One Life to Live Update Monday 11/13/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Everyone waits outside the locker rooms.

Cole comes out and everyone claps.

"Hi Starr. No hard feelings Starr!" Britney makes nice with Cole and Starr. He thinks that she is up to something.

"I think that Antonio would rather have me tell the truth than lie, don't you think?" Nash isn't sure that he knows how to answer Jessica's question.

Cristian and Evangeline talk a bit about Todd and how he was acting to Evangeline and then they dance.

"I love weddings," Adriana coos while she dances with Rex.

David and Dorian dance and she drools over the prospect of getting close to Clint later.

"I don't ask you if you are okay because I know that you will be." Clint looks around for Viki now.

Natalie points her out.

Viki sits alone thinking.

"It makes sense now! The reason you got upset over me kissing Natalie! You're John Mcbain!" Vincent moves away from the bed as if bitten by a snake.

The nurse comes in. "It seems like he is trying to tell us something."

"What's wrong?"

Paige has returned to the room.

Kevin and Kelly are in the baby's room at the hospital.

"Wait, I just thought of something. What is the baby going to call you Kevin?"

"I have been cleared by the commission but I still have to get a job." She knows that he is worrying about how he is doing but she assures him that there isn't any rush to do anything.

"Marriage isn't all that it is cut out to be. Trust me. You and I are different than how I was with Jen." Rex stammers as he tries to have the discussion with Adriana and she laughs.

"You will always be the one who got away Dorian."

David looks over at Natalie who is sad.

"Natalie has access to some cash. When do you think is the appropriate time for me to hit on her?"

Clint listens as Viki talks about Jessica and how afraid she was for her.

"I think that a little lie might be better for Antonio. Admit that you were having doubts Jessica. Admit it."

Antonio is just inside the door where he can hear everything that goes on between his wife and Nash…

"Don't you think that it will be a little weird if he calls you grandpa and me mom?" Kelly suggests that the boy think that his father is Kevin and not Duke.

"I blew you off and you were mad, so what? Now you are given sodas to me and Starr?" Britney keeps up her nice routine and leaves.

Starr knows that Britney is up to something. There is a party that night and Cole and Gabe invite Starr and Langston to the party.

Britney and the squad watch as Cole and Gabe walk off.

"Wow Starr. You are going to the gym Starr! The seniors gym."

Britney and her friends watch Starr and they are green with envy.

"I don't want them!" Gave offers Cole drugs again but he doesn't want them.

"What are you two doing back here?"

The coach comes in and demands to know what the two boys are doing in there.

"They are going to start the skin grafts soon. They will be prepping him tonight." Vincent and Paige talk about 'Hugh's' condition. "You have been such a good friend to my son. Hugh is going to need a friend. Thank you Vincent. Thank you for caring so much." Vincent says that Hugh was his friend. "What was going on when I came in the room just now?" Paige asks.

"Are you two having fun?" Rex and Adriana stop dancing to talk with David. "I can't believe that you haven't forgiven your mother yet Adriana. See is your mother Adriana. Rex help me out." Adriana tells her mother never admitted that what she did was wrong. "You are breaking her heart!" Adriana doesn't care. "She was misguided Adriana but she thought that she was doing the right thing. She has forgiven me for all the things that I have done. She is a good person. One day she will be gone and then that will be it!" David leaves.

"I don't agree with Vickers but you could stop obsessing about your mother." Adriana wishes that Rex and everyone else would stop obsessing about telling her not to obsess over her mother.

"I am not going to bother to ask what you were doing over there with Adriana. I am too busy looking at Viki. She cries and she fauns…" David listens as Dorian starts in on her favorite subject.

"It is a wonderful day for me, cause it has been a wonderful day for Jessica. She couldn't have done it without her family." Clint says that everything in Jessica that is good is from her mother.

"I need a minute with Cole."

Gabe leaves.

"You looked a little slow in the fourth. You have to be faster. Still you had a good game. You still have to prove yourself every time that you get out there. Keep up what you are doing and that trophy is ours. Go home and get some rest." Coach leaves.

Cole breathes a sigh of relief.

"It is driving Britney crazy that you are going out with Cole." Starr isn't sure that she is dating Cole. She will go to the party but it is only because she wants to be there.

"Tonight Cole is finally going to get what is coming to him," Britney promises. "Oh yeah, I am going to give it to him real good."

Cole takes the drugs out of his locker.

Gabe returns and sees that Cole is very, very short-tempered. "Hey man! What's wrong?"

Clint was going to give Antonio advice on marriage but after thinking about it, he is sure that Antonio has things under control.

"I love Antonio and I want to be with him. Maybe you have doubts about my marriage but I don't." Nash sees that she is acting just like Tess.


Antonio comes out to the two. "Nash I would like to talk to my husband alone for a moment."

Nash promptly walks back into the party.

Jessica turns her face up to Antonio smiling. His face is bland when he looks into her eyes. "Jessica, are you sorry that you married me?"

"When he gets better, I want you and he to tell me all about his college days. You know Vincent, it wasn't that long ago that I found out that he was my son and then this happened. I don't want to waste a single second. I want to know everything about him, be a part of his life, and I want to make up for some of the years that we have lost." Vincent knows that in life you can't always get back what you have lost. "We still have to try Vincent." He tells her to do what she has to do, and then he leaves the room.

He stares at Paige and her 'son' from outside the room.

"This could get complicated, especially if we get married." Kevin didn't realize that she was thinking of remarrying him. Explaining this to Zane is going to be hard when he is older.

They look at the baby now. "We can do it. We can do it Kevin. You are going to be wonderful as a father."

"Are we okay?"

Cole wonders why Britney is on him so much. "Are you out of your mind? I don't want you Britney!" Cole walks off.

He Starr and the others start walking off. "Wait! I have to call my mom?"

Starr calls her father and tells him where she will be, and gets permission to sleep over at a friend's house.

Cole calls his mother and when she asks if he will be home on time, he shouts at her. "Am I ever late for curfew?"

The cheerleaders watch Cole and his meltdown.

Viki comes over to Evangeline to congratulate her on becoming a part of the DA's office.

Rex and Adriana go and sit with Natalie. She isn't hungry and insists that she is fine.

"You want me to kick you out of La Bulée?" David does want that. He has to get his life jumpstarted somehow.

Nash has a drink.

Clint comes over and sees he is doing okay…

Cris finds that the wedding has been a success. "Where are Antonio and Jessica anyway?"

"Nash was late and then I find you out here with him. Something is up." Jessica tells that Nash has issues with him and she has them with him… "Antonio I love you and I stood at that altar and promised myself to you for eternity. I meant every word." Antonio tells her that he too is hers forever. They kiss.

She looks over his shoulder as they hug.

Cole acts strangely.

"I don't know what those pills were but you are whacked out on something," Britney says under her breath."

"Lets go party!" Cole shouts. "Whoo!"

"The minute that you can, I want the both of you on a jet to London." Kelly promises that will happen.

Rex gets a call.

"Balsom! You sure?"

He tells Natalie and Adriana that he just got a new lead on Todd's kid.

Antonio and Jessica are kissing outside.

"I was telling Evangeline that you two were probably already gone on your honeymoon."

Cris leaves now.

The happy couple returns to the main room.

The crowd cheers.

" Jessica deserves a good husband Antonio. Good thing that she found one eh?"

Cris gets the crowd laughing.

"Thank you! Thanks you for everything." Antonio and Jessica rush out as confetti is thrown and everyone claps.

It is a bit much for Natalie and she walks off alone.

"I wish things had worked out for me and Jess…ah Tess." Clint hopes that he and Nash can still be friends in spite of the way that things turned out.

Viki comes over crying that her little girl is on her way. Clint hugs her.

"Ouch!" David says. He and Dorian see the hug. "You can have everything you want Dorian. You just need to keep both eyes on the road ahead." She'll drink to that. They clink glasses.

John breathes deeply as Paige talks to him. "I will never leave you Hugh. I will never leave you again." He tries to talk but she quiets him and shushes him. "Don't talk son. There is time for that later."

Natalie is out in the yard now, in the dark.

Vincent comes out there.

"Oh, so now you are crashing the party this late?" Vincent ignores her comment. "I have to talk to you about something."

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