One Life to Live Update Monday 11/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio can't get Nash on the phone.

Clint and Cristian say that Nash is upset about something. "I will go up there." Clint and Cris offer to go with Antonio. They want to make sure that everything goes okay. Antonio agrees to that.

"Excuse me ladies. Antonio is going out with us for a bit tonight." Clint arranges to have Viki dropped home.

"I guess this is it Jessica. Next time that I see you, you will be at the altar." Antonio and Jessica kiss.

The guys head out.

"Dad is up to something," Jessica says.

"I guess that I gotta do what I gotta do." Nash stands before a roaring fire at his place…

"Too bad that it turns out that Spencer isn't a Buchanan." David has come to see Paige at the hospital where she continues to dote on Hugh.

"If a lawyer was involved, there has to be a paper trail." Adriana tries to help Rex figure his case out. "I am proud of you for staying on the case." Rex knows that if he gets this kid, he will be appreciated for how good he is as a PI.

"Looks like nothing is really broken here Todd." He just had a lot on his mind and wasn't thinking. He has been worried about his child. "I think that Rex really cares about you finding your child Todd. You can laugh and maybe you can think that you don't really care, but you're not." He smiles at Blair…

"I have been having this crazy thought lately Kelly. What if the person who helps you with this baby is me?" Kelly considers Kevin's proposal.

"Check this out!"

Blair comes to see what Todd is looking at. Todd is putting out an announcement that he will pay a million dollars for the return of his son. She likes that. She climbs on his lap and kisses him.

"What if the lawyer guy was the wrong guess? What if I just jumped on him cause he was the best guess?" Rex has an idea suddenly on how to get ahead of his case.

"I think that the bridesmaids' dresses are going to look just great tomorrow." Jessica has a real concern about Natalie and the wedding but Natalie assures her that things are going to go just fine. "John would want things to be that way. "Your wedding ring. Mom, you aren't wearing it!" Viki and Natalie tell how they took their rings off at the same time. Jessica wonders if it was too soon for her sister to try to get over John. "And what about dad? Does he think that it is too soon for you to be taking off your ring?" Viki finds that a strange question.

Roxy arrives and vows to change this wake into a party!

"What are you trying to do? Burn this place down?" Antonio looks around the place and sees that things are very strange at the house.

"It looks like someone was planning a party doesn’t it?" Antonio smiles as the light comes on. "You planned this you guys, didn't you? Even thought I told you that I didn't want a party." Cris remembers that Antonio only said that he didn't want to go to a bar. Nash knows that if the tables were turned, Antonio would have done the same for him. "No I wouldn't!"

"Why would mom lie to us about having a child with Asa?" Paige has no idea. "Spencer sure has been screwed up over this. It has screwed up his life." David wants a front row seat to see Spencer's life fall apart.

Roxy finds that a party with no strippers and hardly any drinking isn't fun. The ladies decide to have drinks. "Let's have Cosmos!" Roxy suggests. Jessica points at some drinks that are being taken to a table and look fabulous. Jessica tells that she really would like a drink with Vodka in it. Viki finds that strange. "Tess was the one who liked Vodka wasn't she?"

The men all pop their tops and tip the brew to their lips as they sit around the fire that Nash has prepared for them. "Nothing like some good old fashion male-bonding!" Clint remarks. There are a few moments of awkward quietness. "So," Cris asks. "Are we bonding yet?"

"That would be amazing and beyond belief." Kevin knows that if he isn't there for the baby, Dorian will be all over the child. Kelly understands. "I am tired about the innuendoes about the Buchanans." Kevin hopes that Kelly will not be torn between he and Dorian. "If you want to move out and get your own place, you can do that…Or you can move back to the carriage house? I wouldn't have to be there. But if I did ask you to move back in with me…Is that something that could be possible?"

Blair is kissing Todd while sitting in his lap.

The phone rings….


Rex tells that he knows that Spencer has had to have some traceable contact with the lawyer if he were the one who set this up for Spencer. "I have to do now, I am going to the bachelor party."

Rex tells where the party is and then he worries that he shouldn’t have done that.

Todd gets moving and tells Blair that he has to go alone to the bachelor party at The Capricorn. He leaves.

"Two can play that game!" Blair shouts. She grabs her purse and heads out.

Paige tells David about Hugh's adoptive parents and how they are wonderful people. "Could you stay with him while I go to eat? You can't touch him as that causes a lot of pain. Sometimes he gets in a lot pain and gets agitated. Paige leaves.

"Hey Hugh! It is David…Your uncle! I know that I did a crappy thing the last time that I was here. I made you sign a Power of Attorney. I wanted to say that I am sorry and that document that you signed is useless."

Hugh brings his hand up to his face. His hand shakes as he brings his mitted fist to his face and groans. "Hey buddy!" David shouts. "Are you okay?

"Yes, Tess liked Lemon Drop Shots…so what?"

Roxy and Natalie go to get some drinks.

"Mom, I used to be the good girl and now I am not. I have been having these urges to cut loose and I can't." Viki can see that the girl is confused. "I am not confused about Antonio. I know that I love him. I am just worried about Tess. You thought that you were fine but then Niki came out." Viki reminds that she 'let' Niki out. "Tess loves Nash and she doesn't even like Antonio." This is Jessica's concern. "When something breaks and you glue it back together, you can still see the cracks in it." She worries that Antonio can see the cracks. "What exactly is it that you are worried about Jessica?" She worries that Tess will not let the marriage take place, or that the marriage will turn into a horrible mistake.

"Well, there is the bride to be."

Blair has arrived. "Oh I am sorry, am I interrupting something?"

All the men send the bottle around the fire and all take a gulp before passing the bottle to the next man…

Next they stick cards to their foreheads and play poker for a spell.

Nash plays the good hostess, making sure that the drinks never stop.

"This is a toast," Clint says. All the men get to their feet. "Antonio you did good for my family even before you and Jessica got together. I consider you my friend, and so does my brother. To friendship!" The men clink their bottles before drinking.

"You think that we can get some pizzas out here at this time?"

"Looks like I came at the right time!"

All turn to find Todd standing in the doorway with groceries.

"Turns out that Spencer isn't a Buchanan, so that means that you are not a Buchanan either." Hugh groans and grunts in pain as he listens to David. "John was in the same wreck as you were, but he wasn't as lucky as you were…If you can call being like this lucky. Anyway Hugh, what I was trying to say to you. John died!"

"No! No!" A hoarse oven-baked voiced eeks out. Hugh's lips can be seen moving and his eyes are cut out but that is all. David is moved by the man's reaction to John's death and he is quiet as he stares at the wrapped body writhing on the bed.

"I just wanted to wish you happiness with finding your true love. It doesn't always happen." Jessica thanks Blair for that. Viki is concerned that the paper that Todd and Blair are running is making bad choice about the articles they write about Spencer. "There could be disastrous results doing that."

Roxy and Natalie return to the table with drinks. "How about a toast?" Jessica grabs a champagne glass. "To true love. To people who belong together, staying together…"

"Hey ladies!"

Adriana has arrived.

Jessica starts opening presents. She gets a negligee.

Roxy has a present that is so scandalous Jessica is afraid to take it out of the box.

"It was may fault that Todd found out about the bachelor party…" Rex has arrived now after Todd.

"I just want you to know that it isn't over Kelly. I just want you to think about things." Kelly will think about the things that Kevin has spoken with her about that day. They both lean in for a kiss now.

"I'm sorry." Kelly isn't and she and the grandfather of her child kiss some more. "Do you think that there could be a chance for us Kevin?" He does. "One thing is for sure. We can't stay here. There is too much history. To have a fresh start, they will have to go someplace else."

The ladies laugh raucously over Roxy's raunchy gift.

The ladies move the gifts from the table.

"You look nervous!" Jessica admits that she is. Blair heads out…

Adriana does too.

Viki and Natalie return to the table after having put the gifts elsewhere. Roxy wants to stay up longer but Jess wants to go. "I have a baby to look after."

Roxy, Viki and Natalie continue their cleanup…

Jessica grabs a Lemon Drop Shot off the table now that she is alone. "You hear that Tess? This is my wedding." She tosses back the drink, wiping her mouth.

Chris tells the story of how he loves Jessica and never gave up on her. The men clink bottles now. "To love!"

All are happy but Nash…

"Not…Hugh!" David admits to the man that he probably doesn't feel like Hugh but that is fine cause he really doesn't look like himself at the moment. David leaves the room. He feels that he might be keeping the man up and leaves to give him some rest. "I will be sure to bring you some Cannolis next time. See ya!"

Hugh is alone in his room again. He puts all his energy into moving his lips to get the words out but it is still only as loud as a soft whisper. "I'm…Not…Hugh!"

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