One Life to Live Update Friday 11/3/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Kevin and Kelly are so sad about the health of the baby but at least he is fighting now and getting stronger. Kevin likes thinking that Duke was the one who gave the baby the will to live somehow. "You know, I've been thinking. I got to fill out the birth certificate soon. I want his last name to be Buchanan." Dorian jumps in. "Oh, but, darling, I think this is too important a decision for you to make when you're so overwrought." Viki sees that a reminder is in need here. "Dorian, don't you think it's time that you shelved some of this animosity that you feel towards our family?"

Jessica isn't really paying attention when Antonio talks of the wedding. "Oh, um, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about Kelly's baby. I'm just glad that he's doing much better."

Nash appears. "So, you can cross off picking up the tuxes. I made arrangements for them all to be dropped off tomorrow." Antonio is glad for the help. "That's great, man, thanks. Really. Hey, there's my brother. I got to ask him something. I'll be right back."

Nash sits with Jessica.

Antonio tells Cris that keeps thinking that he has forgotten something important about the wedding. Cris will watch out and make sure that everything runs smoothly for the wedding. He is there to meet Evangeline who is still at court. "We both wish Vincent had to pay a little more than he did, but mostly we're just glad it's over."

Nash feels like he is making Jessica nervous but she says that she is just fine. "Ok. Because this might be the last chance I get to talk to you before you get married to Antonio. There's something I want to say, and it's important."

Rex and Adriana come to see Todd but he is out. The secretary tells the two they can wait for Todd if they want.

"Well, if Todd isn't here, maybe we should just try to find the lawyer that Spencer hired to get rid of Todd's baby." Rex knows that if he doesn't approach this case the right way he could screw things up for good and they will never find the child.

David comes to Spencer in jail, but Spencer isn't in the mood.

He calls for the guard immediately.

"Yeah, putting Viki in a half-nelson just because you weren't Asa's son -- that's not too cool. You know, if this wasn't the worst day of my life, it might actually be the best Spencer."

Evangeline gets some news that catches her attention.

Todd and Blair arrive and Evangeline finds that an interesting coincidence. She tells the two that they just put a weird spin on things and now Spencer can go free.

"Mami thinks Jamie's going to drop the flowers or start talking during the ceremony." Antonio doesn't mind if Jamie drops the flowers. That isn't a big deal. Cris points out that Nash is over with Jessica talking to her right now. Cris wishes that his brother hadn't put the man in his wedding. "You know, he's going to be standing up there watching you marry Jess. What if he loses it?"

Since Jessica doesn't mind talking with Nash, he takes a chance and tells how he couldn't sleep cause all he could think about was Tess.

"He can't be the kind of lawyer with a fancy office and a three-piece suit. I just can't make an appointment with him and expect him to tell me what I want to know. He's a baby broker. I need to talk to Todd and go over strategy before I meet with this shyster. Look, if he's gone this far without landing in prison, he is an expert at working the system and covering his tracks. Plus a kid's at stake. We're -- we're close to finding him. The last thing I want to do is blow this." Adriana understands now.

"How could anything in your pathetic, miserable little life possibly eclipse watching mine blow up in my face, hmm?" David is sorry that things turned out the way they did. "Spencer, I wanted you to be a Buchanan. "Half brother" has sort of a nice ring to it. And then there was all that money." Spencer sees David doesn't understand something and so he makes things a little clearer. "You were never going to see one red cent of that money, David. I already told you, I'm leaving my entire estate to my son." A smug David says that he was really hoping that Hugh would have been more willing to share the money… "Oh, I told him if he gave me some of the money, I'd explain how you got the nickname 'poodle'." David's humor doesn't impress Spencer but David still thinks that it is better to be like him than to lose his freaking mind like Spencer did at Asa's. "I had every right to be angry. My entire life has been based on nothing but a lie, David."

Blair is quick to say that she wasn't the one who wrote the article that Evangeline is upset about. Blair finds her overreacting for nothing. "Todd, you have been plastering the paper and the website with stuff like this about Spencer ever since he was arrested." Todd says the articles on Todd, in his paper make him feel good and he knows that a lot of people read his paper. "Uh-huh. Do you know that we have to impanel an impartial jury? Spencer's lawyer has every reason to go to the judge and say that his client can't get a fair trial in Llanview now. Do you know that? Do you know that he could ask that this case be venued out to someplace where the prosecution doesn't have the time or the motivation to try Spencer for a 25-year-old crime?" Todd doesn't think that will happen. Evangeline sees the chances are perfect for that to happen.

"No, I don't think the baby should be called Buchanan. But it's not out of animosity. It's really an issue of feminism. Because if Kelly is going to be raising this baby all on her own -- well, I think it should have her name," Dorian explains. "And I think duke would have been proud of this baby, Dorian. I think he would have wanted the whole world to know that Zane was a Buchanan. Having said that -- " Everyone agrees that this is going to be Kelly's decision.

Natalie arrives… Kevin asks about Spencer and how the tests worked out. Clint tells everyone how Spencer isn't Beth after all. Kelly fills Natalie in. "Oh, Zane's-- doing much better. We -- we thought that we lost him, but he's -- he's improving." Natalie's glad for them. "That's great. You know, I wish I could call john right now and tell him about Spencer. You know, spencer's case would be very complicated if all the witnesses that were testifying against him happened to be his relatives." Clint remembers how Asa was before the test. "He was also furious at anybody who would think that he could father a psychopath like Spencer Truman." Then there was the moment when Spencer grabbed Viki in a deadly embrace. Dorian half-heartedly remarks that it is a good thing that Viki is okay now. All breathe a sigh of relieve over the news that Spencer is back in jail where he belongs. The day has been full of miracles it seems. The Buchanans feel truly blessed.

"All right, you want to know why I asked Nash to be a part of the wedding, man? It's because he's a fact of Bree's life, which means he's going to be a fact of mine." Antonio is finding that Nash isn't so bad after all, except for the fact that he keeps calling Bree Brennan. "Look, I don't care what name he calls her by. This guy right here, Nash -- he's going to want to sleep with your wife." Antonio isn't worried about that anymore. Cris is relieved to get the okay NOT to invite Nash to the bachelor party, but that is only because there isn't going to be one.

"Look, the important part is I think I understand this DID thing now, the integration thing, at least as well as anybody else in this town. When I first met Tess, it's like she was experiencing everything for the first time, like she had just been born. It's what I loved about her. There wasn't anything jaded or -- or cynical. You know? But what gets me is, all those Tess feelings now -- you've got them. But the Tess part -- it's like she was blocked back there, you know? She never got the chance to grow up. She -- she never --" Jessica reminds Nash that Jessica did do a grownup thing by having Bree. "Yeah, she gave birth to a child, but she never got to be a fiancée, to get married, to -- to stay up and -- wondering why her husband is getting home late. She never --" Nash asks if Jessica is still having flashbacks, but she tells she isn't. "All right. You know, as sorry as I am for Tess, for myself, I hope you have the wedding of your dreams." He believes this is what Tess would want for her anyway.

Antonio orders a refill of coffee.

"Antonio, come on. It's the night before you get married. You go out with friends and you get stupid. It's what guys do." Antonio wants to rest up. "Cristian, I am not going to be hung-over the morning of my wedding, ok? I got a lot to do." Cris hasn't got a clue what else there is to do.

Nash comes over to visit with the boys but Cris wants this party to stay private. "You're still ticked at me for taking that swing at you the other night." Apparently, Cristian is still angry. "Speaking of fighting -- you know, I heard your manager copped up to setting you up. I'm glad you're off the hook." Cris reluctantly thanks Nash for what he has said. Nash is flabbergasted to learn that there isn't going to be a bachelor party that night. "Yeah, I mean, look -- really, I have no desire of getting sauced the night, you know, before my wedding. And besides, I don't think -- where'd she go?"

Antonio notices that Jessica has left. She apparently went to see the new baby without telling Antonio about it. Nash tells him not to worry as she has the rest of her life to be with him. Since there isn't going to be any party that night, Nash heads out.

Cris and Antonio are suddenly alone again.

Claudia comes over to Antonio asking about her sets for the night, and then mentions that she saw Antonio leave. "He has been working day and night on that vineyard, now that he has enough money to finish it." Antonio naturally assumes that Claudia was the one to give Nash the money. "No. Are you kidding? No, he would not take money from me. Actually, your former manager gave him a big loan," Claudia says directing her statement to Cris. Cristian wonders if Nash is aware of what happens to people who are unable to pay back their loans. "Maybe someone should tell him. Maybe then he'd think about doing business with me instead. Well, at least I wouldn't break his legs if he missed a payment." Claudia walks off.

"Maybe she wouldn't break his legs, but I'm betting you she'll find other ways to make him pay." Antonio knows that Nash isn't interested in anything to do with Claudia. "Well, he shouldn't want any part of Vincent, either. Being in debt to him is not a good idea."

"I'm getting tired of sitting around here. I got more checking to do on this lawyer friend of ours." Adriana suggests to go do his work and come back, but Rex says that he can do his checking right there at Todd's office. Rex gets behind the desk to Adriana's horror and starts snooping. Soon Rex finds something. He says that Todd's wallpaper is of Blair naked on a bearskin rug, but he is only joking. "Shut up and go online Rex. At least if Todd finds you here, you can tell him you know something about the guy who sold his baby."

"All right, first of all, Spencer Truman's going to be found guilty, no matter where this trial takes place. Second of all, if that judge does grant a change of venue, I'm going to fry his ass in my newspaper." Evangeline isn't in the mood for Todd's crap right now. "Will you stop it? Stop being so cocky. Spencer's lawyer is a shark. All the forensic evidence is 25 years old. The only witness is David Vickers, who is not exactly what I would call a model citizen. And five minutes ago, he was admitting to doing the job himself. Yeah, that gun -- they can't prove it was in his hands on the night of the murder. Ok? So, what are you going to do? John and Bo -- they did a really great job, but the case is cold." Blair remembers something. "Ok, what about Spencer ripping out Thomas Mcbain's sutures the night of the surgery? That's what ultimately killed the man." Credibility becomes the issue where that is concerned. "That testimony will come from a gentleman who lost his medical license and is currently doing time for trafficking in child pornography. Oh, yes, another reputable, unimpeachable witness." Todd and Blair find Evangeline too negative. "Stop it. Stop this crusade against Spencer in the paper. I guarantee you don't want to see this get venued out. And spencer's lawyer is already looking for some technicality to get Spencer off. This is a capital case. Everybody's going to be looking out for Spencer's rights." Todd doesn't think any of that matters. "You can prove him guilty. You are the one who can do that. Nobody's smarter or more capable than you are. If that lawyer says, "I want a change of venue," you just -- you just bat those beautiful brown eyes to the judge, and he'll do whatever you wish." She really wishes that Todd would take this thing a little more serious. "I'm being serious. I'm being very serious. You do what you have to do. You keep this trial right here. And I'm going to do what I have to do -- make sure those jurors do the right thing. Let's go."

Todd and Blair start walking off but Blair decides that she has to go back for a minute and have a quick word with Evangeline. Todd nods knowingly and she walks off.

"Evangeline, I can't make Todd do anything. If I could, I'd make him stop coming on to you in front of me." Evangeline feels that Todd just loves making Blair sweat, but Blair feels that Todd does it because he knows that he is getting to Evangeline more and more.

"My only problem is, is that all the guards around here seem to have up and died, and I can't get you out of here! Guard!" David sees that Spencer's weakening emotionally. "Guess it used to work for you in the past, convincing me and Paige that we were both killers. But, Spencer, Asa Buchanan isn't like that. You're a good con man, Spencer. If you'd gone to Asa and told him the deathbed confession of our mother, you could've sold that. If you'd done that, instead of going after every single member of his family, that old man probably would have welcomed you with an open checkbook." David just doesn't get why their mother lied. "I'm sure she had a good reason. I told you the story. She told me how Asa destroyed her and she asked me to destroy Asa. I said "why?" You know? "What do you mean?" And she said, "because he -- Broke her heart, David. He destroyed her, man. Got her pregnant. Dumped her. And she couldn't tell the child wasn't his. So she begged me to destroy Asa for turning his back on his own son."

"Well, Spencer was shocked. I've never seen him like that. He truly believed that he was Asa's son." Natalie could see this happening. "You know, only a mother of Spencer Truman could do something like that to her own son." Viki tries to see the mother's side. "Honey, she must have been very, very angry with Asa to have done that and obviously did not know how to forgive, forget, and move on."

Jessica arrives. Jessica gets an update of events regarding the baby. She is glad to hear that things are steadily getting better all the time. Jessica also learns that Spencer was proven NOT to be a Buchanan. Testing proved negative. Jessica is thrilled that she won't be related to this man. This is like a good omen for her wedding and she gets weepy. "Stop, will you? Now. Tomorrow's going to be the happiest day of your life. And we all want that for you." Jessica suddenly realizes that Kevin and Kelly will not be able to attend the wedding. "Well, that depends if Kelly and the baby are doing ok, you know? Of course I want to come." Kelly's was looking forward to the event too… "I want to be a bridesmaid so bad. I'm so bummed I'm not going to be able to be there. But I just -- I wish you so much happiness with your new family." Jessica wishes the same for Kelly.

Cristian orders drinks. "So, does your mood have anything to do with me telling you to let Vincent off the hook with just community service? The guy did dump on me, but it's over. At least the community center is a whole lot richer today now that he donated all his winnings from the fight. My brother's getting married tomorrow. I don't want to think about Vincent. Neither does Evangeline. "And I don't want Layla ever thinking about Vincent. I mean forgiving him is one thing. I just don't want her to ever look back. Well, maybe this experience will change him. I mean, stranger things have happened in Llanview." Evangeline tells how Todd is responsible for her bad mood. "Yeah. Yeah, he has some crusade going against Spencer and the paper, you know, and it -- it really could screw up my case." The answer is simple to Cris who thinks that telling the man to back off is all that she needs to do. Evangeline knows that he knows better than that. "Ok. Here is to forgetting about people like Vincent and Todd, and to remembering all the good things we have going for us." Evangeline relaxes and smiles. They make a toast to Antonio and Jessica.

Claudia greets Natalie and Jessica when she arrives at The Capricorn. "Uh -- listen. I'm really sorry about what happened to john. He was a great guy, even if we didn't always see eye to eye." Natalie wants none of Claudia's sympathy, she and her sister just want a table. Jessica learns that Antonio went off without saying where he was going.

Nash works away with a hammer. Antonio brings up that he knows about the loan from Vincent Jones. Nash really didn't have a choice. Antonio tells the man that he has a choice now.

Rex truly does find something from his snooping and Adriana is asking about it when they get busted.

Todd and Blair arrive and they demand to know what Rex and Adriana are doing. He doesn't mind Rex being there but is a little surprised that Adriana is too. He hopes that Rex has news about his kid. "I got a list of people with the same make and model of car my source saw Spencer Truman getting into with your baby." Rex tells how one of the cars that matched the one the baby was seen in belongs to a lawyer who lives right there in Llanview. I wanted to work out a plan before I confronted the guy." Rex says that he just looked the lawyer up on the Internet while waiting for Todd to arrive and he discovered something. The man is dead.

"I always thought dad was the con artist in the family. Maybe I was wrong. I mean, can you imagine knowing that you're going to die and thinking to yourself, "how do I turn this to my advantage?" People wonder where we get it from." Spencer gets angered that David would talk about their mother this way. He doesn't believe what Asa said about his mom being a hooker either. "Hey, I don't share the loyalty you have for the old lady, ok? I wasn't her favorite. She always turned to you Spencer." He doesn't remember things that way. "You know, it didn't bother her very much when I first started working for dad David, but you -- she always felt you were above it all. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, she thought you were above me." David isn't sure if that is true. "Well. Maybe mom was a bright and perceptive woman. So she had a penchant for exacting revenge from the grave. She got what she wanted in the end. Well, actually, she didn't -- not at all, did she?" Spencer still thinks the world of his mother but David sees that she really used the man and may have ruined his life.

"Just look at that little fella. Whether he's called Cramer or Buchanan, he's a fighter. You can just see -- he's fighting to survive." The party starts breaking up. "All right, Kevin, Kelly, if it's all right with you, we're going to take off because Viki and I have something special planned tonight for Jessica and Antonio." Kevin and Kelly understand and thank the pair for coming. Viki will be available for the couple should they need anything at all. "Well, I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to be here and if there's something that Viki was going to do for you but she's now too busy because of the wedding, you just let me know because I've canceled everything and anything," Dorian brags. "Oh, um -- I would like very much to give Jessica and Antonio a gift. Would that be alright?" Viki finds that very sweet of Dorian. "Oh, one other thing -- Clint, I am so happy that it turned out that Spencer is not Asa's son. And, Viki, I'm -- I'm very happy at he didn't hurt you today," Dorian says. Dorian wants to get Kelly back to her room but she wants to remain with her baby. "Uh -- honey, you know you really could use some rest, so I'll take the night shift, all right?" Kelly won't go. "The only thing that will happen if I go back to my room is I'll lay in my bed and think about what's happening with my son d if he's ok. No." Dorian knows what she is feeling but wishes she'd get back to bed. "He's going to be ok, and then once you take him home, you're really not going to get any sleep." Kelly won't budge. "All righty. When you make up your mind there's no changing it, so if you're determined to stay here, you just let me know what you want me to do." Kevin answers for Kelly. "Actually -- and I mean this in the nicest possible way, Dorian -- the best thing you can do to help us is just go home." Dorian thinks about this…

Cris confirms that Evangeline is coming to the wedding. She is, but he wonders where her mind will really be. "Well, if you suspect when I'm at the wedding that I am mentally preparing my opening arguments, all you have to do is look at me and everything else will melt away. I'm sure. Cris, these big cases, they're like running a marathon, you know? Every once in a while you have to stop, get a little sip of water so that you can go the distance." Cris will support her in any way that he can.

Nash and Antonio work together well. Nash thinks that the good work they have done together calls for a beer. "Afraid all I got is water. I'm taking it easy since the little incident with your brother." Antonio asks if Nash is going to say anything about what he says to him. Nash is a little confused about where Antonio is going with this. "I want to buy Vincent Jones' loan out. I'll give you cash, you can pay him back and then owe me." Nash can't understand why Antonio would do something like that for him. Antonio is concerned about Bree's father being a criminal. Nash understands that and they have a deal. Nash doesn't know if Antonio will still want to do this when he hears what the amount of the loan is. Antonio isn't worried about that. " I'm feeling pretty lucky Nash. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams tomorrow." Nash thinks how that woman used to be the woman of his dreams once.

"Dorian, I appreciate everything you're doing, I really do, but you have to stop making these snide remarks and little cracks about the Buchanans. My son is a Buchanan and he's in there fighting for his life, and Kevin helps him." Dorian can't believe that Kelly is just going to forget about the past and all she has been through with Kevin. She has. "When you held Zane in your hands and his heart started beating faster, I -- I knew then that it was -- it was like a sign. It was like -- it was like someone was saying "all is forgiven, all is forgotten." Duke was there. He was there through you. And you know what I've been through and how much I've wanted a child, so please understand why I just want to spend some time with my son and with Kevin." Dorian seems to understand. "Oh. Ok, sweetheart. I'll go. But if you need anything, anything at all, let me know. I love you --" She and Kelly hug.

"I could not believe it. Dorian asked me if I would allow her to give Jessica a wedding present. Ugh." Clint understands. "Well, she's pretty much on the outs with the people she cares about. Maybe she was just trying to make amends." Viki doesn't buy it. "Oh, Clint. You know, for a really intelligent man, you are absurdly naive! God, everything Dorian says when she's around you is for your benefit. She's sucking up to you." Clint and Viki stop their arguing now as the girls are arriving. The parents greet their children… "Thought we'd keep you company on your very last night as a single woman. Mm-hmm," Viki says smiling. Jessica and Bree will be spending the night at Viki's house. Viki would just like to have a little peace and quiet before the wedding. Cristian is also at the house. "Yeah, sorry. I don't mean to intrude, but, Mr. Buchanan, can I talk to you for a minute?" Clint walks off with Cristian.

Viki wants to get the girls some champagne… "No, thanks, mom. It's nice of you, but I want to wake up tomorrow with a clear head. I'm going to wait for Antonio to get back, go back to Llanfair, check on the baby, and then fall into bed." Viki can't let that happen.

"I have to go. Spencer's lawyer just dropped a whole bunch of motions on me and I have to be ready to respond in the morning," Evangeline heads out leaving Cris with Clint to entertain themselves.

Evangeline bumps into Antonio on the way out. "I got to get out of here, but your brother is looking for you and he's right over there."

Antonio sees Clint and Cristian together. Antonio wonders what the two are up to. "Well, we just talked to Nash and he sounded -- I don't know -- a little strange." Antonio tells how he was just at Nash's place and they discussed a business proposition. The guy seemed fine to him. "Well, I don't think he's fine now, so I was thinking maybe we should all drive over there." Antonio decides to call Nash first and see what's up.

Nash's phone rings.

"You know what? Who cares if this son of a bitch is dead. I'll get a lawyer, have him subpoena this guy's records." Rex has more bad news for Todd about his kid. "The guy died in the tornado. It leveled the building his office was in. His records are history." That is it for Todd. He can't take anymore bad news and says they can talk about this in the morning. Rex will keep working…Rex and Adriana leave now.

Blair is sorry that Todd hasn’t been able to find his baby yet. "My kid's out there somewhere, Blair, and he's alone and I don't know where he is. You understand? Every time I -- I get some lead about where he might be, a dead end." Todd vows to make that bastard Spencer pay.

"Why do you continue to criticize our mother when you know damn well she was Asa Buchanan's victim?" David doesn't find that Asa forced the woman to do anything. "Asa didn't lock her in the bedroom. She walked into that affair with her eyes wide open and it ended. She should've gotten over it and so should you." Spencer won't get over this. "Oh. Never, David. Never. I'm going to get Asa Buchanan, I don't care if I'm his son or not. He destroyed her, broke her heart in so many pieces, she didn't even care if she lived or died!" David sees his brother has his priorities screwed up. "Spencer, look where you are currently living. The only way you're getting out of here is if they execute you." Spencer disagrees. "Really, David? Do you really believe that? Because if you do, you don't know me very well at all."

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