One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/8/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair reads the paper.

"I'll have a Bourbon Neat!"

Blair sees that Claudia is reading about the wedding that is never going to happen.

Todd stands alone…

Evangeline comes over to visit with him as they wait for the wedding to start.

Bo gets a call…

It is Matthew who wants to make sure that his dad gives Jessica his gift.

Paige suggests they go see the boy after the wedding.

"Have you seen Natalie?"

Rex has come up. Bo suggests that he call her on her cellphone…

Rex dials.

"Where are you?"

she sees him standing before her. "Turn around."

He turns and sees that she is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Roxy comes over and sees that Natalie is doing fine and not pining over old 'Blue Eyes."

Vincent gets some of the staff in Hugh's room and tells that the nurse said that he has blue. "He doesn't. He has brown eye!"

Natalie tells Roxy that she is doing just fine at the wedding.

The other bridesmaids come over and join the conversation…

Roxy's phone rings.

"What? Okay I will be there!"

One of Roxy's clients has a hair disaster and she has to go.

Natalie tells the other bridesmaids that Jessica is taking her time getting ready for the wedding.

Antonio is getting dressed with Cristian's help.

Clint comes in and says that Jessica is on her way… "Where is Nash?" No one has seen him for a while.

"What are you doing?" Nash ignores her question and says what he came to say. "Don't marry Antonio…"

Blair finds a friend in Claudia and they talk about the man in Blair's life. "is it another woman?" Claudia guesses about Blair's problems with Todd. "Who is it?"

At the wedding Todd and Evangeline spend more time talking…

Jamie practices her steps for the wedding since she is Flower Girl…

Viki laughs with glee as she watches the tiny girl struggle to get her steps just right.

Viki sits and David comes to sit with her.

Dorian can't resist can come over to see what is going on. "I'm Viki's date," David jokes. "Behave yourselves," Viki warns the both of them.

David and Dorian end up sitting together…

Viki talks with family at the back of the church.

Viki tells Bo that Jessica seems to be doing fine.

Natalie assures Rex that she is doing just fine, and that the wedding isn't affecting her in any negative way…

Natalie looks at the necklace in her hand and walks off.

Bo sees her staring at the necklace. "He died holding that and that tells me that you were with him in the end." She remembers when she gave the necklace to him. "I thought that St. Jude was the patron saint of cops." Bo corrects her thinking. He knows that she isn't a lost cause. "You are the furthest thing from that."

Kevin and Clint go to talk alone.

"Nash was here and now he isn't. The guy kidnapped Tess and the baby remember?" Clint knows that Jessica will take care of this. She is a grownup. Kevin goes to check out front for him.

Kevin and Clint shake hands with the lucky groom and leave.

"So how are the nerves?" Antonio tells his brother that he is doing okay but Cris can see that he is lying. "I just want to get this right so that I don't have to do this again." They hug.

"My god, you look beautiful, you look exactly like…" Jessica cuts him off. "Like me! I look exactly like me!" Nash closes the door so that no one will walk in. "Nash, I am sorry that you are still hurting but I never led you on." He knows that she is integrated but she is acting like someone other than Jessica. "You are a new person with a new heart and you are not listening to that heart and that is breaking mine!"

"Mr. Jones, if you persist you will be asked to leave." Vincent rants cause no one will listen to him about something being wrong. "You are just confused, maybe upset by your friend's condition." Vincent admits that he is upset. "This poor guy right here…His eyes are blue. Are you telling me that the accident changed the color of my friend's eyes?"

Vincent stares down at the face of the mummy man…

After he leaves, the man's eyes open and they are definitely blue…

Jessica isn't there yet…

Clint goes to wait for Jessica outside…

Natalie hopes that this isn't about Nash. "I warned him not to screw this day up."

"It seems as if Kevin has finally made peace with himself." Viki confirms that. "I like him Bo. He is a good man."

Paige lights a candle at the front of the church.

"You want to get out of here?" Evangeline would like to do that. She has a lot of work at the office. "Why didn't you bring Blair?" Todd knows that just seeing him with Evangeline would make Blair crazy. They sit together. "She still thinks that she is the one that I want." Evangeline tells him that she is.

Blair and Claudia over-do it with their drinks. "How do you feel about crashing a wedding?" Claudia loves that idea. "We may end up seeing a train wreck," Claudia slurs.

"I am about to go to church to marry the man of my dreams! It's not about you." He shouts at her not to do this. "Don’t marry him! If you are as integrated as you say you are, then you are ignoring yourself. You are ignoring the biggest part of yourself. You want more. I know that you do, even if you don't know it." She doesn't think that he understands what she and Antonio have gone through. "Give me my damn credit and let me live my life. Tess changed me. She gave me Bree and now she is gone." Nash laughs. "You look exactly like her. That dress of yours, that makeup… The way you look and dance. Until you and Antonio understand that you are a new person then this marriage is doomed to fail before it even starts! Before you ever GET to the altar."

Vincent calls a friend.

"I was in Hugh's room and the nurse told me that his eyes were blue… You know anything about that? Yeah, that is what I thought."

David tries to behave himself as he sits in the front row.

Evangeline knows that Todd is only using her and that his interest in her is nothing more.

"I like being in a church. I have so many blessings Bo. Like you." He gets close to Paige and they sneak kisses.

"Have you seen Nash?" Kevin asks. Viki hasn't. "Why?"

"I have been looking for you Clint. I am getting a bit worried. Jessica isn't here yet." Clint tells Dorian not to worry.

"has anyone called her?" The bridesmaids find it a coincidence that Nash is missing too.

Blair and Claudia come stumbling in. They hear what the bridesmaids are talking about.

"He finally got to her!" Claudia says.

The bridesmaids turn around at the spectacle behind them. "Oh my word."

"you and Antonio walk around like nothing is wrong. You are walking around like you never had a scratch in that whole thing. What are you going to do when you see Antonio and me at the end of the aisle? I think that the Tess part of you will not settle for being a cop's wife, staying at home… Listen to me and think about what you are doing. You can't take it back." She goes to the door and opens them. "Fine! But I am not going to keep my trap shut when the good Reverend Carpenter asks if anybody's got any objections…" Jessica has her back to Nash but she turns to him now and gets very close to him. She puts her face is very close to his and their lips are almost touching.

"Go to hell," she says softly. "That is exactly what Tess would say," he tells her. He turns and leaves the way he came.

Blair is blasted and the bridesmaids don't know what to do.

Cris arrives.

"Jessica is late and Nash isn't here…

Blair drops her purse and all the change from her purse falls out.

Everyone in the church turns and stares.

"Oh I was just making a donation." She stoops and picks up the change in a very unlady-like manner.

Chris tells Evangeline that Jessica isn't around and Nash isn't there either.

"What are you doing here?"

Blair sees that Todd is behind her. "If you embarrass me or my niece, I will throw you out of here."

Viki learns that Jessica isn't there yet.

David and Dorian sits together, but she moves his hand when he tries to put it around her.

"I need to talk to you." Vincent turns and leaves.

Evangeline leaves Cris to go and see what Vincent wants.

"What is this about Vincent?" She worries that this is about Layla. "No, it is about Hugh."

"Where is Nash?" Antonio tells Claudia that he doesn't know but that he isn't concerned that he may be with Jessica. He smells the bourbon on her breath and can't understand why she would give up her sobriety after being off the sauce for so long…

Jessica is in her room still but now she is alone. She sits quietly for a long time thinking. She gets up now and goes to the window to look out…

Antonio is alone in the groom's changing quarters now.

Chris comes to him and Antonio sees something in his brother's face. "Que pasa?"

"Claudia was worried about Nash and Jessica being together but I told he that wasn't going to happen. The ceremony should have been over now." Chris assures him that she will be there.

Someone knocks.

Rex enters and tells that Jessica's limo has just pulled up. "I'll be there," Antonio says.

"How's the tie?" Cris tells the man that he looks great and he is sorry that he doubted his brother.

"We're on," Rex announces to Clint and Viki.

"here we go!" Clint says kissing Viki's cheek.

"Look at that," David says. "Maybe they will make it a double wedding." Dorian isn't pleased.

The bridesmaids and the Flower Girl get ready at the back of the church.

"Remember how we thought that Hugh had been acting strange?" Evangeline remembers all that but can't understand why Vincent is having this conversation with her now.

The ministers and the ushers all take their places.

The music starts.

Jamie does her walk up the aisle… She kisses her daddy and takes her place.

Natalie is next to take the walk.

She pauses and looks over at Vincent…

Evangeline sees that…

Clint is at the back.

Nash comes bursting in the back door and starts making his way to the main room of the church.

"Hey! Hey!"

Nash turns to find Clint calling for him. "Is Jessica with you?" Nash says that she isn't…

"I thought that she would already be here." Clint wonders if there is something that he should know. "Ask Jessica!" Nash tells him.

Natalie spies Vincent talking to Evangeline…

"Let's have this talk later."

The music starts…"Here comes the bride…"

The back doors open and Nash is standing there.

The crowd rumbles…

"What the hell is going on?"

Nash makes his way to the front.

The music starts again. "Here comes the Bride…"

The back doors open again, and this time Jessica and Clint are there. She has her arm in his as they stand there together.

"Jess, are you okay?" She doesn't answer him.

She just looks up to the front where Nash smiles at her.

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