One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd tries to pay for Evangeline's drink but she insists on paying for her own.

The bartender at the bar gives her the beer.

She and Todd realize soon enough that their significant others are elsewhere.

"You and I are going to spend all kinds of quality time together. First we have to figure out what we are going to put in your room Brennan. Then we will play a game. This three-parent thing is kind of a gamble. Not what daddy had in mind for his little girl, but then Antonio and Jessica didn't want that either."

Antonio and Jessica are kissing and heading to the honeymoon suite. "Thank you for showing up at that train station 3 years ago. Ever since that day, you have been saving my life over and over again and you continue to do so."

"There is something that I have to tell you Natalie." She doesn't want to hear what Vincent has to say but he makes her listen.

"I hope that you don't mind me dragging you here."

Cole opens the door to the house party and it is pandemonium in there. Girls are riding on the backs of boys and kids are drinking…

"Pa she was radiant and beautiful." Asa couldn't make the wedding but Clint tells him all about it. "You are Renée are in cahoots. Both of you are trying to make my life miserable," Asa sees when Clint takes his drink. "How are you going to explain how you were two-timing ma? What are you not telling us about Emma Bradley?" Asa will tell him what he wants to know if Clint will promise not to see that Dorian Lord again.

David and Dorian are still at the reception having drinks. Dorian would have liked it better if there was a little more swank to this wedding. "You are describing our wedding. The wedding that wasn't."

The kids get Cole and carry him on their shoulders.

Starr goes to get her cellphone but Langston stops her from calling her parents.

The Britney Squad arrives. "If you hook up with Cole," Britney warns. "You will regret it!"

"So you are at this bar and not at the reception because Blair can't find you here." Evangeline has figured out Todd. "She is madly in love with you Todd and she will fight for you tooth and nail. She is getting to you isn't she?"

"Move it or lose it." Vincent won't let Natalie by. "Okay what is so important that you got to make this day harder for me?" Vincent speaks slowly and clearly. "John…Mcbain!"

"The only thing that I regret is having you in my face everyday." Britney says that her parents warned her to stay away from Starr and so she isn't trying to start trouble. "Just stay away from Cole!"

Cole and Gabe talk alone. Gabe thinks that he and his friend are going to get 'some' that night. "Starr is really into you. Are you going to take advantage of that?"

"I heard that Cole is aggressive," Britney warns. "He likes his girls that way too. Are you ready for that Starr?"

"We thought that we were going to fill this family album up for you and put it by your bedside table, but things didn’t work out that way now did they?" Nash plays with his little girl now.

Antonio brings his bride into their beautiful suite. He has arranged everything for them…

"She is so in there!" Evangeline sees. She feels that he is out at the bar to avoid Blair but then if he really wanted her out of his house, he could do it. "I know that Dorian would love to take care of Blair. She is in your face all day long." Todd says that he doesn't want Blair but is starting to know what it is that he really wants.

"Stop! Can't you see that I can't stop talking about John!" Vincent tells that he wasn't trying to hurt her. She cries. She wails and screams at the top of her voice about how she hurts. She begs him to take her out of there. He puts his arms around her and starts walking her back into the main room.

Cris comes running out and grabs Vincent's arms.

Vincent has no choice but to let go of Natalie.

Cristian hustles the hustler up to the wall and holds him there. "You put your hand on her ever again and I'll kill ya."

Natalie isn't crying anymore. She just stands staring.

"Alright pa. I agree not to see Dorian again. Now tell me the truth, or do I have to beat it out of you?"

"…Moments like these Dorian… It is hard not to think about our wedding." Dorian tells David that anything can change if you are just determined to see change. David told her that earlier that night. "Clint will come back to the fold and then eventually Adriana will too. I ask myself why it is that Viki has the monopoly on happiness. I ask myself. 'Why not me?' And now I ask the question, 'Why not you?' David would like that very much but it is time that he left.

"Cristian! No!" Cristian will not let go of the man. Vincent is still up against the wall, unable to move.

"Sometimes it is a blessing and sometimes it is a curse knowing what you want and not being able to get it." Evangeline wants a great career and success… "I want a woman who is smart, who is ballsy and a 'take no prisoner' chick. She has to be straightforward, honest and impossible to ignore."

Gabe pushes and pushes Cole to go over and get Starr, and nail her. The two friends get into a fight and start rolling around on the floor.

"I mean it Starr! You don't want to go with Cole. He likes girls who put out!" Britney warns. "Yeah? Well why didn't he go to the dance with you?" Starr snaps back.

Cole gets away from Gabe and goes to Starr.

He takes her hand and leads her out of there.

"Hey Cole!" Gabe shouts. "Maybe Starr will rape you tonight since it is in the family!"

Cole turns back and punches Gabe hard in the face, dropping him immediately. He chokeholds the guy and drags him backward back into the room.

Starr stands alone in the crowd watching.

"Vincent didn't do anything to me!"

Cris lets Vincent go. "I am truly sorry about all this," Vincent says before leaving.

"What's going on Natalie?"

"Things going okay with Cristian?" Evangeline says that she and he are working things out. "I think that Cristian and I work because we don't hold anything back and keep secrets. If you want what Cris and I have, you will have to learn to do the same thing."

At the party, Cole gives Gabe a sound beating and goes to Starr.

He grabs her hand again and takes her out of there.

"Don't say I didn't warn her," Britney quips.

Nash takes pictures of his baby and promises to print them out. "You only have one daddy. You know who that is Brennan? That is the guy holding you right now."

Antonio and Jessica are ready for bed. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. He puts her down ever so gently and the romance begins.

"Take it easy pa. I wouldn’t never beat up my old man." Asa tells Nigel to bring him a drink but Nigel knows better.

"Why do they call 'em help?" Asa wonders aloud. They talk about Spencer and Asa vows that damn Truman is gonna pay for what he did to the family. "You did a good job bringing up your family son. Keep doing it your way. I'll do things my way."

Cole and Starr are alone now in the house somewhere. "Sorry for causing you trouble." Cole knows that what happened wasn't her fault. "You are the brave one. You come to school everyday and face idiots like Gabe and Britney." She finds him brave for going out on the football field. He says there are things that take even more guts than that. "Things like this." he pulls Starr to him and kisses her.

"I still have my youth in me and I can still hit the casting couch and try to get something on pay-per-view. If they need me as a witness for Spencer, they can reach me." Dorian wonders about herself and where she stands in David's plan to take off.

"Vincent was trying to talk to me and it was just bad timing." Cris understands now. He leaves.

He bumps into Cris when he returns to the room. "Cris you need to know something. Todd Manning, he is no fan of yours." Cris starts walking away.

"Todd Manning knew that you were going to take the fall before you fell down!" Cris stops walking.

"You hold everyone else to ridiculous standards but when it comes to you, you have a double standard." He admits it. "I…I have something to tell you," he says to Evangeline.

"No matter what happens, I will always take care of you little girl. I promise you." Nash looks down on his sleeping baby.

Antonio and Jessica are in bed resting now.

"…Your mommy has been to hell and back, and she has some scars. More than she knows."

Antonio and Jessica kiss and hug and spoon each other.

"…This three-parent family things is going to be a lot more complicated than Antonio and Jessica realize…"

Antonio and Jessica sleep now.

"The woman is no good Nigel. That was the biggest mistake of my life." Nigel is confused. "Might this second union have produced the child that Mrs. Bradley spoke of? Spencer does have a younger brother." Asa wants to just forget it all and so he tosses the picture of Emma in the fire.

David and Dorian have a last dance. There is no music but they dance anyway. "I don't think that any goodbye will be sufficient." He will miss her and she will miss him too.

Cole and Starr are still kissing. "That was nice." He wants a better review than this. He makes a move on her and she backs up. Bad move, there is a bed behind her. "What? You don't want me? You have been leading me on for weeks and now you don't want me?" Cole starts tossing the room and wrecking everything in sight. Starr cowers on the bed, holding her hand over her mouth.

Todd sits with Evangeline and tells her that there is something that he has to say. "It is about Cris and his manager."

At the entrance to the bar, Cris has returned and he sees his girl with Todd smiling over the table…

Vincent returns to Natalie in the yard.

She gets her back up again the second that she sees him. "Natalie I have to tell you something. It's John…He's alive…" She is stunned into silence…

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