One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/15/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Stop it!" Cole will not. He trashes the bedroom. "What is wrong with you?" He shouts that nothing is wrong with him. "I'm leaving!" Starr runs to the door and he grabs her roughly. "You should be glad to be with me!"

David is reading a magazine.


He turns to find Clint walking up to him. He tells that he is leaving Llanview and Dorian in his hands. "What?"

Rex and Adriana come to his place.

The door is unlocked and Rex knows that he locked it. "Stand back!"

He enters the apartment and a sheet is thrown over his head…

At the bar, Todd tells Evangeline that he has something to tell her.

Cris is nearby and hears the confession.

"I sort of knew about what was going to happen to Chris at the fight."

"What are you talking about have you seen John?" Vincent tells Natalie that he has seen John and she has too.

"I bet against him."

Cris listens from his hidden spot.

"I could have kept this from you and I didn't."

Chris comes over to Todd and Evangeline. "I think that we know what kind of person he is Evangeline"

Langston walks around the party.

She finds Gabe but he doesn't know where Cole and Starr are.

In the room, Starr gets angry and breaks away from him and runs to the door. Cole starts ranting again but then quickly stops and goes to Starr at the door begging her to give him a chance.

"I didn't know it at first but the nurse said that the man in the bed had blue eyes. I asked the man who he was and he told me that his name was John." Natalie will accept that but that doesn't mean that it is her John. "There is more. I told the man about the kiss thinking that it was Hugh, but this man got upset and almost ripped my arm off. I am telling you Natalie. The man in that bed is John Mcbain!"

Rex struggles with the intruder while under the blanket. "Get the lights!"

Adriana turns them on and pulls the blanket off his head.

"Mom?" Roxy has come over cause she was thirsty. "So you came by because you needed a drink?" She has to work the next day but sits with the kids anyway. "I never would have ditched the wedding but I had things to do." Rex tries to get her out of there but she will not budge. "So you two don't have anything special planned tonight do ya?"

"You don't know Dorian like I do. She is independent but she will let you make the decisions from time to time and when she does that is when you know she likes you." Clint knows that Dorian will miss David. Small towns are the worst, he feels.

"I already knew what you did." Todd asks what Chris is going to do about this. "You are not worth it." Evangeline remembers how Todd was there and saw how Cris was ruined, and how much it hurt her. "How much money did you make?" Todd doesn't answer. "That money meant more to you that we did?" Todd asks what the hell Chris ever did for him. That isn't the point. "What if I did something like this to Blair?" Todd reminds her that he was just being a friend by being honest with her. "No Todd! We are not friends and we never were."

"His brother identified the body. He is a doctor." There was no autopsy done. "I gave John this necklace, and a tattoo." Turns out that Hugh had a tattoo too… "Remember how upset the man in the bed got when you were there?" She talked to him and feels that she would have known that John were there. "Look the man is hurt and bandaged up. You haven't been yourself either." If this is true, Natalie will have to see it for herself. "I need to see it!"

Starr ignores Cole and goes running out. "Cole! I need to explain! Wait!" He runs after Starr.

"What's wrong with Cole?" Gabe is too drunk to care what Langston is asking.

"Looking for your girlfriend? She is probably doing drugs with her boyfriend," Britney says.

Starr comes running into the room and grabs Langston's hand. "We have to get out of here!" Langston wants to know what happened to her friend's shirt.

"Starr! Starr!" Cole comes into the room and wants to speak to Starr. He rips the plugs out of the wall to stop the music.

"I have to say something!" Cole shouts for all to hear.

Evangeline can't forgive Todd for this and wants to go. "I just need to talk to Todd for a minute," Cris says. Evangeline leaves.

"You did this because you love Evangeline and wanted me out of the way. Not because you wanted money. I understand now why you kept your mouth shut!"

Vincent tries his best to calm Natalie and get her to settle down but she is on fire. "I have to see him!"

She barrels her way into the hospital room and sees that no one is there. "Where is he?"

Bo and Paige enter the room together. "What's wrong?" Vincent and Natalie are quiet and ask where Hugh is. "He is in surgery." Natalie immediately panics. "What's wrong?" Nothing is wrong. "Hugh is starting his first set of skin graphs…" Vincent and Natalie share a knowing look. "Tell me Natalie," Bo asks again. "What's wrong?"

"That would be fabulous growing up in Puerto Rico." Adriana tells Roxy that she lived a sheltered live. "Look ma, you have a long day tomorrow, so why don't you go home." Roxy has an idea. "Let's play a game." Roxy doesn't remember that. He remembers getting dumped on his aunt so that Roxy could go out. She gets up and runs for a game.

"I would love to rip all your clothes off but I can't." Adriana understands.

"Here is a game we could play," Roxy says running back…

"Why not just admit that you are crazy about Evangeline?" Todd says that he is a just friend with Evangeline. "I see the way that you look at her Todd. She is a great woman, and she is strong, brave and smart and you are using her to drive Blair crazy. You know that she is something that Blair could never be." Todd has a thought. "Are you talking like this because you can tell that Evangeline is falling for me?"

Britney and her friend go to the bedroom and they talk about Cole and Starr. "I got an idea. I am going to kill two birds with one stone…"

Cole wants to talk to Starr but she will have nothing to do with him.

Gabe gets Cole to go with him to the other end of the room.

Starr tells Langston not to worry about her shirt. "It was an accident."

Britney gets on her cellphone. "Hello! Yes, I am at a party and something is wrong. Yes, there is a football player here and he is acting strange. My name? Starr. Starr Manning."

Natalie is about to tell Bo and Paige about what Vincent has told her but Vincent cuts off what she is about to say. "Oh Natalie it is so nice to see you here. Thank you for coming and showing your support for Hugh." Natalie looks into Paige's kind and smiling face and tells her that wasn't the only reason why she came there…

"That is it isn't it? You think that Evangeline is falling for me… When you fall in bed with her tonight, she will be thinking that she overreacted." Cris hates that Todd treats him like a charity case. "We are in love, and if she felt anything for you at all, she doesn't anymore." Cris leaves.

Cole wants to go and talk to Starr but his football buddies hold him back.

Someone knocks at the door.

"Is there someone named Cole here?" It is the cops.

Starr and Langston freak out when they see who is coming in the house.

"Is there a Starr Manning here?"

Starr and Langston stay quiet at the back of the crowd. "I didn't call the cops! Let's get out of here!" The girls take off out back.

Roxy, Rex and Adriana continue to play the game, and Rex really doesn't want to.

"Clint shouldn't you be home cutting the check for Jessica's wedding and not out here walking around? I know that I am not one of your favorite people." Clint doesn't think that it was big of him to stand up to Spencer. "I know that I wouldn't be the man that I am without my family, but you, you did a good thing. You made a difference." David realizes that he just had a conversation with a Buchanan that he liked. "What if I take a page from your book, and rope myself a good woman." Clint thinks that David should just stick with what he knows and in time he will do just fine. Clint leaves now.

David throws out his magazine but then returns and fishes it out of the garbage can.

"What I meant was that I wanted to talk to Uncle Bo in private." Natalie and Bo leave Vincent and Paige in the room.

"Can we just leave the hospital for a while?" Bo can't do that. He is there for Paige in case something happens with Hugh. Natalie walks off.

"What did she say?" Vincent asks.

He doesn't wait for Bo to answer and he follows Natalie down the hall.

She is freaking out. "What if I lose him now because of the surgery? I have to know. I have to know. You stopped me from telling him. I need a warrant. I can't wait. It could be weeks before we get to see who he is!" Vincent tells Natalie that he has been suffering too. "If that man is John, then that means that my friend Hugh is buried and dead out there in that grave." Natalie gets a new look in her eyes. "I have to go!" Vincent offers to drive her anywhere that she needs to go. "No! You can take me to my car and then I need to do the rest myself." She hurries out!

"Goodnight Adriana." Rex is dragging his mother to the door to get her out of there. "Come to the salon and I will give you some highlights…" Adriana will do that. Roxy is gone.

Rex has Adriana all to himself and loves it. Adriana liked sharing time with his mother. She doesn't like that he wasn't into the board game. "Here answer one more question. You are finally alone with your girlfriend. What do you do?"

Evangeline sits at her laptop working.

Her cellphone rings.

She looks at the monitor but doesn't answer.

Chris comes over to Evangeline. "Who was on the phone?" She tells him 'nobody'.

Todd is still at the bar and he hangs up his phone…

Starr and Langston can't get out of the party and end up under a table at the party trying to hide.

Starr's phone rings…

"It's my dad," she whispers.

She tells him that she is at her friend's place and that she has to whisper so that they don't wake her friend's parents. "Okay honey. Did you have fun at the party?"

A kid is getting handcuffed and taken out of the house by a cop. "Get off of me!" he shouts.

"Yeah dad, I had fun at the party…"

Paige thought that it was nice of Natalie to come and see Hugh. "You know, she just hasn't been the same since John died," Bo says.

At the cemetery, the first dig is made. It is hard to get the shovel in, and so Natalie has to put her sandal on top of the shovel and bear down to break the hard surface. The more she does it, the easier it gets. The card at the top of the grave reads…'John Mcbain'.

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