling me out of the country, making me think that I was the murderer was to help me?" Spencer offers David money then. "I will give you enough for five lifetimes."

Their conversation is cut short and so David leaves.

Nora enters.

Evangeline is glad to see her. Nora is very confident but Evangeline isn't.

"How did you even find me anyway?" Vincent thought about how she was thinking and figured out that she would end up at the grave. "Look, I need to find the fastest way to the truth and this is it! I studied Forensics, so I know how to use what I find to get to the truth." She picks up the shovel and waves it in Vincent's direction. "Now back off!"

"Spencer Truman's trial starts today Kevin. Don't you want to see him brought to justice?" Kevin doesn't care about that anymore. He wants to put all that behind him. "I will come back for the holidays if I can." Kelly and Zane will be there. "You are both taking my great-great-grandson away…" Kevin says that this has to be, and the family can come and visit. "I will tell you something. While I am here Kevin, I will enjoy my family. That is the only thing that is important." Kevin understands that. He is protecting the business for the family and he can't do that there. "The only thing left to say now is 'goodbye'."

"I found the name of the dead lawyer's secretary." Todd wants all of Rex's attention but Marcie insists that Rex work for them too. "I am sure that you can understand that our baby needs help too." Todd says that Michael and Marcie's baby is funny looking. "He doesn't look very happy to me." Marcie says that is because Todd is scaring him. "You lunatic."

"I just wish that John were here Nora. He made this case." Nora can see that Evangeline misses John and she admits it. "Good lawyers are always nervous. Now go and do what you do best. Nail Spencer Truman."

"Go ahead! Hit me with the shovel! I don't think that John would approve it." Natalie isn't so sure. "I can't live like this…not knowing if John is alive and dead. My life could be a black hole if I don't get the right answers." Vincent would have liked to have come to her with the truth and evidence but no one listens to him. She knows what that feels like. She can't wait. "You think that I am crazy now Vincent? Just let me stay like this one more day and you will know what crazy is really like!"

"I will stop by the palace and say goodbye to Renée. I will do my best to make you proud grandpa." He already has. Kevin hugs his uncle Bo. "I will call if I need any information about the London operation Uncle Clint!" Viki is crying now. "I don't want you to ever go. I am going to miss you so much." He will miss her too. "I want you to know that these last few years, there have been a lot of ups and downs and mom the support that you have given me has been unbelievable. I guess that this is it then!" Asa raises his glass and the others in the room do the same. "Kevin, Kelly, Little Zane…God bless…Godspeed to the three of you…to this whole family."

Michael leaves and will meet Marcie at the courthouse.

Todd wants the name of the woman who might know about his kid, but Rex won't give it up. He is afraid that Todd will screw things up.

"so are you going to Blair's trial?" Marcie asks. "no! Blair got drunk and I have to go and make sure that she hasn't choked on her own vomit." Todd leaves.

"what will it cost to do this investigation?" Rex doesn't want to take money, as he is Tommy's godfather. "You will at the very least get a good deal." She thanks him.

Rex's phone rings.

Marcie leaves.

"Hello! Mrs. Herman! Yes, I would like to talk to you…A public place? Sure. Do you know Roadies? I will meet you there."

Rex hangs up.

He dials.

"Adriana! It's me! I need a favor."

"Go get 'em Evangeline," Nora cheers quietly.

"All rise!"

the spectators in the courtroom rise.

The judge enters and the crowd sits.

"This case is the commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Spencer Truman…"

"This has happened to me before with Cristian, and I will not let it happen to me again. How could I be this stupid? We love each other. How could he be in a room with me and I not know it! I should have known. I should have been there for him!" Vincent tells Natalie that the important thing is that she be there for John now. "I promise you that we will know the truth before this day is over! Let's go talk to your Uncle Bo and have him help us sort this out!" Natalie picks up her shovel and they walk off…

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