One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/2/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair and Todd sit in the principal's office reminiscing about the times they had in high school. "We were both problem kids and that is why we get along so well."

Todd walks away from her and shouts for the principal.

Miss Jennings orders Starr and Britney to the office.

"I wish that whole night never happened," Starr says.

"The whole night?"

Starr turns to see that Cole is there.

Evangeline practices for her case in the courtroom.

Chris appears and flirts with her, pretending to be the foreman and asking what she has under her clothes. He hopes that Vincent is convicted but mostly he would like Evangeline to win her first case as ADA. "We won't have to depend on Natalie since Vincent confessed." Chris is glad to hear that.

Vincent is in his cell.

"How are you doing in here?" They start talking about their moment the other night.

Layla enters the area.

"Oh hi Layla!" Vincent says over Natalie's shoulder.

Natalie turns to face her.

The test proves that Spencer is Asa's son. "I won't allow this to make you my son," Asa says about the tests.

Natalie leaves quickly…

Vincent thinks that Layla is there to rub it in, but she tells that she isn't there to do that.

Marcie talks to the Principal and learns that her friend has had her baby. "I was hoping that you would take over the class," Principal Wexler suggests.

Langston takes off.

"I am sorry for bringing up that stuff about you father. Was the kiss something that you wish never happened?" Starr says 'no'. He doesn't regret that either.

"I didn't get caught doing a lot of things in high school. Do you think that Principal Wexler is going to fuss at us? We have to deal with this since Starr's life is going to be miserable." Todd wants to meet the principal to let her know that Starr is going to be bullied. "We have to let Starr fight her own battles." Todd knows that but these high school girls are ruthless. "We are just no good for her."

"This is just a bunch of numbers…by some four-eyed egghead who is going to tell me what the truth is? You are not my damn son!" Spencer knows the test is true. "I want to shoot a wad of spit right into your ugly face. How could a piece of manure like you come from my seed?"

David figures maybe his seed hit a cow pie first.

"There isn't anything that our family can't get over, right pa?" Spencer mocks. Bo tells his father to give his results to Spencer to see if they match… Asa throws the envelopes to the ground and drops into his wheelchair. Spencer rushes to his knees and picks up the envelopes. He opens the results and reads. He hands the papers to Asa… Asa doesn't move.

"I better go." Starr knows about the big game and wishes Cole luck. "Are you coming to my game? If you are not there to cheer me on, I might not play well and then you would be the one to let down the whole school."

"I was thinking that you could be a permanent sub. The kids related to you and 'yes' is the response I need to hear." She has no teaching certificate but the principal will deal Iwate things and even help to expedite the process. "I can't. I have a little boy at home. We haven't had him very long." The principal will only use Marcie then for two subjects and she will even work around Marcie's schedule. "Okay!"

It is a date and so Cole leaves.

"You know that you are only going to get your heart broken by him?" Britney is suddenly there.

"I thought that I told you to get to my office!" Britney tells the principal that she was just warning Starr to stay out of trouble…

Britney's parents arrive at the principal's office where Todd and Blair are. They immediately start arguing.

Layla talks nicely with Vincent but not for long.

"It is time for you to go to the ADA. She is pretty tough, so I don't know what she will do with this case," a court officer tells Chris.

Chris tells that Natalie seems soft on Vincent and that worries him. Evangeline can't really see Vincent falling for Natalie as he is interested in her sister. Chris just knows that Natalie can be destructive when she is grieving, and so he feels that Natalie thinking that they should go easy on Vincent should be ignored.

"You think that I don't know how to make my own decisions?"

Spencer can't believe it. The second set of results says Spencer ISN'T a Buchanan. Spencer is so angry. He starts ranting. Viki goes over to Spencer and tells him to calm down.

He suddenly grabs her from behind, threatening to choke the life out of her… Everyone watches in horror.

"How dare you let your daughter be a little witch!" Britney's parents shoot out! "You and your ball-busting wife can kiss my butt!" Todd says.

Principal Wexler has entered with the girls and sees that they have fine examples as role models.

Natalie is sure that what she really wants here is to have Vincent Jones out of her life forever.

The only deal that Evangeline will offer is a jail sentence that will only be longer if they go to trial. "I have a witness," the attorney tells Evangeline. "Oh you do? And who is this star witness?"

"I am."

Evangeline turns to find Ted walking up to them.

Spencer continues to hold Viki in a chokehold threatening to snap her neck if they don't back off. "Oh he won't hurt me," Viki says to the others. Bo isn't joking and he draws his gun, aiming at Spencer who uses Viki as a shield from harm. "Bo, I mean it he won't hurt me." Spencer is shouting and furious. He drags Viki around from side to side like a Raggedy-Anne doll. "How could you say that my mother was lying?" Asa rolls his eyes. "Your mother wasn't a saint! Your mother was a hooker!" David perks up. "My mother was a hooker?" Bo advances on Spencer, and continues to hold his gun to the man's head as he rants.

"I know how you are and I just didn’t fit into the family model!"

David moves forward. "I know how much you loved our mother and the dying words of our mother were a lie. Spencer you are in pain but you are taking it out on Viki. She is one of the good guys." Spencer lets her go.

"Put your hands behind your head!" Spencer is cuffed and restrained.

"Sounds to me that Ted would rather go to jail than have Vincent as an enemy." The attorney will give Evangeline misdemeanor racketeering, in exchange for suspended sentence and community service."

Evangeline goes to Chris to ask how he feels about the offer on the table.

The parents keep arguing… Principal Wexler can't expel Britney for what she did but she can give the girl 2 months detention. "I am really sorry Starr." Starr will try to get along as well. "Mrs. Kenny had her baby this morning so Mrs. Mcbain will be your new teacher."

The girls leave the office. "You are so dead," Britney snaps.

The coach rides Cole's butt to get him in shape for the big game.

Marcie works with the class.

Britney and Starr arrive and take their seats. Britney's hand shoots up to read her essay.

"The Rapist, by Britney Jennings…"

Todd and Blair go to the English class but they do not enter. They listen from outside through the open door. "…It must be so difficult to know that someone you know is a rapist…"

Todd and Blair stay still outside the door as they listen…

"I think that we should take the deal. I want this whole thing to go away."

Evangeline tells the attorney that they will take the deal, but Vincent also has to go to the commission and make a statement to clear Cristian's name.

"Vega man…I can't tell you enough that I am sorry this ever happened." Cristian just leaves.

"Thanks for being her for me Layla. I said it before and I will say it again. I'm sorry." She touches his face and leaves.

"You got lucky today."

Natalie is behind him. "Don't blow it."

Britney continues her essay as the whole class and Marcie listen about rapists.

Todd wants to go in there and set that girl straight but Blair stops him. "We can't fight her battles for her." She and Todd leave.

Britney wraps up her essay…

"You have to support your opinion by using factual information Britney. You would know that rapists were castrated in order to stop them from their criminal behavior, not because of any predisposition."

The bell rings.

Langston tells Starr not to worry about Britney. "I don't want to talk about it."

Marcie apologizes to Starr for what just happened. "No, I don't want to talk about it."

"I could probably get you some stuff to help you perform…" Cole says nothing and keeps on working out.

"What were you talking to that guy about just now?" Starr is over him asking the question.

Spencer is dragged back to the jailhouse.

Asa orders David out of his house but David has a question. "My mother was a hooker?" Asa confirms that. "I have a question though Asa. Why would my mother lie about you getting her pregnant? Why would she lie?"

"What did he mean about getting you some stuff?" On second thought Starr decides that she doesn't want to know. Cole can see that she is down. "My English class was pretty tough just now… I gotta go and change."

Todd isn't out of the school yet and still wants to do something about Starr's troubles. Blair gets him to think of other things and calms him down. They walk off.

Spencer is returned to the cell. "How does it feel to be Spencer-not-a-Buchanan-Truman? You had anger and pretended all those years and plotted…all for nothing." Bo slides the cell door shut, locking Truman in.

"Your mother was dying and probably had the DT's. She was withdrawing and that's the story. Now please David…get out of my house." David leaves.

"Pa," Clint starts. "You were in love with her weren't ya?" He had a fling and then she went to marry Truman. "I never saw her again…"

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