One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Dorian reads about the Vega marriage. When she reads how the bride will be escorted down the aisle by Clint Buchanan, she rips the article out and tears it to pieces.

The nurse reads the article of the wedding to John.


The nurse hears that clearly. "Mr. Hughes?"

"I will make this day perfect for both of us John." Natalie takes her engagement ring off and places it on a table beside her.

Cristian and Evangeline are in bed.

She wakes. "I'm late!" She rushes out of bed. "Jessica may be getting the groom Cris, but I have the best man!"

Adriana is in a good mood due to the progress she has been making with her boxer shorts idea.

Kelly finds Kevin at the baby's room watching through the window. They talk about their future.

Viki reads the paper regarding the wedding…

Clint has his coffee, thinking about Jessica and her wedding…

Jessica sleeps.

She wakes.

The phone rings.

"Happy Wedding Day princess. I hate waking up without you." She promises that they will never have to wake up without each other again.

Nash is up and cleaning his house.

He looks at his phone.

He remembers a kiss they shared…

He smashes a glass now by flinging it at the wall behind him. "How can I let this wedding happen?"

"Well good morning." Viki lets Clint in the house.

"Mom, is that Chloe?"

Jessica comes rushing downstairs in a robe with a towel around her head.

She has an Adriana who helps her.

Clint gives Viki credit for the way that things have turned out.

Adriana and Jessica go into the other room and Jessica is nervous. "Oh my god! Where is Natalie this morning."

"If you do anything to ruin my sister's wedding, I will personally set a match to this vineyard and you and watch your burn!" Natalie has said what she's come to say to Nash and now she heads to t he door.

She trips up the stairs…


She has fallen into the arms of… Vincent Jones…

Kevin and Kelly talk about Duke and how he would be so happy.

Dorian arrives and greets the couple.

"I should start heading to the wedding Kelly." Dorian tells him to send her best wishes to the entire family. "He will do that." He leaves.

"You and Kevin seem very close." Kelly finds him amazing. "I wasn’t exactly the model fiancée but none of that matters now. Only Zane does."

Kelly goes to have a peek at her baby while Dorian eyes her closely.

"It is as if you were born to be a mother. You have fought so hard for this baby." Kelly offers the child to Dorian and she would love to do that. She holds out her arms and takes the child. "He needs to know he has a great-aunt Dorian…" Dorian would prefer to be called just Aunt Dorian…

"You have done a wonderful job." The decorator at the church thanks Antonio for the praise and wishes him a beautiful wedding.

"I must have done something good somewhere along the way Chris, to have a life like this. Getting to this point wasn't fun but at the end of the day, Jessica is going to be my wife." Cristian can see that his brother has truly made it.

Jessica looks at her image in the mirror.

"having second thoughts?" Jessica just worries that Antonio has no idea what he is getting into. "I am high-maintenance." Clint just hopes the worst is over. "I don't deserve him." Clint disagrees. "You know that there is more to it than that. I know that it takes guts, patience and a lot of love to make a commitment like this. That is how I felt about your mother." She reminds him that they didn't make it. "didn't we? I feel that our family is stronger than ever. I would walk through fire to be with your mother. She is an extraordinary woman and so are you. Antonio is the lucky one, just like I was." She thanks him for saying that. "Are you going to be alright?" She knows that he is wondering if Tess is going to come out. "I know that you are frightened and Nash is going to be there as well. You can get through anything and so can Antonio. Jessica, I wish you nothing but the best!"

"Are you okay little lady?" Natalie demands to know what Vincent is doing there. "He is here to see me!" Nash says. "Here is your money with interest. I won't be needing you anymore."

Natalie sees that Vincent has a few ways of making a living. Vincent felt that he was doing the right thing before when Natalie talked him into changing his life, but right now, he feels that having listened to her before was the mistake. He walks past her, and out of the house.

Kelly talks to her baby. "you are very, very lucky because there are so many people who love you. There is on man in particular and I will bring you a picture of him…"

Kevin arrives at the wedding location dressed and ready for the wedding. He tells his father that he has been looking at the future and things are looking great. "With all the history, for Kelly and I to start again, Kelly and I may have to move to start again." Clint just may have an answer for the couple.

"I lent Nash some seed money for his vineyard…" Cris knows that Nash will think that Antonio is buying him off. "I invited him to be in this wedding but if he screws it up, I will kill him right in front of everyone."

Nash eats and looks at the wedding invitation…

"You are going to feel sorry for yourself today? You could sit on your butt or you can do something about the wedding." Nash goes to the doorway and sits beside Tess to talk to her. "You give up easy," she says. "do you have any idea how hard I fought to get you back?"

Jessica looks at her image in the mirror.

Viki enters and stands looking at Jessica strangely.

"Jessie?" Viki asks as if walking on eggshells.

"I was just looking for Tess. I am scared." Viki thinks that it is normal to be scared. "Are you having second thoughts about Antonio?" Jessica denies that she is. "I wasn't integrated when I married Joe. Niki was in love with a guy named Vinnie and on my wedding day, she ran off and married Vinnie. I think that Tess wants to come out but I don't think that she can do it. She surrendered to you and she knew that she couldn't win." Jessica feels that this day is the day where Tess could come out. "What are you going to do Jessica? We can't predict the future. Today the only question is, 'Does Jessica want to marry Antonio?'"

Natalie and Adriana comes with the 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Viki gives Jessica some earrings. "There are something old that I got from your father…"

Adriana gives Jessica something blue. "I made it. I was thinking of designing lingerie and came up on this idea…"

Natalie gives Jessica something borrowed. "John noticed that my hair kept falling in my face when we were working on his father's case and so he gave me this to hold up my hair."

"You don't have to prosecute me for setting up Vega. I confessed to it. The bad news is that I lost some business today. That confession was the reason I lost business. Why did I confess Hugh? That damn Natalie! She got under my skin… Well, her boyfriend died, but she'll get over him soon enough…"

"No…" Vincent leans closer to his college friend, not understanding Hugh's reaction to his speech. "What?" Hugh moves around on his back as if gently scratching an itch. "No…"

"It should be me marrying you today!" Tess knows that. "It's not happening Tess. We aren't getting married today, you know why? Cause you can't handle it." Tess tells Nash that she is in Jessica and he only has to find her. "I do love you Tess." She orders him to then go to the wedding and stop it and give them a fighting chance.

"Jess you look so beautiful." Tess isn't sure about that. She rips out a piece of the bodice to make more cleavage and she gets rid of the veil. "There! That is more like it!" Adriana and Natalie look back and forth to each other. "Jessica, you look just like Tess!"

"So if you can go to London, you can take care of things for us there."

"What's going on?"

Kevin and Clint turn to Viki and tell her how Kevin is thinking of moving to London with Kelly and the baby. Viki is sad but only for a minute. "I am so happy for you!"

"Oh good! I am not late!"

Kevin, Clint and Viki turn to see Dorian standing before them, dressed majestically.

"What are you doing here?" She smiles grandly. "I am here for the wedding!"

"What's the big deal?"

Adriana's phone rings.

She takes the call.

"That was a surprise. I will go to the church to make sure that everything is ready." Adriana leaves.

"I know that I became more like Tess but was I exactly like her?" Natalie tells that she and Adriana both saw the transformation and that other people will see it too.

The nurse tells Vincent how reading about the Vega wedding really upset Hugh that day and seems to continue to do so.

Vincent reads the article.

Dorian talks with the others at the wedding.

Kelly appears dressed and ready to be a part of the wedding. "Jessie will be thrilled!" Viki says.

"Adriana darling, you look absolutely beautiful." Adriana ignores her mother and addresses Viki telling that she will be in the dining room.

"Dorian, why don't you stay?" Dorian will do that. Clint finds that no stranger than Antonio asking Nash to be there.

Nash arrives, but Antonio is busy and can't talk to him right now.

Nash sees Clint and Viki at the front of the church.

Kevin and Kelly see Nash and just stare…

When he sees that he is being stared at, he walks out of the main room of the church…

He sees the invitations announcing Antonio's marriage to Jessica and that brings a tear to his eye. He wipes it away and rushes out of the church…

Adriana isn't pleased to see her mother is at the wedding.

Rex sees her sad and she tells that her mother is there.

Dorian would like to put aside their differences for one day but Adriana refuses.

"Think about Jessica and Antonio and your new business," Rex counsels. "Your mother is an unhappy person, don't let her pass that on to you."

Viki is starting to wonder if inviting Dorian was a mistake after all.

Evangeline takes a moment to think about John and how he will be remembered, even on that day.

Vincent has to go now. "Well I will keep a look out for Hugh to open those nice blue eyes again." Vincent stops at the doorway. "Blue eyes?"

Cris gives his brother a reassuring hug…

Natalie watches as Tess overdoes it on the makeup. "You were perfect 10 minutes ago," Natalie tells her. She decides to get going to the church, but she really should be arriving with the bride. "Just go Natalie. I'll be fine. Just get going…" . Natalie reluctantly walks out.

Jessica looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly turns.

She sees someone outside her glass window to the yard. It is a man.

The door opens and Nash enters the room, standing right at the door. They both stare at each other, not saying a word.

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