One Life to Live Update Friday 11/10/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"Ladies and gentlemen for the first time. Put your hands together for Mrs. And Mr. Antonio Vega!"

Everyone claps for the lucky couple as they walk forward.

Clint comes to steal his daughter for a dance.

Antonio sees Nash looking over at him.

He approaches.

"So why were you and Jessica late for the wedding?"

At the school, Langston assures her friend that she really doesn't have to worry about Britney anymore. Starr isn't afraid of her.

Britney is looking at the drugs that she took out of Cole's locker.

Her friend comes in and Britney shouts for her to get out of there.

"Well John! Everyone told me that I would feel closer to you if I came to the wedding but they were wrong."

Vincent returns to the church and finds Natalie alone.

"What are you doing here?" He tells how he just came back from seeing Hugh. "What does that have to do with me?" Vincent says that if what he is thinking is true, then this will have to do with a lot of people.

In the hospital, someone leans over John and sees he wants to say something. He does. "Get Natalie!"

"We just had some unfinished business." Antonio understands.

"Let's dance."

Jessica comes over to get her husband…

Kevin says goodbye. He has to go back to Kelly and the baby…

Dorian enjoys the wedding…

"Just look at my mother enjoying herself over there." Rex isn't pleased. "Adriana could you pay attention to me please?"

Nash peers at the happy couple from the side of the room.

The announcer calls out that Antonio and Jessica are going to dance now…

They hit the floor.

Hugh gets agitated and starts shouting out.

"Hugh has been doing better." Natalie flies off the handle now wanting to know how well Hugh is doing when her boyfriend is dead from the same accident. Vincent didn’t come to see Natalie like she thinks. He just wanted to go to church. "I have memories of coming to church and it was peaceful. Maybe that is what I am looking for…peace." Natalie can understand. "I have to accept that sometimes miracles don't happen." Vincent looks up at her from the pew he sits in. "Sometimes they do!" She turns to him…

"You put my picture on the incubator." Kelly just wanted to have Kevin's picture where the baby could see the people who love him. "I love you Kelly. I never stopped." She loves him too and wishes that Zane were his baby and that Duke were there to enjoy this with them. "This most important thing is that we are together." They can't stay there though. "That is funny that you say that now. I have decided to move to London and I want you to move there with me."

"Zane! Zane! He's our man!"

Zane walks through the hall as the big hero.

He and Starr share a smile before he goes off.

"Hey Starr! Can we make a truce?" Starr is suspicious but agrees to be friendly with Britney. "Thanks!"

Britney runs off to her friend. "You are going to be friends with here?" Britney is only doing what her grandma told her. "Catch more flies with honey!"

Starr knows that Britney is up to something and she is going to find out what.

Natalie doesn't believe in miracles. "John never believed in anything that he couldn't see with his own two eyes." Vincent gets an idea and rushes out. "Thank you Natalie."

Evangeline tells Bo and Paige that she was with Vincent at Hugh's bedside. Bo and Paige are surprised to learn that Vincent and Hugh were friends.

Evangeline leaves the couple now.

David insists on dancing with Dorian…

Clint and Viki cut a rug like old pros.

"Thank you." Jessica stands by the wall where Nash is. "If you say so," Nash says. "You keep telling me that Tess is alive and running around in you but she wouldn't run from the truth." Jessica gets angry and stomps off.

She goes to Antonio.

"What's wrong baby? You look upset!" Jessica looks up into Antonio's eyes. "There is something that I have to tell you."

Nash watches them from afar.

Gabe hands Cole some drugs while in the locker room during halftime.

The coach gives the team a pep talk and then sends them out.

Cole stays back and takes the drugs before heading to the field.

The person Antonio was talking to leaves…

"You know that I love you right?" Antonio knows that.

Cristian interrupts everyone to make a speech, and Jessica's talk is cut short. "We have our ups and downs, but if I could pick a man to be my hero, to be my friend, I would pick you. Here's to you brother. And here's to you my beautiful sister Jessica!" Cristian raises his glass in the newlywed's honor.

"And I have something to say as well…"

The color drains from Jessica's face when she realizes that Nash is about to speak…

"The best thing is that we will be able to raise Zane as our son and no one will have to know that he isn't ours. I wasn't able to think of Zane as my own son until I held him. I couldn't love Zane more if he were my own." She wonders if he would be saying this had Duke lived. "I won't be able to go to London with you if you wouldn't."

"…Jessica isn't just a great sweet girl, she is beautiful. Thank you for including me in this day, and I wish you all the happiness in the world." Nash walks off.

"Beautiful speech. I don't know what happened between you and Jessica before the wedding but thank you for being a good man. I always tell people that!" Clint walks off.

Jessica is suddenly at a loss for words now when Antonio turns back to her.

Todd, Evangeline and Cris are together. "Hey good looking. Wanna dance?" Todd asks Evangeline ignoring Cris.

Evangeline and Todd walk off.

Rex and Adriana dance…


His phone is ringing and he leaves to answer it.

Dorian is watching her daughter.

"I heard that you are starting your own lingerie line." Adriana says that she is. Dorian starts talking about that but Adriana just walks off.

Viki explains to Jessica that Natalie isn't there but will be okay. "She just needs time."

Natalie remains alone at the church.

"So are we going to do this or not?"

Natalie looks up and John is at the front of the church. She smiles. "Let's do this. Right here. Right now."

Natalie has been transformed. She now wears a wedding gown and slowly walks up the aisle to her groom.

"I love you…" Hugh says.

The nurse leaves the room.

"I am Hugh's friend and I want to see him," Vincent says upon arriving.

He sits by his friend. "I know that you are not Hugh but you are quiet. Like you don't want me to know. I need to know who you really are."

Hugh turns his face towards Vincent and opens his very blue eyes.

"Oh man! It's true. You're not Hugh!"

Every one cheers!

"Cole broke Llanview High's record for the most touchdowns in the school's history!"

The crowd screams.

The coach promises pizza for everyone.

"I am glad that you are here," Cole tells Starr before leaving her to change.

"Starr looks so happy," Britney says. "She won't be for long. Not after I tell that Cole is on drugs."

"You are going to have to talk." John starts talking to Natalie at the altar…


Natalie comes out of her daydream and answers her phone.

It is her mother.

"I was just doing something but I see that I am going to have to let it go."

John isn't anywhere to be seen in the room anymore.

"Okay, then. If you aren't Hugh, then I have to find out who you are…" Vincent says.

Natalie heads to the reception and meets with her mother who is glad to see that she is okay.

Rex tells Todd that someone called him about some more information about Todd's son.

It is time to throw the bouquet.

Cristian tells Evangeline that he has a bet going with Antonio that she is going to catch the bouquet.

"It's just a stupid custom," Rex tells Adriana but she goes to try to catch it anyway.

"Excuse me." Dorian burrows through the crowd to get a place behind the bride.

The bouquet is thrown and Evangeline catches it…

Antonio takes off Jessica's garter and assumes the position in front of all the men.

The garter is thrown and Todd catches it…

"I want to go to London with you Kevin but you have been so angry with me and I have to know that is in the past before I move to another country with you." Kevin sees the most important thing is that they are a family. "Say 'yes'." She does.

"This is my first football game." Cole tells how he has been to games all his life.

"Tomorrow they will get what's coming to them," Britney promises…

"You caught the bouquet?" Todd is stunned. "See ya." He leaves, tossing the garter to the side.

Rex and Adriana sit kissing on the couch. Adriana can't help but stare over at her mother.

David comes to Dorian and tells that she did well today. She got to dance with Clint and made some progress.

Jessica comes out but starts returning when she sees that Nash is out there.

"Wait! I wanted to say that I had objections when the minister asked, but I didn't. I came by to talk to you before you married because I felt that I needed to take one last shot at making you see that it is too soon to marry after getting integrated. Does Antonio know that I am out here." She tells that she is still there, isn't she?

Inside, Antonio is hearing the two talk outside and he looks disturbed.

"Something happened dad. It was like John was trying to tell me something but he never gets it out." Clint listens as Natalie tells how she has been feeling lately.

"Look man, if there is something that you want to get out, now is the time to do it." Vincent waits patiently. The man in the bandages opens his eyes, and has a lot of trouble opening his mouth… "I…I'm John!"

Vincent's eyes don't blink for a long time and his eyes don't move from the bandaged man.

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